If You Believe God’s Word Don’t Skip This | God’s Daily Message | God Message Now

one of the greatest abilities God has

given each one of us is our ability to

believe if you believe God’s word you

can be successful if you believe God’s

word you can overcome mistakes of the

past if you believe God’s word you can

fulfill your god-given destiny there is

incredible power in what you believe

what you believe is greater than your

circumstances greater than your trials

greater than your medical report and

greater than your bank account when you

get into agreement with God and believe

what he says about you then what you

believe will supersede any natural law

today nurture those seeds of Faith by

dwelling on his word as you get the word

of God in your heart faith will come to

you faith will grow and strengthen in

you faith will rise up in you and

Empower you to take hold of all the

blessings God has for you a prayer for

today father thank you for your word of

Truth which sets me free and deposits

faith in my heart

I lift up my eyes to you I turn my focus

toward your word and invite you to have

your way in every area of my life in

jesus’ name

amen like and share if you believe in



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