IF YOU ARE EVIL PEOPLE THEN SKIP ME | God Message Today | Jesus Message |

God is saying to you you don’t to

have everything figured out just take

one day at a time and Trust in my

lead when things feel uncertain

surrender them to me when life feels

chaotic find peace my presence when the

future looks dark allow my light to

illuminate the

way cast all your anxieties upon on me

because I care for you remember Peter

too thought he was drowning but I never

Take My Eyes Off of My Children even

when my children take their eyes off of

me God is saying to you you’re not

reading this by accident God heard your

prayer you are going to be okay God is

making a way for

you angels have been sent to comfort you

God has a great plan for your life you

can do all things through Christ

blessings are coming your way you matter

you’re loved she looks back and thank

God she looks forward and trust God

because of God anything that comes

against you won’t work Jesus loves you

pray like you know God will answer you

pray in the good times too if you prayed

for it prepare for it pray knowing that

God is listening your battles are won in

prayer prayer is how I fight my battles

believe in what you just prayed for

comment amen if this prayer blessed you

and share it with someone else

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