God is

declaring I am going to give shock to

many people including

you after the next few minutes you will

realize that God is doing many wonders

in your

life and you’re now capable of seeing

seeing it on the ground

surface you may have heard this phrase

many times that God is about to shock

you he’s about to surprise you but you

didn’t see that coming true really in


life isn’t it true but why

not dear child for this is your most

awaiting sign and and a confirmation

from God

himself that the Wonders he was doing

behind the scenes until now will start

to unfold in your physical reality

too God is

saying my


behold for you don’t have enough wisdom

to completely understand my

plans I your Lord God is asking you to


still and wait for a perfect

timing watch this message until the very

end and God will bless your family with

an outstanding miracle in Jesus

name Beloved Chen one know that the

scripture says a life is like a wapor we

are here for a minute and then forever

gone it’s often quite simple to take

each day for

granted moving through the usual routine

until the day has

passed however if you shift your

perspective and start treating every day

as your past day it can change

everything when you you begin to see

each day as a gift you won’t let the

little things upset

you you’ll take time to cherish the

people that God has blessed you with

you’ll reach out and connect with your

neighbors especially those who might be


lonely you live each day with gratitude

and joy making the most of it

every morning when we wake up we have

the choice of how we want to live that

day we can choose to live in faith with

a positive outlook and expectations of


alternatively we can choose to live with

discouragement feeling

defeated and overly focused on our

problems happiness isn’t something that

just happens it’s a choice we have to

make David in the midst of his various

challenges made a declaration of


saying this is the day the Lord has

made I will rejoice and be glad in

it if he had focused on his

circumstances he might have said the

Lord made this day but I have so many

problems to deal

with however David chose to declare his

faith and

happiness despite the opposition he was

facing he decided to live that day

happily if you want to be happy you have

to be deliberate about it because life

is full of potential betrayals delays

and various

challenges that can make you feel

better you must resolve not let other

people or problems steal your

joy understand that your willpower is


influential than how you

feel your decision comes first and then


follows you have control over your own

happiness it’s not dependent on anyone

else you can be as happy as you choose

to be

make the conscious decision to make

every day your best

day remember


that God is about to surprise your whole

family with an abundance of

Miracles you are all on the verge of

experiencing his extraordinary blessings


fever these blessings May Come in

various forms such as improved

relationships Financial breakthroughs

good health and many other areas of your

lives God’s love and grace are

overflowing ready to pour into your

lives and bring about these

Miracles as you continue to embrace each

day with gratitude faith and

happiness you are aligning your yourself

with the Miracles that God had instor

for you and for your family members

these Miracles are not distant dreams

they are tangible realities that will

manifest in your

lives with unweaving trust in God and a

commitment to living each day with joy

you open the door to his Abundant

Blessings Trust trust in God’s promises

his love and his boundless

Grace affirm your trust and

gratitude just as David

did when he declared his faith despite

the challenges he

faced your journey is a testament to

God’s enduring Love Story a narrative

filled with grace and unring love

this Same Love Story is unfolding in

your family’s life bringing forth

Miracles and blessings that will leave

you in all

awe so continue to choose happiness and

Faith each day knowing that you are not

alone in this journey the universe is

watching over you guiding and supporting


the challenges you face are

opportunities for growth and the

blessings that are coming your way are a

testament to your

alignment with your higher

purpose you and your family are

co-creators of your

destiny and God is your partner in This

Magnificent journey of

life keep your senses alert to the signs


synchronicities that guide

you remember you are not alone and God

is about to show your whole family with

Miracles that will leave a lasting

impact on your

lives so Embrace each day with hope


joy for the best is yet to

come like and share this video with

people to show your agreement to these

words of

Blessings Now to all those within the

sound of my voice let us seek God’s

miraculous hands over our family in

prayer I want you to pray this prayer

with me so that you can have all the

blessings of this prayer let’s begin now


Father As We Gather in prayer

today we come before you with hearts

full of gratitude and

hope we thank you for your love your

guidance and the promise of the Miracles

you’re about to reveal in our

lives Lord we acknowledge that your

timing is perfect and we trust in your


plan we have heard your message and we

believe that you’re preparing to shock

us with blessings and wonders beyond our

imagination you are the creator of all

things and your love knows no

bounds we surrender Our Lives to you

knowing that your unweaving love and

boundless Grace are at work in our

lives we open our hearts to receive the

surprises and miracles

you have insted for us help us to have

unwavering Faith to trust in your

promises and to keep our eyes fixed on

you the source of all our

blessings Lord we understand that we

play a part in This Magnificent story of

your love and miraculous

power we commit to living with purpose

and gratitude

spreading kindness love and

prosperity wherever we

go May our actions be a testament to

your grace and the transformative power

of your

love we ask for the strength to face

challenges with courage and to overcome

obstacles with

determination grant us the wisdom to

choose happiness and faith


discouragement and

doubt let our will be stronger than how

we may feel and help us maintain our joy

regardless of the

circumstances that come our

way we thank you for the promise of a

turning point in our lives for the

blessings and miracles that await

us we are ready to embrace the Wonders

you have prepared for us knowing that we

are not alone on this

journey your presence is a constant

companion guiding us every step of the

way lot we areir our trust in you and

declare our unwavering faith in your

promises we look forward to surprise the

shock and the blessings that your B will

may we always be mindful of Your Love

Grace and miracles unfolding in our

lives in your precious and Powerful name

we pray amen

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