If You’re a True Believer,This is a Must-See | God Message For Me Today Tarot | God’s Message You

you come to me for help because you know

that I love you and my promises are

certain of course I will help you rest

peacefully and face life with the

strength peace and joy of knowing that

your heavenly father is always by your

side even in your moments of weakness

and when you feel you failed remember

that my grace is boundless and my Mercy


unconditional I have never failed you

before and I won’t fail you now when you

need me the most when your heart aches

and your soul cries open your eyes with

hope as you awaken in the morning listen

to me once more and you will find the

strength to carry on throughout your day

believe that I have a future of peace

and joy waiting for you hold on to my

love and embrace life with all your

strength you must live you must go on

keep walking despite the obstacles and

fix your Gaze on my promises when

challenges arise do not be discouraged

when problems surface do not be

disheartened when threats come your way

remember your worth in my eyes even if

you are despised by others believe it

with all your heart this is your year a

year where great spiritual and eternal

riches will be borne from the lessons

you’ve learned I will bless you and your

family nothing you ask for is beyond my

love’s reach I will restore what belongs

to you your dignity and your rightful

place I offer you a better life if you

surrender your heart and accept the

healing and forgiveness that my sweet

love brings the promises are written

carried within your heart so if you will

believe in me do so with all the

strength of your soul and mind do not be

like those who speak of my love but do

not truly believe it they give more

attention to the judgments of people

submitting to their punishments and

criticisms many seek to impose their

selfish ways of thinking upon you

claiming Love by but intending to steal

they want you to adhere to Impossible

rules even they don’t follow they wear

garments of false righteousness and

Holiness acting as if they are better

than you no matter what you do you end

up labeled the wrongdoer The Sinner in

their eyes but in mine you are beloved

I’m calling you to a complete Freedom

rest tonight in peace and wake up in the

morning to my holy spirit’s healing

touch I will heal your soul and mind

break the chains you still carry and

when you rise in the morning you will be

free forever your happiness will no

longer depend on people’s opinions you

will finally be yourself my daughter my

son wise intelligent gentle in character

steadfast and brave hold on to me in

your worst moments when people offend

you and hurt your feelings when darkness

surrounds you and you think there’s no

reason to continue remember that you are

mine you must aspire to greater things

not settle for a life of tears and

suffering in a corner I love you I help

you I forgive you I restore you and I

offer you a better future powerful gifts

and talents peace joy and health stand

tall with dignity for you are a princess

a prince forever protected by your

powerful Heavenly Father tell me with

your lips that you believe in me I

believe you beloved father I’m giving

you the opportunity you’ve asked for I’m

removing the obstacles that were

stopping you I will grant the requests

you’ve been praying for many situations

in your life are changing your character

family and home will transform focus on

the days ahead leave the past behind and

trust me to completely transform your

life you’ll have to let go of many

things that pull you into a deep pit set

your sights on Heavenly things and set

aside the vanities of this world your

life is precious your family is

wonderful and the plans I have for you

are immense you might find it hard to

believe but you won’t achieve your

dreams Through Your Own Strength

recognize this and Trust in my mercy and

power don’t Place complete trust in

people who promise unbreakable

friendship but fail to truly believe in

my love they heed the judgments of

others and submit to the punishments and

despisement that others want to impose

on them many want to subject you to

their selfish way of thinking

they say they love you but they want to

steal from you make you follow

impossible rules that they don’t even

adhere to they dress in garments of

false righteousness and fake Holiness

claiming to be better than you no matter

what you do you always end up the

wrongdoer the one to blame in their eyes

but believe this with all your heart

your mind this is your time seize this

moment I will bless you and your family

there’s nothing you can ask for for that

my love can’t give you I will restore

what’s rightfully yours your dignity and

the place you deserve I have a better

life for you if you give me your heart

and accept the healing and forgiveness

my sweet love offers the promises are

already written and you carry them in

your heart so if you’re going to believe

in me do it with all your soul and mind

don’t be like those who talk about my

love but don’t truly believe it they pay

more attention to people’s judgments and

submit to the punishments and criticisms

other want to impose on them kneel and

pray receive my grace and enjoy a time

alone with me I want to heal your soul

do not suffer any longer I am your

friend and I will never judge you

dedicate time to read my holy word and

connect with my love this way you can

break free from the situation that

weighs heavily on you today is the day

for change there is still hope your

problem has a solution do not give

another day of your life to Despair and

suffering it’s better to use your time

to have conversations with me you have

nothing to lose and it’s for your own

good do not surrender your blessings to

despair believe and my power will

manifest daily in your life I’ve been

through trials but I emerged Victorious

there is no force in the universe that

can bring you down if you receive my

powerful words with faith and accept

these wonderful blessings with love and

humility I’m calling you to complete

Freedom today you’ll hear from my own

Lips Your solution you might think your

situation is too complicated but you’ve

already given me your life and your

heart I’ve placed my Holy Spirit within

you a conviction that nothing is

impossible for me I want you to think it

say it shout it and write it down but

most importantly I want you to believe

it shout it now in faith nothing is

impossible for God fill yourself with

this assurance my promise promise is

alive and when I send it to heal your

land and bring changes to your life my

word doesn’t return empty sometimes it

might seem difficult for you to believe

that things can change but you are a

child of the omnipotent God urgently

renew your way of thinking I’ve placed

my Holy Spirit within you you carry my

Supernatural power as well powerful

Miracles will happen when you speak my

word with love when you treat others

with kindness when you control your

temper and stop yelling at those you

love when you cease to offend with your

Manner and instead love those you should

love I’m opening your eyes and showing

you wonderful things you cried out to me

and I’m responding with beautiful

Revelations come and seek my word every

day listen attentively tune your ears

open your Bible not know this you have

access to a supernatural realm where you

are loved protected guided and directed

by your heavenly Father Day and Night

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  1. I tried to use my 2 cards to pay but both were declined so what will do? Why do we have to get the 5 minute Devine manifestation n the billionare thing? I guess if I don’t buy any or both I will not be able to go on?


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