I WILL LEAVE YOU IF YOU SKIP ME | God Message For You | Gods Message Today | God’s Message Now

my dearest child I see the weight of

regret that burdens your

soul The Echoes of mistakes that haunt

your every

step know that I hold your heartache in

my hands and I am here to offer you

forgiveness and

Redemption you’re not defined by your

past nor are you Bound by the chains of

guilt and shame

I offer you the gift of Grace a chance

to start a new to leave behind the

mistakes of yesterday and embrace the

promise of

tomorrow though you may feel Unworthy of

my love know that I cherish you beyond

measure there is nothing you can do to

earn my

forgiveness for it is freely given to

all who seek it with a contrite

heart release the burden of regret that

weighs heavy on your soul and come to me

with open

arms I long to shower you with my mercy

and compassion to wash away your sins

and make you whole you are my beloved

child and I will never turn you

away come to me and let me heal the

wounds of your past for in my arms you

will find peace and restoration

with all my


God beloved child may this message be a

Beacon of Hope in your life share this

gift with others for by giving you


abundantly together let’s create a

ripple of blessings subscribe for more

Divine guidance and share to multiply

the love remember you are cherished

beyond measure with love from



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