a child asked God if everything is

already written in Destiny then why

should I

wish God smiled and said maybe on some

pages I have written as your wish maybe

God is using the battle you’re facing to

prepare you for the blessing that’s

coming God is greater than whatever it

is that’s making you anxious give it to

him if you’re looking for a simple way

to start a side hustle that you can do

next to a job God is greater God the

doctor’s bad report God all the

governments combined God your guilt and

shame God the lies of the enemy God that

strained relationship God the current

state of the economy God the battle

you’re currently facing God what keeps

you awake at night God

everything I love God and I’m not

ashamed to say it he’s done too much for

me to not tell people about him thank

you Lord it doesn’t matter what you are

going through God sees it and he can

handle it God is always doing a work in


life sometimes he may be behind the

scenes and you may not feel it right

away but he is there instead of focusing

on all the bad be thankful for all the

good each day you have is a blessing

from God Amen if you believe

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