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God is saying to you you’re not reading

this by accident pray then let it go

don’t go back to it don’t try and change

it or Force the

outcome let me write your love story if

I want you to be with someone I will

make it happen with the right person

have faith and trust me I have someone

so special waiting for

you the mouth of being around Jesus the

mouth of Jesus is one that speaks life

you see when you have been around Jesus

the Overflow of the heart the mouth will

speak you speak from a place of

compassion love truth power

encouragement and Authority when you’ve

been with Jesus people will know if

you’ve been around Jesus Through the way

you speak to others how do you speak of

Jesus are you speaking through the heart

of Jesus do you have a mouth that speaks

life or death

speaking is important because you can

have a voice but not demonstrate Jesus

through your words be

careful walking around with careless

words but be wise with what you

say walk with the mouth of Jesus what

your heart is filled with the mouth will


out what you fill and surround yourself

with is what tends to the heart which

then will make its way out through the


go and speak

Jesus comment amen if this prayer

blessed you and share it with someone


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