IF THIS FINDS YOU TODAY… । God’s Message Now For You Today | God Helps

my child I come to you today with an


message pay close attention and open

your heart for what I am about to tell

you concerns the fate of all my

people the time of separation is upon us

the wheat is being separated from the

chaff even as I speak this is not a time

to fear but to Rejoice for it signals

that the Great Harvest is

near just as a farmer separates the

wheat from the husk before before it can

be consumed so too must my true

followers be distinguished from the

terries that have sprung up among them

just as the mature wheat can be easily

distinguished from poisonous terries so

too will my Faithful Servants be set

apart from the Hypocrites and

deceivers and this separation has

already begun even now I am using the

threshing instrument of my spirit to

beat and shake my people so that the

wheat might be loosened as and separated

from the

chaff yes this process can be

uncomfortable and even painful but do

not resist it for it is necessary to

expose the toxins and impurities that

have corrupted my people for too long

the time of purging is here so Rejoice

for once the Refuge has been cleared

away nothing will remain but the pure

wholesome wheat my true believers who

will nourish the world but to some this

separation brings sadness rather than

joy for it requires my loyal followers

to relinquish their grasp on poisonous

relationships and associations that have

wrapped themselves around their lives

well-meaning but undiscerning Believers

have allowed false friendships ungodly

influences and heretical doctrines to

creep in and wrap themselves around



Spirits rather than nourishing Faith

these carnivorous Intruders have

secretly been sucking spiritual life and


discernment they produce their own

meager bitter fruit but only by slowly

killing that which is wholesome and

good this is why the time of Separation

has come I must now intervene to loosen

the Vine’s grasp and lift off the

parasitic growths that have attached

themselves to my people I must thresh

and beat and shake until the poisonous

weeds come loose from the pure

wheat this process is rarely easy or

gentle but it is altogether

necessary the crop must be readied for

Harvest lest the tears overwhelm and

destroy the True

Grain so if you feel me removing

relationships activities or mindsets

from your life do not resist this is me

your lord clearing away the carnivorous

growths that have been silently

strangling your spirit without you even

realizing it trust in my pruning process

even when it is

painful soon you will see just how

healthy vibrant and fruitful your spirit

becomes when I strip away the


attachments the sweet wholesome fruits

of my spirit will begin flourishing in

the cleared Garden of your

soul yes this is a sober time requiring

courage faith and spiritual discernment


navigate for as the tears are exposed

among my people you will be shocked at

some of what is revealed leaders you

respected will be exposed as frauds

supposedly wholesome organizations will

be revealed as smoke screens for the

enemy even doctrines and religious

systems you have clung to may be

unmasked as man-made chaff lacking any

true spiritual

substance in the midst of this

turbulence you must be anchored to me

and my Eternal Word alone you must know

my voice and learn to discern truth from

error sincerity from from

hypocrisy ask for and cultivate the gift

of discernment for you will need it in

these times of

Separation pray for the courage to see

what you must see and to align yourself

only with that which is pure true and

holy rather than clinging to poisonous

relationships out of fear or

Nostalgia it will not be easy but I tell

you a vast and glorious Harvest awaits

those who endure this process of


for once the wheat has been loosened

from the chaff and disentangled from the

weeds a bounty remains that has never

been seen since the first Pentecost

outpouring two years

ago the Spirit-filled Saints who emerge

from this threshing time will unite in

love and power to bring in an

unprecedented Harvest of

souls no longer diluted by worldliness

or wedged by ungodly

associations my faithful Remnant will go

forth in Purity and authority to reap

teach disciple and Shepherd new

believers they will expand my kingdom

throughout the Earth with astonishing

speed through their moral conviction

selfless compassion and spirit-given

power so do not shrink back from this

necessary season of Separation my

child understand its purpose and

necessity as I refine you for Greater

Works ahead trust in me to align your

heart your mission and your Association

ations correctly in these turbulent

times for those found faithful through

this process will emerge as golden wheat

fit for the Master’s use they will shine

like the sun in full strength as vessels

of Honor ready for the coming Harvest

this is my promise to you my precious

child yield to the threshing and

separation for just a little while

longer understand the spiritual

realities at work and have courage for

your Redemption and vindication draw

near the Harvest is plentiful and the

laborers are being

prepared my beloved I see your heart and

understand your desire to walk the

narrow path with me though the way is

difficult take comfort that I will never

leave you to walk

alone the time of Separation elicits

mixed emotions in many some react with

relief that truth comes to light While

others mourn the loss of what is exposed


false both responses are natural natural

I do not condemn those struggling to

reconcile relationships now revealed as


wholesome spiritual growth is a process

not an event still reconciliation cannot

come at the cost of Truth stand firm in

me and I will help you find

peace this threshing of my people ushers

in a new season of growth as you abide

in me I will nurture humility wisdom and

spiritual discernment in you you will

will learn to separate fleshly emotions

from my spirit’s gentle

promptings in Stillness before me

sensitivity to my whisper grows

Keener as you walk this out daily

handling each issue patiently eyes fixed

on me alone you will develop discernment

unmatched by those lacking your

experiences this discernment will become

a Guiding Light to many lost in

darkness while some relationships

clearly end this season others linger


discernment if unsure about a connection

patiently give it over to me avoid

hurried reactions without my direction

as some associations await future

purpose my timing and purposes absorb

many factors you cannot see humility

admits you lack this broader perspective

arrogance rushes headlong into error

wait on me and in my timing true

character is revealed in other cases The

Way Forward remains mired in doubt see

in this uncertainty an opportunity to

grow in Grace just as plants strengthen

against winds so your trust in me grows


trials none escaped this testing endure

with patience and courage remembering I

see and honor those upholding truth and

Justice even at personal cost your

actions whether seen or unseen by others

shape your character for future trials

my strength and peace carry you stay

vigilant my cherished

ones as you step into promised Victory

keep your gaze fixed on me I see failure

peeking around Faith’s Corner awaiting

distractions opportunity Only In Me Is

found Grace and power to overcome abide

in my forgiveness love mercy and

strength I will prune unfruitful musings

to make room for more of me if Brethren

cause offense release them quickly to my

care I judge rightly and know each heart

intimately Your Role is not for

accusation therefore forgive and release

judgment to me nothing escapes my notice

and I promise Justice tempered by Mercy

when surrender is

genuine you need not carry bitterness is

burden but rather overcome evil with

good through unified prayer and

spirit-led actions and Tire strongholds


swiftly demonstrations of Love dissolve

wicked schemes even desperate pleas for

Mercy thwart generational cycles of

Injustice appeal to Heaven through

prayer and action believing I

respond no evil can withstand

concentrated prayer awaken to your

Authority nothing withstands my spirit’s

thrust embodied in surrendered Hearts

acting in bold

faith the threshing separating wheat

from chaff brings new beginnings wrapped

in loss transcending the painful work of

this season a vibrant future Dawns

steadfastly cling to me as power awaits

manifestation through yielded Hearts

fixed on me continue surrendering to my

cleansing work a rich inheritance awaits


faithful I has not seen ear has not

heard the Wonders being prepared for

those loving me do not lose sight of

hopes Horizon where cascading Glory

spills into the

Earth what seems foggy now will soon

glow with magnificent color and Clarity

in new

daylight I am swiftly approaching to

make my presence known among those who

have devoted themselves entirely to my

purpose and

plans join these chosen ones

distinguished by a seal of Purity and

strength let my spirit guide you in

examining your heart and aligning your

character with mine as you do so

consider sowing seeds of generosity and

kindness just as a farmer nurtures the

land for a future Harvest your acts of

giving and compassion plant the seeds

for a richer more compassionate World in

this way you actively participate in the

unfolding of a Divine Legacy one that

thrives on the principles of love and


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