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god message john threesixteen, “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and

only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”

These immortal words capture the essence of divine love, a love so deep and sacrificial

that it transcends our limited understanding.

The promise of eternal life through belief in the One who was sent resonates as a timeless


Prepare your heart to be enveloped by this loving presence, allowing His guidance to

flood your earthly journey with new transcendental meaning.

These messages go far beyond mere words, being true anchors forged in eternal love, capable

of sustaining you in the most turbulent waters.

God says Beloved son, seek my presence.

Dedicate yourself to a life of prayer, dialoguing with me at all times, day and night.

Keep faith and hope vibrant in your heart.

Approach me with the confidence that I will always be waiting for you, ready to serve

you, because your sincere search for me makes me deeply happy.

Even when circumstances seem not to be in your favor, renew your trust in me.

I am at work in your life in invisible ways, preparing immeasurable blessings for your


Know that everything that is taken away from you in the material realm is an opportunity

to reflect on the true value of life under my protection.

I wish you happiness and spiritual growth above all else.

What you believe you have lost will be restored in an even more glorious way.

So don’t waste your tears on what’s missing now, but focus on loving me, valuing those

around you, fulfilling my will and waiting patiently for the wonders that are on their


if you trust Comment god is the only salvation!

Material things come and go, but this cycle must not disturb your heart.

Trust that I can restore and give back what was lost, in a way that will exceed your expectations.

Stay firm in our connection, because your faith is the foundation for witnessing the

impossible come true in your life.

Don’t fear the uncertainties when you wake up; instead, fill yourself with courage and

recognize your own bravery.

My promise to you is unconditional love and a peace that envelops your entire being.

Turning away from me and trying to walk alone will result in a deep inner emptiness.

That’s why I insist on getting your attention, seeking your heart tirelessly, because my

love for you is eternal and unwavering.

Affirm Your tireless search is testimony to your love for me.

I encourage you to maintain our communion, seeking in me the peace and rest you long


I don’t want to see you burdened with sadness and discouragement.

My sacrifice for you was an act of eternal love, ensuring that your life would be lived

with divine joy.

I am here to break the chains that restrict your growth, freeing you to move forward into

a future of countless blessings.

Beloved son, the Father’s words resound in our hearts with divine tenderness.

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On your journey through life, don’t go back to seeking advice from those who have tried

to limit you in the past.

Instead, be proud of how far you’ve come and how you’ve withstood the challenges.

It’s important to remember that certain battles are overcome precisely because of the strength

of your faith, which applies to all aspects of life – work, dreams and home.

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security in your life.

The path in this world may be fraught with difficulties, but maintain the confidence

that nothing can bring you down.

I have given you a special mission, your role in the family can be the key to bringing eternal

salvation and joy, even in the face of setbacks.

Know that the wonders that come to you are the result of your prayers being answered

by me, and when you reach out to help others, without expecting rewards, that’s when my

generosity pours into your life.

Declare My faith is the most powerful tool against life’s challenges.

Allow your faith to grow, free yourself from the bonds of pity, and embrace the strength

that I place in your being.

Genuine joy arises the moment your gratitude and belief are transformed into action.

Through these acts, the most extraordinary miracles manifest.

Your beliefs and trust in my word are essential for facing the enticements and temptations

of this world.

It is crucial to keep your distance from anyone who tries to divert you from your true path.

Know that my affection and love for you are unconditional and I hope that with each dawn

you feel this connection strengthen your spirit.

Affirm With each dawn, I renew my connection with you, Lord, strengthening myself in your


When you wake up under the pressure of problems, remember that I am here not to judge you,

but to offer consolation and hope.

See obstacles as opportunities to strengthen your faith and draw even closer to me.

Take a moment to talk to me sincerely, open your heart about your worries and desires.

I want you to know, above all, that your love and trust in me are the links that bind us


No matter the adversities, talking to me, seeking this sincere communication, is opening

doors to miracles.

Your prayers are like melodies to me, and they have the strength to move Heaven and


Write it down I believe in the power of prayer to transform my life.

Understand that every prayer is an incredible force, capable of activating the entire celestial

sphere in your favor.

My wish is for you to experience the best, without being burdened by afflictions or sadness.

I want you to experience the fullness of my presence in every aspect of your existence.

For this transformation to take place, you need to trust me completely, allowing me to

take care of you in ways you have never experienced before.

My grace is the lighthouse that guides you through the stormy sea of life, especially

in the moments when you feel lost or directionless.

Your faithfulness to my love, even in the most challenging circumstances, fills my heart

with joy.

Know, therefore, that I will always listen to your prayers and will soon bring you the

answer that best serves your growth and happiness.

However, you will be surrounded by those who will try to discourage you with their honeyed


I warn you not to listen to the advice coming from false friendships which, in reality,

mask disbelief.

In the moments when the burdens of life weigh you down, remember that I am with you, enveloping

you in my love, lightening the weight of your heart.

Affirm In your love, I find true relief for my soul.

I understand the weariness left by the trials you have faced and the frustration that sometimes

consumes you, as if you were trapped in an endless cycle of pain.

However, even in the face of anxiety about the future and doubt about changes in your

circumstances, I want you to know that you are not being judged or punished.

My love for you is stronger than any uncertainty you may have.

Declare Divine love is the rock on which I build my life.

I have planted within you the seed of my word, which has the power to dispel doubts and rejuvenate

your spirit with my promises.

You are mine, you belong to me, and my promise is to take care of you, to protect you and

to love you infinitely.

I see you every day with eyes full of tenderness, recognizing in you the purity and innocence

of a child, even though you consider yourself grown up and strong.

Comment In the eyes of the Father, I see my true essence.

If you could see yourself through my eyes, you would spread your wings and fly high,

overcoming any adversity with grace and strength.

Don’t let fear diminish you or the feeling of not being loved get you down.

You are surrounded by the immortal love of your Heavenly Father, a love that is a consuming

fire, full of mercy and compassion.

Write I am loved immeasurably by the Father, and in this love I find my strength.

Now, looking at the reflection of my eternal words, recognize the preciousness of who you

truly are.

At times when the burden is too heavy, seek refuge in me.

I am here to ease your pain, to carry you in my arms and to show you a path free of


By my power, I will free you from all that ails you, preparing you to celebrate victories

and joys.

Affirm By the hands of the Father, I am led to victory and triumph.

So face the challenges ahead with diligence, courage and fearlessness.

Don’t let anything or anyone stop you from walking towards your glorious destiny.

In the midst of challenges, the Lord’s loving voice calls us to trust.

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Faced with challenges that tend to discourage you, remember that those who try to confront

you will lose their strength in the face of your resilience.

Even surrounded by shadows of doubt, you are on the verge of achieving that longed-for


Wake up to dispel the sadness and reject any sense of discouragement or defeat, because

success is closer than you think.

All it takes is one step in the right direction.

And if the weight becomes too much, reach out to me and I’ll be ready to guide you back

to the light of my truth.

Write “In your presence I find strength and support.”

Put on the righteousness I offer you, and get ready to follow the blessed path I have

laid out for you.

With faith, guard your thoughts and your heart, and don’t allow the wiles of the enemy to

keep you from your purpose.

Soon, you will receive the grace, love, forgiveness and understanding you need to overcome any

gaps, discord or separation in your family life.

The long-awaited moment is approaching.

Be ready to experience it to the full, allowing true joy to flourish in your being.

my child!

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Allow divine wisdom to be your guide, and don’t be deceived or deprived of this great

gift you are about to receive.

Remain vigilant at this stage of your life, for my desire is to bless you abundantly and

ensure that you can enjoy the fullness of my gifts.

Know that, even in the face of the envy of others, I am paving the way for your success.

Declare “Under Your guidance, I walk with confidence and courage.”

Rest a while in my presence, allow my hands on you to bring peace and infuse your heart

with renewed hope and serenity.

Your posture will reflect patience, determination, security and bravery, in such a way that your

adversaries will find no cause for fear or weakness in you.

Instead, they will see the Holy Spirit at work in your life, bringing resolution and


Know that by opening your heart to me, you will achieve much more than you can imagine.

My strength will enable you to face and overcome obstacles with fearlessness.

I want you to understand why I encourage you to face your struggles with courage – you

have my unconditional support and my promise to protect you from harm.

Affirm “With trust and divine love, I overcome my challenges.”

Your story is one of victory; together we have overcome countless challenges.

In moments of despair, it was my hand that saved you.

Now, the adversities you face will be overcome and those who ridiculed you will see the greatness

of your spirit.

It was for a special purpose that I gave you life, family and friends who genuinely love

and support you.

I invite you to dedicate your time to seeking me, to serving, to caring for your loved ones

and to helping those in need.

I want you to be a beacon of light for your community, a living example of righteousness

and honesty.

I lift you up now, blessing you richly, so that you can witness the fullness of my grace

at every step of your journey.

Affirm with faith “I am a vessel of divine blessings.”

At this moment, God is with us, whispering words of encouragement and admirable strength,

proposing to accomplish great deeds and impactful miracles through us.

He challenges us to commit ourselves, to be instruments of his blessings, and reminds

us of his constant presence at our side.

In a loving invitation, God calls us to return to him, to reconnect with his eternal presence

through a sincere and transparent heart.

He assures us that by seeking him fully, we will find an existence full of meaning and


God promises to restore the blessings we may have lost, highlighting the enemy’s intention

to strip us of everything we value and bring ruin to our lives.

However, it is in this context that the divine promise of strength to overcome any challenges

becomes more evident, offering us the certainty that, in our struggles and tribulations, we

are never alone.

Declare “In His presence, I find strength and renewal.”

God knows every pain we carry in our hearts and invites us to place our trust in Him,

promising that His forgiveness and unconditional love will be the basis for our healing and

spiritual renewal.

He encourages us not to give up on our dreams and goals, painting each new day as a blank

canvas full of promises and possibilities, all bathed in His endless grace and love.

We don’t need to fear the unknown, because God is committed to being the light that guides

our path, promising an abundant and joyful life under His guidance and blessing.

He prepares us to receive all good, actively working in our lives from this moment on,

guaranteeing days filled with immeasurable grace and favor.

Write “His grace is the foundation of my journey.”

Despite the inevitable presence of challenges and trials, it is essential to maintain serenity,

trusting that all experiences are fundamental to our growth.

God blesses us with a day full of brilliant opportunities, proclaiming health, well-being,

prosperity and opening doors that seemed firmly closed.

The good news we long for is on its way thanks to our patience and faith.

In addition to knowing our external appearance, God penetrates the essence of our being, valuing

inner beauty and our deepest desires and plans.

That’s why He prepares for us a reality of unprecedented wonders, divine offerings destined

for those who love Him, promising today to unleash them without hesitation in our lives.

Say “In God, I discover the true desires of my heart.”

The immense blessings that God has prepared for you are close at hand.

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reminders of the infinite grace that rules your life.

At this very moment, I am acting on your behalf, with the firm purpose of realizing all the

blessings I have already determined for your life.

Keep your faith burning and trust completely, because I am here to fulfill my promise.

Even when opposing voices try to shake your belief, declaring that you are incapable or

lost, I am by your side affirming the opposite you are capable and you will never be lost.

I, who am the light that guides your path, will not allow you to lose your way.

I understand the abysses that can form before you, but I am stretching out my hands to pull

you out of any darkness and surround you with my grace and love.

Even at times when your strength seems to desert you, it is I who will sustain you.

All you have to do is put your trust in me, and you will see how obstacles fade away,

how past hurts dissolve, freeing your soul from invisible prisons of resentment.

Declare “In my faith, I find the power to overcome obstacles.”


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Don’t let the weight of other people’s judgments define you or deter you from your path.

Always remember I know you intimately, far beyond what the world can perceive.

Your true virtues, your incalculable value, none of this can be altered by external words.

You are sacred, pure and immaculate in my eyes, a creation of mine, endowed with unsurpassed

strength and ability to overcome.

May the opinions of others never become barriers for you.

Go forward with the certainty that my love accompanies you with every step you take,

with every adversity you face.

Every challenge that comes your way is a precious opportunity for growth and learning.

In the midst of difficulties, never forget that you are imbued with an extraordinary

inner power, far beyond what you can imagine.

Write “I am more than a conqueror in God, who strengthens me.”

Even if the journey becomes arduous and the storms fierce, you will never be alone.

My love and guidance are constant in your life, giving you the courage and strength

to go on.

Look at each experience, each obstacle, as a new lesson, a path to spiritual growth.

And remember, with me by your side, there is no mistake that cannot be transformed into

learning, into a stepping stone for your evolution.

Cultivate an unshakeable faith in my words and you will witness real transformations

in your life.

Seek my presence from the moment you wake up until the moment you lie down to rest.

When you bow in prayer before me, know that I delight in your every word.

Your human eyes may not see it now, but heaven is moved by the sound of your praise.

Your prayer, impregnated with faith, asking for protection for your family against illness

and adversity, makes the heavens echo

in response.

The glorious future that God has mapped out for

you is drawing near.

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