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[Music] my beloved Child open your heart’s door to the Divine Embrace that awaits you in

your Sacred Space where The Whispers of the world grow silent let my presence be

your Guiding Light I am here not just as a fleeting visitor but as an eternal companion

offering a blessing that heals your soul and stills the tumult of your heart know this in every sunrise and

sunset in Every Breath You Take I Am with You steadfast and

unyielding no force in this world can overpower you or cast you into Shadow when you walk with me should you falter

my arms are your Sanctuary I will lift you for you are bound to me by an everlasting

promise behold I have purified your innermost Sanctuary with every breath you draw

feel my spirit rejuvenating every corner of your being my words resonate in the corridors of

your mind dispelling the remnants of past sorrows and guilt you stand before me cleansed

forgiven reborn Embrace this truth with open arms

this is not to say you are without flaw nor immune to Temptation you are my beloved child

cherished yet human the journey ahead is one of continuous striving a dance of

resilience and Grace with me as your unfailing partner accept the calling to seek me

each day to love me with every fiber of your being and to surrender yourself

wholly to my will in doing so you will find me ever

present a constant force to uplift you to guide you forward even amidst

stumbles and Falls remember your essence is not defined by transgression

in your battles against adversities when you find yourself mired in life’s mudded Waters remember they seek to tarnish

your spirit yet in those moments of seeming defeat raise your eyes to

me it was I who called you to this fight and it is I who will cleanse Empower and

absolve you time and again this is my eternal vow to you stand firm my child in the face of

the trials that confront you your adversaries steeped in Malice devoid of

remorse or repentance have stilled their consciences they gaze upon you cloaked

in the mantle of Victory I have lovingly draped over you their hearts seething With Envy armed with Mal intent they

strive to strip you of the peace you now bask in hear my words for they are spoken

with Divine urgency your love for your family your aspirations for their flourishing are

known to me you understand that Triumph requires struggle labor an unwavering faith and

belief in the promises I have laid before you great blessings await you and

your adversaries recognizing this plot to derail your path they misjudged you

mistaking your humility for weakness never anticipating your turn towards me

your acknowledgement of frail and sin thus I decree your Redemption your

elevation your Prosperity the obstacle you face now is not

insurmountable it shall not overpower you for I am instilling within you a supernatural

strength rise and step forward with the courage and fortitude I grant you you

will overcome formidable forces you will leap over hurdles in Jubilation affirm

to me your resolve I declare unto you to you no dire news shall defeat you no

medical verdict shall break your spirit threats of Discord within your family

shall not steal your joy dismiss the Whispers of Despair that suggest your

challenges are insurmountable that the disparaging words of others can destroy you that recovery from this tribulation

is beyond reach I have brought you to this moment to hear my affirmation to

reassure you of my watchful care my deep investment in all that concerns you I

see the negative forces arrayed against you sensing your proximity to a profound

blessing their timing targeting you as you stand on the cusp of realizing your

dreams is no coincidence fear not the perceived power of your foes you possess

a greater strength they aim to intimidate yet you shall stand unshaken

they are unaware of the formidable surprise you shall unveil I have endowed you with the might to scatter the

legions of darkness and all who rise against you dispel the notion of

solitude and vulnerability refresh your mind nourish your soul and fortify your spirit with

my words and Commandments I have told you and I reiterate be strong and

courageous the enemy confronts you testing their might against yours but remember I am the Almighty and

under my protective embrace you are sheltered imbued with my Holy Spirit

this I reaffirm today you shall not be vanquished now

tell me do you truly believe in me hold fast to me so the Winds of adversity

cannot sway you I unfold you in my sacred mantle shielding you from the chill of this world you are

virtuous this I know with certainty in moments when the weight of past Tri burdens your spirit remember this within

you resides a heart of immense Beauty and depth a Wellspring of pure and profound emotions it is precisely

because of this richness within you that you must continue to fight valiantly for those you cherish and the dreams that

light your path I’m here to guide you placing on your right all that aligns with my

Divine will and on your left all that you must now release do not be disheartened if some

choose to turn away from you let them go there’s no need to plead or mourn for

them as their choices lead them away from the blessings they could have received beware the Allure of material

possessions many are ens snared by what appears Grand but is in essence trivial

they trade their Destiny for fleeting gains forsaking my perfect plan and

undervaluing The Treasure of eternal life yet you need not fear whether in

abundance or in scarcity I am your steadfast Shepherd as your heavenly father today I

come to you with deliverance and healing to bring peace to your heart to prosper

you and to elevate you from your current trials with my boundless blessings and mercy these blessings will accompany you

making even the simplest meal a feast in the presence of those who have underestimated you

you your life and that of your family will be filled with

joy you have walked through dark valleys of sorrow and despair feeling as if you

had lost all hope as if the Gates of Heaven were closed to you but today I am here to remind you of

my unchanging word to assure you that whenever you call out to me I am

listening I have shielded you in moments of hardship cradled your life in my hands

I have been by your side unseen but ever present in your confusion and pain you

felt distant from me overwhelmed by the negativity around you there were times

you considered turning away from my path yet your faith has not

waned even as you wandered through a desolate world the Ember of your faith

continued to Glow whispering to you in the Stillness of night about a Heavenly

Father father who loves you dearly singing to you at dawn with the celestial Melody of the almighty God who

watches over you when the adversary returns with his deceitful lies trying to ens snare you

stand firm and declare my life is in the hands of my Lord my soul finds rest in

his Embrace I am devoted to my Almighty and Sovereign God Proclaim your love for me

write it down Pledge Your eternal Eternal faithfulness to me and believe it

unwaveringly for it has been it is and it always will be never permit the seeds

of Doubt or disdain to take root in your heart concerning my love for you reflect

upon the Myriad ways I have moved in your life for even the memory of these acts should Infuse you with the Vigor to

press on to battle to strive towards your dreams without wavering allowing thoughts of defeat to

take hold in your mind is akin to opening a door for the adversary to Levy accusations and bring anguish upon you I

urge you to declare with your voice believe in your heart and affirm with your words that your trust in me is

unwavering irrespective of life’s tempests today tomorrow and forever let

there be no room for doubt about my unending love for you this love is yours

a truth you know well and I will never withhold it from from you should you

feel distant or forsaken it’s merely the trials of Life attempting to douse the

flame within you your faith remains vibrant and Alive open your eyes to the

Warm Glow of my presence which will stir your soul awaken your spirit rejuvenate

your being illuminate your heart and dispel the shadows of Despair do not dwell in Anger isolation

frustration or the Quagmire of Perpetual failures and spiritual

desolation that is not where you belong your true Abode is by my side In

My Embrace enveloped in my peace immerse yourself in the joy I offer through

these words I affirm the sign you’ve yearned for in your moments of anxiety you called out speak to me my God and

behold I am responding hear the depth of love and affection in my voice as I

assure you you of my boundless love your past errors are absolved you stand forgiven your sins

are forgotten the Brave and beautiful choices you’ve made to leave behind what

was and to walk in truth do not go unnoticed your resolve to persist in my

word and maintain your faith is a testament to your wisdom I will ensure others see in you what I see a person of

worth and intelligence aware of what they desire and understanding of the effort and bravery needed to attain

it recognize that faith is rooted in my word and prayer is a mightier weapon

than any scheme the enemy might devise against you you stand steadfast upon the

rock of Truth an heir to my eternal Covenant Stand Tall with courage go

forth and reclaim those in your family who have strayed from my path shatter

the barriers of Darkness with the might of my word the blessings destined for

you granted through Grace and love now require your determination and bravery

to be fully realized Play Your Part but also allow me to remove obstacles from your path I

seek to refine you until you shine brilliantly like a diamond Venture forth in service to your

family fear no one and embrace each opportunity that comes your way all that

you do is for the betterment and future of those you hold dear my gaze has traversed the Earth and

found you I have observed closely and seen within you the heart of a courageous

Warrior I’ve heard your prayers and your cries for my presence as Earnest as a parched land yearns for

rain your soul thirsting for me calls out day and night I have tested your

faith allowing you to Traverse a death desert to reveal whether it possesses the Purity and steadfastness to become

an unbreakable anointed sword you navigated that trial with unyielding

faith never once looking back amidst the sweat of your struggles your love for

the world remains steadfast do you know that I too can weep my tears tears of joy descend upon

your soul you are the one I have chosen to Showcase my love to the world I

implore for you love me with all the fervor of your heart and soul never

falter in the face of others pain never be indifferent it moves me profoundly to

see your love for me your Readiness to lift your family to be a conduit of blessings for your people and your

nation don’t shy away I am speaking directly to you though you may feel your

dreams have faded with time I assure you they have not I am the restorer of all

your aspirations igniting Within You A Renewed Zeal to live life more passionately than ever

before within a year you will attain goals you thought were Beyond reach you

Linger on the repercussions of past mistakes and sins nearly allowing them to shatter your life but hear me now

believe with all your faith and might your case is closed do not languish in

darkness disheartened do not dwell on those who refuse to forgive you they have missed

the grace of forgiveness you are here with me and you will not revert to what once was in this season I have

cultivated and brought you to where you stand I am both your Defender and

judge your sins are atoned for there’s no need to endure them again you’ve

survived the desert the rivers of Living Water you traversed the Lush vibrant

trees before you are real not a morage Gage of desperation here I am arms open

presenting your certificate of Freedom you are no longer a slave or a captive

Proclaim it loudly write it down share it with the world I am forgiven I am

alive my case is closed there is no condemnation for me I embrace

forgiveness and open my heart to Jesus today I choose to rise and live my

dreams will be become reality because Jesus is my life my way and my

truth a future filled with blessings and joy awaits my family and me your storm

ceases today your troubles end now my Divine breath clears your skies

dispersing the clouds that once shrouded you a new day Dawns for you from this

moment your steps will be firm guided toward my blessings that you may know profound peace and a measure of able

happiness these words are For You Who Come each morning to commune with me

taking time to close your eyes in faith reaching out your hands awaiting my

reply do not lose heart do not despair day by day you exhibit a faith

that is precious beautiful and profoundly powerful it is for this reason that I

yearn to fill your heart with an abundance of love to heal the scars left by the past and to provide you with an

unwavering certainty of my unfailing love for you may your nights be filled

with joy and may each morning awaken within you a steadfast faith that each

new day will surpass the last Feel My Embrace wherever you are my

hands resting upon your head blessing your thoughts and guiding your

steps I am preparing to shower you with magnificent blessings and wondrous

surprises yet I ask of you to remain Resolute never wearing of our daily

meetings you need not utter a word simply close your eyes and immerse

yourself in the love that flows from my presence take solace in these words let

the overwhelming emotion fill your heart I seek your happiness your peace May the

days of struggle for you and your family come to an end giving way to a new era of abundance and joy

Joy I know there are times when you view yourself as humble as unimportant

especially when you see others flaunting their material wealth but remember you

possess a blessing far greater you truly know me you have given me your heart

your sensitivity to the spiritual realm is a gift many will never experience I

am always here to converse with you at any moment ready to listen I I will open

doors for you that remain closed to others I will always lead you down a

better path do not envy the material possessions of others nor yearn To Tread

their misguided paths though they may appear alluring they ultimately lead to

destruction walk with your head held high for in my presence you need not impress anyone to be significant fear

not you are well-versed in my word the doors to my house are always open to

you this is your home where you are listened to with patience and

attention here you will find a love that is pure profound and

unparalleled my love for you runs deep even if your world seems to crumble know

that there is a miracle awaiting you if you choose today to believe in my word

and find Rest In My Embrace I will transform the impossible into possible I

am the god of life and Resurrection the almighty do not fear the threats of

demise the pronouncements of defeat or the shadow of illness I have the power to heal you and

I long to do so I will lift you from the depths of Despair and sorrow you will

see that when you choose to believe in me everything changes when You Face a barrier that

seems insurmountable you will WI witness my power unfold before your eyes I will

part the sea for you enable you to walk upon water if needed and even Grant you

wings to soar above the trials from this vantage point you will

see the Bounty of blessings that await you therefore do not let words of

discouragement and despair steal your blessings your joy the peace in your

home are under my care I am I am your light filling you

with my Radiance enabling you to shine brightly I am a blazing fire kindling a

flame within you to burn away every malevolent and negative force in your life leaving no Trace to lure you back

into darkness let my presence and Truth take Dominion in your heart as you work with

your hands diligently in all your endeavors know that in those very moments I am working miracles through

you when you look at yourself in the mirror see what I see a beloved child my

daughter my son one I hold dear reflect

as I do face the future with steadfast Faith trusting in my promises good

morning and thank you for listening to my words they are meant to bring you peace revisit them each letter and feel

my presence right beside you I I am caressing your heart easing

your worries my dear one you are never alone with me by your side no harm will

come your way be at peace close your eyes let your tears cease you will not

be overwhelmed each time you dare to hope when you call out to me your tears

tell me of your needs but it is my voice that heals and comforts you banishing

your anxieties my mantle wipes away your tears and wraps you in tranquility

do not leave yet stay a while longer for I desire your soul to leave here

strengthened Venture into the world without fear whether through dark valleys or Barren

wastelands feel my eternal love surrounding and protecting you day and

night embrace it believe in it my Holy Spirit unfolds you in love and shields

you from harm the world may bring trials and tribulations yet you will be be well

anchored in my word secure and knowing who you are you have an unshakable belief that you will

prevail the years of Sorrow end today I am removing bitterness sadness guilt and

regret from your heart emotions that will soon become Distant Memories you are incredibly precious to

me if only you fully understood this your joy would know no bounds I will instill this understanding

in your heart and know one will ever be able to discourage you or take this Faith from you I ask only that you count

your blessings each day be grateful for the air you breathe for life itself for

your family for your friends and for the sustenance on your table open your eyes

and you will see even more blessings search patiently and soon you

will cherish even the smallest of blessings raise your hands to the heavens once more grateful for the time

and place you are in for each day brings new reasons to live and to strive I have given you the power to

choose Joy over sorrow do not let anyone plant seeds of

doubt in your heart or steal this Joy from you your help comes from your

Eternal God support from heaven will pour over you like refreshing water

rejuvenating your body invigorating your mind filling your soul with Divine peace

bringing smiles to your face ins spearing New Visions and giving you dreams that will

foretell of the Wonders soon to unfold in your life immerse yourself in my

teachings make it a daily Habit to seek my word listen intently open your Bible

and draw from its wisdom my holy spirit will guide you unveiling the truth

ignore those who Dazzle you with seemingly profound Revelations who try

to manipulate your path with false prophecies or control your will with threats when in doubt pray my holy

spirit will return to you offering Comfort at all times he will Enlighten you Whispering assurances that your

heavenly father is your protector and no one can bring you harm Proclaim with confidence my

heavenly father is with me no enemy hold sway over me be mindful of your words

avoid speaking harmfully steer clear of slander or spreading falsehoods refrain from speaking negatively about those who

serve and support you loyally never deceive those who trust you with their employment if you have

faltered in any of these areas come into my presence I am here to forgive your

missteps and purify your heart seek me in prayer each morning I yearn to free

your soul from guilt and regret I sacrificed my life on the cross and rose again so that you might be

liberated from mental and spiritual anguish as a human you may experience

fatigue in Body Soul and mind even my most devout servants have known

weariness and AED yet they humbly confessed their sins and returned to this altar of

forgiveness they stood up fought their battles and triumphed never

retreating come to me now in this moment if you feel weary if you believe you

have failed if you have spoken carelessly if you have unintentionally hurt someone close or if you’re

struggling with harmful habits if you love me and believe in my

desire to help you approach me I will touch your lips cleanse your heart and

Grant you forgiveness do not revisit your past sins I am revitalizing your spirit and

motivation you will rise as a Victor leave behind guilt and despair if

there’s anything to remember let it be the joyous moments your past triumphs

just as you had faith and overcame challenges before you will do so

again with this Embrace of love I extend to you I command you to confront life

with faith and resolution I am with you I love you my

Champion here I stand ready to assist you take my hand and it will bring you

peace open your eyes place your hands upon your heart and feel how I Infuse

you with love sincerity and Tranquility though the Winds of

adversity May blow fiercely in your life you have sought me crying out for

help by hearing my powerful voice the winds and your storms will subside I will strengthen your spirit

stand firm upon the rock to withstand life’s trials raise your sails and fear not to venture

forth even as the tumultuous waves of Life assail your dreams with insults and

threats keep your focus on me in my love and power for I am your captain and you

will not falter in moments when your burdens feel overwhelming remember I have promised to

assist you in bearing them be patient and

steadfast for as you confront today’s challenges I am endowing you with

immense strength preparing you to Face Tomorrow without fear believe that the stress and anxiety

of today are nothing compared to the joy that awaits when you receive your blessing you will rise to new heights

feeling stronger and with profound happiness you’ll see the worth in having

given me a place in your heart in choosing me as your God your king your

lord place your Sorrows doubts and fears in my hands walk with confidence for I am

leading you dismiss your fears emotions and superficial feelings do not squander

your life on resentment or anger free yourself from the chains of hatred envy

and unforgiveness the current crisis is nearing its end and soon a new era of

sublime Divine blessings will begin in your life together we will embark on a

complete transformation becoming a blessing for your family you will be a beacon to

those around you your joy Illuminating the darkness stand up and Enter The Fray

for victory is assuredly yours you often worry about things that will not happen

forgetting that you are loved and protected by the creator of the universe the King of Kings the Lord of

lords embrace the power of my love accept the strength peace and wisdom I’m

bestowing upon you today hold on to my words and ignore the

negative Whispers in your soul do not let discouragement sadness depression or

thoughts of demise take root in your mind within you resides my power and

your words carry seeds that will flourish through your faith and confidence when the time is ripe

blessings will rain down from the heavens in abundance be kind to others

forgive those who falter and walk this Earth illuminated By the Light I have bestowed upon you from birth I love you

and wish to bless you speak to me with your words affirm your belief in me and

great happiness will fill you when I assure you that all will be well trust in me if you continue to worry about

what you’ve already entrusted to me you will feel powerless you have given me your hand

let me guide you to tranquil pastures I want you to want for nothing I yearn to

satiate your soul with Divine affection and holy tenderness do not fear the

approach of Misfortune you will stand strong and I will be there I will never release my

grip on you I understand your feelings of weakness which is why I am speaking

to your heart my child here I am with you instead of succumbing to confusion

and despair sit with me rest for a moment do not fret about the future or

be troubled by the world’s State focus on what truly matters your family your spiritual life

nourishing yourself with my word and prayer show Mercy to those who wrong you

even when they persist in mistreatment turn the other cheek if they strike you again demonstrating your your profound

love just as I sacrificed my life for my children you too are willing to endure

so that your family may come to know me be blessed and find Freedom as the world

spins and rumors of War circulate do not cease to pray write down the names of

your loved ones tell me your hopes for them while I already know their lives

and thoughts I desire for you to exercise your faith to learn to pray for

what matters as others tremble in fear at the signs around them neither you nor

your family should fear I will never forsake or abandon you be prepared for

while many are consumed by fear you will witness great Miracles the trumpets are

sounding heralding the approach of your Liberation but for now pray believe

live do not be troubled by potential future events place your trust in my word for in my

domain no challenge is too great express your love for me it brings

me great joy to hear it from your lips my cherished one my love is your healing

my touch your comfort it sustains you directs you elevates you my presence

surrounds you and my Holy Spirit fills you so profoundly that you find yourself immersed in a river of the purest

clearest waters experiencing a depth of happiness you have not known for a long

time such Joy such a sense of protection and love is new to

you you have walked through times of struggle and loneliness feeling Forsaken

and forgotten but that era is behind you now soon to be a distant memory today I am

here to infuse you with strength and chase away the Gloom that has gripped your soul from this moment on let my

promises always be on your lips speak them remember them should you ever feel

alone I will resoundingly affirm that I am with you every single

day when exhaustion and the weight of countless worries press upon you come to

me for the rest your heart yearns for always remember I am your Shepherd

you shall want for nothing in my hands I hold the perfect provision for your every need

I am your path to Salvation and my divine presence casts out all fear from

your life I am planting your roots beside a river of Living Waters where your fruit

will bless your family and many others if you seek something true and enduring

if you yearn for someone to love you authentically I am here on days when tears come unbidden

find solace in my love you have no no other true Refuge Others May offer

affection but with expectations always demanding more they may promise patience

and friendship vow to bring you happiness yet leave you when you have nothing more to

give in this world no one else can offer what I provide unconditional love peace

healing steadfast loyalty come and receive this blessing now it is freely yours I am not selling

it I ask only for your heart your faith your devotion and Your Surrender stretch

your faith towards a new future wait expectantly and be

patient speak it with your own words and I will entrust myself to you my God I

vow to believe in your word wholeheartedly to my dear child I acknowledge your faith prepare now for

the Abundant outpouring of blessings I am ready to bestow upon you



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