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hello and welcome in a world filled with uncertainty and challenges it’s easy to

feel lost or overwhelmed but what if I told you that there’s a guiding force watching over

you ready to lead you to a brighter future this message from God is not just

another set of words it’s a Divine invitation to transformation and

blessings beyond measure so take a moment listen closely and open your

heart to the message that could change your life forever God is speaking to you today

offering hope guidance and boundless love after some time you will find

yourself feeling that God is around you watching over you so don’t ignore these

moments don’t let them go incomplete your life is on the brink of

change after hearing this message from God make sure to watch the entire video

every word Spoken Here lays a path to your bright future God is speaking to

you today hear me my beloved I ask you this one thing without any hesitation or

doubt prepare yourself for the night let it be a time of peaceful Slumber a

restful refuge for your soul know that I have dispatched an angel to your

Dwelling Place bearing a message of love that I have written with my own hand I

did this so that you may find Clarity and assurance so that my light may dispel any Shadows of doubt and so that

my promises may be firmly etched into your heart when you close your eyes let

your dreams be touched by the gentle breeze of memories walk the path of Hope

once more for fear will flee when your spirit sings to me declaring your

unwavering belief and love for me as the morning sun rises face any sadness or

fear with unshakable confidence and courage courage rest peacefully my child

for when you awaken tomorrow you will feel the affectionate kiss of your loving father bringing a smile to your

face remember I am always watching over you knowing your heart’s desires close

your eyes and find solace in the Embrace of your God as you Journey Through the Night in your dreams in due time you

will witness the blessings I have prepared for you and your family your days of tomorrow tomorrow are at an end

for today is your day of salvation Rejoice for even in the heavens there is

celebration as you have chosen to surrender your heart and heed my word just as the morning sun rises your

future will shine brighter than your past everything stolen by the enemy will be restored multiplied beyond measure

the kindness and Aid you’ve shown to the poor the sick and the needy will be rewarded manifold your Endeavors will

flourish despite the attacks and slander from others for every hour you’ve

devoted to me and others without expecting anything in return I will add years to your life I am renewing your

spirit rekindling Your Enthusiasm and restoring the passion for life that the

world sought to steal from you these gifts already present in the spiritual

realm are now yours to claim now rise each morning with me at the four front

of your thoughts dedicate your first moments to our communion and step forth

with faith to claim the blessings unfolding before you as a result of your unwavering love and dedication to me let

no one shame you I see your enemies seething with anger as they witness your

prosperity and hear their false accusations their hearts remain

unrepentant having rebelled against the blood that redeemed them they must choose to repent or stand as my enemies

keep your distance from those who invent slander against their Brethren who use their tongues to harm their gazes to

humiliate and who destroy innocent families while aiding the growth of wickedness they paint their perversions

as virtues and disguise them as sound Doctrine if you seek to hear my voice in

your soul you will find it in my written word open its Pages read them with faith

and love hold them in your heart with hope and follow them with unwavering

loyalty and determination may your heart be filled with joy let your spirit be steadfast

today you have returned to life no more sleepless nights no more

Nightmares From This Day Forward your mind is free from all bondage and you

will sleep with a Serene and tranquil Soul the curses of your enemies will not

touch you the traps they set will ens snare them I am ever Vigilant over your

every moment your rest and your Awakening my angels encircle you

guarding your life and integrity with their fiery swords I grant you the power

to tread upon serpents and scorpions rendering you invulnerable seek my word

pray fast and kneel at my feet daily to receive my blessings my guidance and my

protective shield I will touch the lives of those who rise against you and they

will be humbled never daring to harm you again they will learn that no one can

mock my holy name and that faith is no trifling matter they will see that your

faith in me embodies power honor integrity and Truth many around you and

even you yourself will begin to take your spiritual life more seriously walk

with your head held high gazing at the heavens do not not look back at those who sought to humiliate you I hold you

in my hands and will not allow you to stumble on the Rocks they placed in your path stand firm and do not be troubled

by threats or mockery for if you heed them fear may take hold and your enemies

will perceive it they may believe you weak and attempt to harm you but their

efforts are in vain they will encounter me and be exposed as cowards when their

malevolent intentions are revealed by my glorious light have faith remain

steadfast and true for victory is already yours rest live in peace and pay

no mind to those who cannot appreciate your love cling to my love and evil will

not reach you live each day with joy and Trust all your worries into my hands my

Army of angels of light will accompany you and I will never Tire of reminding you of my love I will never never

forsake you for nothing in this world can keep you from my side in me you will

find the strength to continue your journey to receive and enjoy the blessings I have in store for you and to

achieve your destination there are many things in your life that may cause concern but do

not let them steal your peace for your sleep do not fear the threats that may

arise nor dread a doctor’s diagnosis your life is in my hands your well-being

is in my plans and your future is secure and radiant however do not let fear paralyze

you listen carefully to these promises and take them to heart after hearing my

words spend a few moments in my presence bringing all your requests thoughts and

fears to me I know you’ve made mistakes and I want to forgive you cleanse you

with my powerful blood so so you no longer bear unnecessary guilt and regret that hinder your path I will strengthen

you bless you and multiply your blessings every time you come to speak with me I will lead you in your

conquests and successes but remember the task at hand you have much to accomplish

do not let anything or anyone deter you do you understand my message now tell me

that you believe a word of faith can heal uplift ele elate and prosper you

instantly it is possible it is true decide today to believe with all your

heart that I can transform you with my love tenderness patience Commandments

and guidance I can turn this time of tribulation into a new era of joy and

blessing you are of great importance to me and to many others even though some

may be ungrateful and fail to appreciate your love I see your efforts and admire

your self lessness I record everything you do for them I am with you you also

have a multitude of witnesses both in heaven and on Earth who support you Warrior Angels stand ready to fight

battles to defeat your enemies and to remove obstacles from your path people

love you and pray for you your name is spoken in my presence every day I gave

my life so that you may receive salvation freedom and experience peace

and happiness amidst tribulation in the days ahead I will reveal to you the

power of my blood to bless your family I desire to assist you but I cherish your

attitude and your sincere desire for progress I Delight in your efforts for

victory promise me that you will believe in my word commit to seeking me every

morning and open your eyes wide to see the new and wonderful things that will

gradually surround you the time is come for you to know who I am and to come

into my presence with all your heart I reach out to you my dear child with the

promise of transformation I assure you that your prayers offered in the name of Jesus

will be answered for your unwavering belief in me has not gone unnoticed I want to share with you the

promise of new beginnings Abundant Blessings and joy that will overflow in

your life and in your home these blessings are within reach for those who hold steadfast Faith cherish my

teachings in their hearts and patiently await the blessings they seek just as a

life takes months to be born and a seed requires fertile groundbreaking

transformation before it sprouts demands your blessings too time and effort align

for your benefit I know you grasp this truth and I encourage you not to lose

hope keep your eyes on the horizon as you take one step at a time Embrace

change without fear for it is a path leading to your greater good I desire to

surround you with people and resources that nurture your growth when you walk

with me no one can overpower accuse or condemn you for I Stand By Your Side as

your Defender dear child if only you could see the Heavenly forces that stand with

you witness the Divine Light God guiding your path and see your obstacles crumble

you’d realize that the Universe conspires in your favor in your dreams I

will reveal wondrous Visions offering you glimpses of Heaven on Earth I

possess the power to move the universe to bless you drawn by your unwavering

faith and your wholehearted love for me I admire your courageous faith and

that’s why I respond to your call each day I have a unique message for you but

my love remains constant amidst the challenges of each new day my love will

shield you unwavering in its commitment before you begin your daily tasks know

that I love you but I long to hear those words from your own lips tell me dear

Child Jesus I love you too I will shower you with blessings prosperity and the

removal of all sorrow and discouragement that obstructs your path my holy word

will heal you casting away the shadow of depression and filling your mind with

thoughts of life these thoughts will reignite the dreams that once lay

dormant within you I am determined to reshape your thinking I have spoken to

you for some time now and there are decisions I’ve urged you to make do not

lose heart I am here to guide you supernaturally I will straighten your path lift you with my Divine discipline

and Lead You Away from harmful friendships I will reveal the truth of their betrayals to you and uproot toxic

relationships from this day forward you will grant me the highest place in your life you will no longer depend on others

for companionship as my grace is sufficient I will break your Reliance on

those who mistreat you opening your spiritual eyes to the understanding that you don’t need negative attachments to

succeed you will progress by your strength and the wisdom you have chosen to hold on to my feet despite your

imperfections your willingness to keep fighting sets you apart from those who believe they won’t receive another

chance let go of negative habits and toxic friendships you won’t miss them

you are being reborn and I will fill your heart with tenderness and a secret

name known only to us when my Divine Light illuminates the dawn I will call

you by this name and your heart will leap for Joy your soul will awaken and

you will come into my presence every morning this is a season of change and blessings if new challenges arise do not

be afraid for I will grant you the strength to overcome them you and your family will be blessed protected and

deeply loved this year declare your faith in me I observed you last night as

you struggled with thoughts and memories while trying to sleep it warms my heart to see my children remember my love and

appreciate the blessings I bestow even in their busiest and most tired moments

I cherish your gratitude and the special place you hold for me in your heart your

unwavering faith is more than a mere decoration or an empty phrase on a wall

it is a living fire that purges negativity strengthens your resolve and

empowers you to overcome obstacles it offers Solace to your spirit in times of

pain and extends relief to The Afflicted it spreads the good news of my

love to all around you your faith is a powerful weapon and your words hold

great Authority stand firm against the forces of evil for you are Vigilant and

prepared for battle no lion will devour you your faith assures you of my eternal

and unwavering Love unaltered by circumstances whether you stand on

mountaintops or walk through alleys in daylight or darkness in Joy or sorrow My

Love Remains steadfast a constant presence in your life but I also desire

Your Love in return offer me your heart dear child and let your gaze remain fixed on the

path of obedience and blessings before you the solution you seek is close I

have placed it within your reach the strength you need resides in my word and

the key to unlocking super Supernatural Miracles lies in your faith through

these Miracles you will impact your generation your loyalty to me ensures my

protection and love for you and your family as you remain secure in my hands

allow me to comfort you dry your tears clothe you with my mantle and envelop

you with My Embrace I will remove all bitterness from your soul filling you

with the sweetness of my love and the tend eress of My Affection I want you to

feel better now my dear child I understand that you need me more than ever today I do not demand anything from

you all I seek is your trust fear not even as your heart aches for I come to

bring healing I appreciate when you speak to me address me and confide in me

regardless of the brevity of your words it is your sincerity and intention that

matter most I I require nothing more I once told you that even Faith as small

as a mustard seed could move mountains in prayer for in the Heavenly Throne

your destiny is shaped it is from there that I send you comfort and reveal my

love I understand your needs and will respond according to my Divine will

always working for your good in the meantime when fear knocks at your door

remain calm in the face of afflictions remember my words and declare God is my father my shepherd my

guide and my provider he always rescues me and I know he will help me today keep

your feet steadfast on my path unwavering and undistracted focus on the purpose I have

set before you tomorrow may bring distractions that seek to divert your gaze and fill your mind with empty

fantasies yet fill yourself with my word and your mind mind will be fortified nothing and no one will lead

you astray From the Path I have chosen for you banish out negative thoughts I

am ever attentive to your needs and deeply care about your emotions I leave you with my peace a

peace the world cannot offer a peace of the spirit that I alone provide I heard

your crying when you called out to me in need in my presence I received your worship know that my response is on its

way anticipated with open arms celebrate the joy of the miracle I’m about to

perform in your life today you are truly blessed and destined for even greater

blessings your unyielding faith has led you down the right path and I commend

your dedication you are doing exceptionally well and that is how I wish to see you

keep your focus on my Commandments allowing my word to fill your being it

may have been challenging to correct your course and redirect your ship with all your strength but you have

persevered allowing the Divine winds to guide your sales your change in attitude

and your desire for transformation are commendable please remember that I’m

always here for you ready to guide and support you my love for you knows no

bounds and remains unwavering trust in me for I am your father your Shepherd

your guide and your provider today and always I am with you I have come to

bless you in a way that goes beyond human understanding these words you hear

hold the essence of life itself it’s my way of showing you just how much I love

you and extending my hand to help you overcome the challenges that weigh you down I’m giving you wisdom growing your

understanding and molding your character I’m gifting you with patience and abundance your life is undergoing a

complete transformation my spirit surrounds you from head to toe you’ll no

longer wander down the path of error or crave the temptation of sin I’m granting

you the strength to break free from the habits that have held you captive from now on your mind will dwell on things

that are good beautiful pure and just you won’t give in to the Allure of

slander and deceit which tarnish your thoughts and weaken your heart you’ll be amazed at the changes taking

place within you realizing that you are truly blessed those around you will

respect you forgive your past mistakes and extend their forgiveness I am pouring Grace into your

soul and such abundance that doors will swing open blessings will pour in and

job opportunities will come your way providing for your family’s needs I’m

carving A New Path for you free from the fears and anxieties caused by your past

it’s a life filled with peace and Tranquility free from worries and Nightmares my blood is set you free and

no harm can befall you through lies sorcery or The Whispers of those who

wish you ill your spirit Soul lips mind and heart are pure this is the reward I

bestow upon those who boldly share my word repent of their wrongs seek my

forgiveness and humbly come to me daily for blessings before closing their eyes

share your sorrows with me reveal your sadness confide in me your

frustrations fear not to speak your thoughts for I know them and I won’t be

angered open your heart with confidence as you pour out your soul and in doing

so find peace and renewed hope you won’t lose faith and your mind won’t be

gripped by fear tomorrow you’ll wake up brimming with gratit gratitude for the blessings you have and the Miracles I’ve

worked in your life remarkable things are on the horizon all is possible for

those who dare to believe for those who stand firm in times of trial and step forward in faith Miracles await those

who focus on my Mercy Grace and the mighty power that can lift them up when they stumble my love for you transcends

your mistakes repent of your sins turn away from the path of wrongdoing

distance yourself from harmful friendships and flee from the vices that bind you cry out with faith in all your

mind in my presence and with my powerful blood I will shatter and destroy your

chains tomorrow I want you to wake up joyful free from all bondage as you open

your eyes and lips let them sing and praise and gratitude embrace your tasks

with joy and the strength I will provide revive the dreams you’ve set aside and

continue working on the projects you’ve abandoned Trust and Believe In My Words

knowing that I have placed you where you can succeed I know these are challenging times but it’s the perfect moment for

you to prosper and realize your potential my desire is for you to thrive

in every aspect just as your soul flourishes in my truth before you close

your eyes tell me that you believe in me I love you deeply and I want you to

learn to trust to rest in my arms like a tender child I have purified your heart

so that your faith may be simple and sincere like that of a child I came to

you I became your friend you know that you can spend as much time as you wish with me we can talk about so many things

share your dreams with me and tell me what you need to achieve them I’ve

revealed to your heart that I am your father and I will never abandon you will I ever go away never to return here I am

always by your side even when you feel alone and if you ever think I’ve abandoned you remember our conversation

for I do not lie and I never change my mind I came to you and placed my Holy

Spirit within you cleansing your heart crowning your head with Victory all because I love you there’s an accuser

who doesn’t leave you in peace reminding you of your past haunting you in the darkness and Whispering your sins to

make you feel guilty he wants you to be ashamed of who you were yesterday but I

have transformed you you are not the same I wish you could see yourself supernaturally as I see you even if just

a little you would be astonished however you will only reach your goal through faith even though you

may not see your wonderful reality right now your unwavering belief in me will

give give you the strength and perseverance to reach your glorious purpose there will come a time when you

can look back and see the path you’ve traveled remembering the days when you felt like giving up but didn’t thanks to

your steadfast faith I see that you are growing stronger right now maturing

immensely but to me you will always be my child my little one do not fear for I

am with you do not falter for I am your God I will strengthen you help you and

uphold you with my righteous right hand if you wish to live eternally as a prince or princess by your heavenly

Father’s Side you must be like a child pure of heart innocent and grateful

while you are on earth I will also clothe you with authority and Royal garments surrounded by an army of angels

to protect you you will never be alone you will always be enveloped in my

tenderness love and care for you hold a special place in my heart

my dear only I can deliver you from your troubles and only I can help you in this

conflict you are facing if you open the doors of your soul to me you will witness miraculous changes and find

solutions to your situation you have done well by coming to me when you needed me the most what I

desire is that you seek me but not just on this occasion I want to occupy the

first first place in your heart love me with all your strength with all your soul and with all your mind I desire to

be the formost thought in your mind make a lifelong commitment to me today and

you will see how my presence in your heart brings about a powerful and transformative change you have felt it

for a long time contemplated it you know that something is missing that there is

a void in your life that needs to be filled if invite me to dwell in your

heart and you will witness everything changing many people who have hurt you

repent and ask for forgiveness close doors will open and those who rejected

you will now value you I will bring you new and Faithful Friends remove sadness

and loneliness from your life feel the truth of my words deep within you my

words have the power to change things for your benefit to do not be frightened or disheartened by unexpected obstacles

do not be saddened if someone speaks ill of you or if you feel hurt do not shed

tears over misunderstandings and pay no heat to the criticisms and insults of

your adversaries those who Envy you and always seek to strike at your emotions

wanting to see you fall but I hold you in my hands and I will protect you from

their vile attacks each day awaken with my my word on your lips knowing that you

dwell in the shadow of the almighty under the shelter and protection of your heavenly father whom you love amen

today’s God message for you resist thinking about what you should have done better how you should have been better

or why you didn’t make better choices today move past the situation and stop

looking back it is all behind you now look forward and declare you will Triumph despite the past embrace your

power to create right now focus on how you want to feel and let it influence

what you are doing your better will manifest your dreams will manifest your

worry will vanish your support will show up your love connection will materialize

your Victory will happen your door will open your bridge to better will be built

your abundance will overflow your blocks will be cleared your timing will be

perfect believe in your prayers big blessings can happen in an instant type

I believe in myself to affirm in conclusion embrace the blessings I offer for they transcend

human understanding and hold the essence of life itself Let My Words guide you

molding your character granting you strength and filling your life with abundance and peace as you walk this New

Path free from past fears and anxieties remember remember that my love for you knows no bounds trust in me for I am

always by your side ready to uplift and protect you open your heart to receive

the transformative power of faith and witness the miraculous changes that await you amen I love you my child type

amen if you believe in God if you’re all set type yes take care of yourself it’s

not about being the best it’s about being better than you were yesterday type I claim it if you receive this

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believe in Christianity thanks for watching

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  1. Thank my lord for your meacies and blessings lord i seed as a servant of lord my your meacies be on me I Need you lord without you a can not live without I can not stand with out you I can not be alone lord thanks you for your love of gift of life thanks you for your faithfulness and great heat father I am not perfect make me to be perfect give me wisdom,give me knowledge to complete my life and my heart to find with anointing oil in the mighty name of Jesus Christ amen πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘


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