If You Will Only Believe, I Will Turn The Situation Around | God’s Daily Message | God Says

in Scripture A man came to Jesus and

said my little daughter is very sick she

is close to death will you come to my

home and pray for her Jesus agreed but

along the way he kept getting stopped

one Interruption after another finally

word came back to him saying no need to

come you’ve waited too late the little

girl has died the people were upset and

very distraught but Jesus said to them

in Luke don’t be afraid if you will

only believe the little girl will be

well notice the phrase only believe

Jesus went to the home laid hands on the

little girl and she came back to life

are you facing a situation that seems

impossible in the natural you don’t see

how you can get well or how you can

overcome the addiction or how your

family can ever be restored God is

saying to you what he said to them if

you will only believe I will turn the

situation around if you only believe

breakthroughs are headed your way a

prayer for today father thank you for

your hand of Victory upon my life thank

you for making a way even when there

seems to be no way I choose to stand in

faith I choose to believe knowing that

you are ready willing and able to cause

me to overcome in this life in jesus’

name amen like if you believe in


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