Ignoring Me Closes Heaven’s Door

my cherished child I am your Shepherd

your unwavering guide through every

Twist and Turn of life’s journey picture

yourself in the Embrace of lush Fields a

Serene Haven where weary Souls find

Solace here I invite you to rest to

rejuvenate beside Tranquil Waters that

Whisper Of Peace to your weary heart as

we Traverse together along paths of

righteousness my name a banner of divine

grace fear not the Shadows that may Loom

ahead even in the darkest most

treacherous valleys know that I am by

your side my rod and staff poised to

fend off any Spectre of fear or doubt

trust in my presence for it is your

beacon of comfort amidst the tumult

behold I bestow upon you Abundant

Blessings scattering confusion among

your adversaries and illuminating your

path with the radiant light of wisdom

your table shall overflow with a

abundance a testament to the richness of


Providence and lo my goodness and mercy

shall accompany you Faithful companions

through the EB and flow of time in the

sanctuary of my Abode you shall dwell

enveloped in a tapestry of boundless

love and peace do not succumb to fear

for I stand as your steadfast Ally

upholding you in every trial my mighty

hand cradles

you a fortress of protection while my

holy cloak of love envelops you in its


embrace yearning fills my heart as I

implore you to heed my words to open

your soul to the profound truths I offer

let the essence of my love permeate the

chambers of your being dispelling all

doubts of your

worthiness surrender to the gentle

Cadence of my voice for I speak directly

to your spirit release the burdens that

weigh upon your soul anxieties to fears

and Sorrows alike

lay them at my

feet relinquish them to my care and

Trust in the boundless depths of my love

a new for in this sacred

exchange you find Liberation a renewal

of faith that transcends all Earthly

tribulations in the Tranquil Embrace of

Twilight amidst The Whispers of the

breeze and the gentle caress of the

night I extend to you my unwavering

promise a future adorned with wonders

beyond imagination awaits

intricately woven with threads of

Destiny and

purpose yet before the grand tapestry of

your life unfurls in its

Splendor I beseech thee to bestow upon

me your unwavering faith and steadfast

loyalty for it is in the sanctuary of

trust where doubts dare not tread and

mistrust finds no Haven that my

blessings shall Cascade upon you like

the sweet de upon parched Earth

surrender unto me your fears those

Shadows that dance upon the canvas of

your soul and I shall cradle them

tenderly transmuting them into Pillars

of Strength to fortify your spirit with

an Ardent fervor I yearn for not but to

witness you Basque in the radiance of

stability to feel the warmth of Serenity

coursing through your veins if you

believe in God then like the video and

leave a heartfelt Amen in the comments

hearken unto my words imbued with love

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