God is saying you today right now it is

essential to put up a fight against evil

to be in wavering in my commitments and

to remain faithful to my teachings on

the other hand I am aware of the need of

maintaining consistency with regard to

my students recognize the good qualities

you possess and do not allow bad to

control your life you as a child of God

possess the ability to recognize and

reject evil as well as the skill to

recognize and recognize good action by

maintaining vigilance and refusing to

give into temptations that are fleeting

and superficial you can prevent evil

from taking root in your life you

shouldn’t give into your essensual needs

especially if they cause you to feel

guilty and discouraged it is important
Its never too late

to keep in mind that there is always the

possibility of a brighter future and a

chance for personal development when it

comes to starting a new and putting the

past in the past it is never too late if

you put your faith in me I will grant

you my wealth and forgiveness if you ask

me with sincerity trust me with your

faith I invite you to recognize the

potential for New Beginning within me

and to welcome the opportunity for

revitalization and Revolution with the

assistance of my Holy Spirit making it

possible for my gentleness to dispel any

Shadows that may be present on your path

through life be aware that my love will

be there for you through every

difficulty giving you the ability to

make it through even the most perilous

Be aware

without suffering any harm you have the

inner fortitude to endure adversity to

walk through fire without being hurt to

navigate Seas of hardship and to come

the storms of turmoil I have given you

the ability to share my love with

everyone you come into contact with thus

you should approach each connection with

gratitude and humility spreading

kindness VI acts of compassion and

prayer whenever you have the

opportunity sometimes my strength is

revealed in a subtle manner as if it

were talking softly in The Quiet Moments

When I am being sought for with bravery

you should face each new day with the

assurance that you will leave a trail of

Miracles behind you which will serve as

a physical demonstration of my

unwavering presence in your life allow

the truth of my message to gradually
Embrace the voyage

penetrate your being igniting your

spirit and engulfing you in faith

Harmony and the guiding of the Divine it

is true that the limited knowledge of

mere mortals is transcend it when one

Embraces the voyage with passion and

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