If God Is For Me Who Can Be Against Me | Godse Daily Message | Daily Message From God

my friend your words have tremendous

power no matter what you may be facing

today the words of your mouth can help

set the course for victory or defeat

when you wake up with an attitude of

faith and expectancy and declare that

God is your Refuge you will be

strengthened and empowered by his Spirit

when you talk like you are blessed when

you walk like you are blessed then you

will live like you are

blessed understand that your words are

like seeds when you declare favor and

blessing you are sowing favor and

blessing and you will reap a harvest of

favor and blessing in return that’s why

it’s so important to take inventory of

what you are saying on a regular basis

even when challenges and obstacles arise

you have to rise up and say if God is

for me who can be against me every day

let go of the weeds of unforgiveness and

bitterness water your seed with the word

of God so you can move forward into the

Abundant Life he has in store for you a

prayer for today father thank you for

your word which is like refreshing water

to my soul help me choose the right

things to say so that I can live in

Victory all the days of my life in

jesus’ name amen like if you believe in



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