I WILL SMILE AGAIN IF YOU WATCH | God Message Today | Jesus Message |

for a better morning talk to God first

for a better night talk to God last for

a better life talk to God all day God is

canceling every evil assignment over

your life right now put your faith in

God it changes everything don’t get

discouraged when you feel like you’re in

it by yourself God is still there and

will never leave you he is all you could


need God please clear my mind from

overthinking I’m so tired your feet are

about to be planted in rooms no one

thought you were qualified for God is

reminding you to keep the faith the

miracle you’re praying for is closer

than you think believe are they pushing

you closer to the one who saved you or

the things he saved you from obedience

to God is the most important things now

it matters sweet friendships refresh the

soul and awake our hearts with joy for

good friends are like the anointing oil

that yields The Fragrant incense of

God’s presence comment amen if this

prayer blessed you and share it with

someone else

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