If God Is For You Who Can Be Against You | God Message For Me Today

my dear friend in Romans verse the

Bible reminds us that if God is for us

who can be against us

this means that God is on your side and

you have no reason to be afraid

keep this in mind today

God is always there to guide you and

light up your way

and no matter how difficult life gets

believe that everything will be fine in

the end

when times get tough God is always there

to guide you and help you find the

answers you need

God is like a friend who will always be

there for you

he will listen when you need him and

will never turn you away

in times of trouble and uncertainty

God’s love is ever present

he provides comfort and strength for

those who seek him

God’s with you when things are going

well and he’s with you when times are


it’s not hard to find him if you look

for him in your heart

God is a faithful companion being filled

with kindness and compassion he walks

with you through life

God is your closest Ally throughout the

trials and tribulations of life

he is always trustworthy and loving even

when you’re unsure

the more you know God the more you

realize how powerful and trustworthy he


believe that the strength and courage

you need to overcome difficult times

will come from God

from the beginning of time God has cared

for all people

that tenderness continues today when he

watches over and guides us every day

even though you feel like you’re on your

own it’s good to know that God is always


God will always make you feel safe cared

for and loved

God bless you

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