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the Lord is near to the Brokenhearted

and saves those who are crushed in

spirit Psalm

Brokenness is meant to fix you why

God allows Brokenness because he needs

to fix us he sees our pride self-will

stubbornness he sees our complacency he

sees every wickedness we do he sees that

we are slowly drifting away from him and

our sin blocks us from his presence God

does doesn’t want that

way so he has to break us to be close to

him Psalm says the Lord is near to

the Brokenhearted and saves those who

are crushed in spirit this is true

because when we reach breaking point

this causes us to seek the Lord more

sincerely as we are helpless God meant

it because he doesn’t want us to stay

the same God never gives up on us until

we are broken consistently he works with

us and he uses all kinds of methods

either he will break our outward man

gradually or he will break us suddenly

through some major crisis sometimes

there is a sudden breaking followed by

gradual one of the breaking that I guess

everyone has experienced is rejection

when you experience it it’s like a very

sharp knife that has pierced in your

heart yet the pain you feel will bring

you close to God it’s his way of drawing

Us close to him like if you you believe

in God we as Believers have been granted

a way to overcome the sinful

inclinations of our nature the Holy

Spirit convicts us of sin leading us to

repentance and guiding Us in living a

life that is pleasing to God it is

through the spirit’s work within us that

we are equipped to put to death the

Deeds of the body meaning we are enabled

to resist temptation and turn away from

the desires that separate us from God’s

will so let us recognize the

significance of these verses in our

daily walk with Christ as Believers we

should continually surrender to the

leading of the Holy Spirit seeking his

guidance in every aspect of our lives

like if you


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