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my dearest child as you Journey Through

the tapestry of Life take a moment to

pause and reflect upon the blessings

that Adorn your

path in Every Breath You Take in Every

Beat of your heart you are enveloped in

my boundless love let your heart

overflow with gratitude for the

countless gifts I have bestowed upon you

cherish the warmth of the the sun upon

your face the gentle caress of the

breeze and the beauty of each sunrise


sunset these are but Whispers of my

enduring affection for

you in times of Plenty give thanks for

the abundance that surrounds you and in

moments of scarcity remember that I am

your provider and my blessings are

endless even amidst life storms

find solace in the knowledge that I Am

with You guiding you through the darkest


nights express your gratitude through

prayer for it is a sacred conversation

between you and me let your words rise

like incense filling the heavens with

the sweet fragrance of your love and

adoration and as you offer your prayers

of Thanksgiving know that I am listening

my heart overflowing with Joy at the

sound of your

voice may your life be a symphony of

gratitude a testament to my unwavering

love for you now and for all

eternity with all my love

God my beloved remember as you receive

so must you give share this message with

others that they too may find Solace and

hope your act of kindness will Ripple

through eternity

don’t forget to subscribe and together

let’s embrace the Journey of Faith and

blessings may peace be upon you



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