God says the devil has taken too much

from me please restore what was taken or

give me the strength to move on I’m

tired of feeling down because of we

things I knew longer have I love you God

help me God says the past can be very

daunting and scary for many of you you

have changed your lives around and

stopped living a life filled with sin

and when you look back at who you used

to be it troubles you because you just

want to erase that part of

you I’m not making any plans how I want

to go I really want God to take the

lead and we know that in all things God

works for the good of those who love him

who have been called according to his

purpose God’s plan is always more

beautiful than our

desires God’s plan God’s love is bigger

than anything you’re going through God

is still writing your story don’t let go

of your faith because of what you have

yet to see comment amen if you agree

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