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my child I’m reaching out to you with a

heart full of love and a commitment to

supporting you through whatever

challenges life brings your way it’s

important for you to know that I am

always here for you ready to lend a

helping hand you possess more strength

than you realize and you have the

resilience to navigate life’s ups and

downs with a sense of calm and happiness

even in your weakest moments remember

that I am by your side offering

unwavering support should you ever find

yourself stumbling or facing tough times

remember that my love and compassion for

you know no

bounds I have never let you down in the

past and I promise to stand by you now

and always when sorrow threatens to

overwhelm you and tears Cloud your

vision greet each new day with hope in

your heart take solace in my words and

draw Courage from the promise of my

enduring love this year is a special one

for you a time of spiritual growth and

Lasting Joy if you approach me in

Earnest prayer and place your trust in

my love I will will shower you with

Abundant Blessings don’t allow the

judgments or criticisms of others to

sway you from your path of Faith embrace

the courage that lies within you and

remember that you are cherished and

chosen by me I understand your concerns

about your children and the choices they

make but it’s crucial for you to find

peace and trust in me release your

worries with confidence knowing that I

am always watching over them offer

prayers for their well-being and Trust

in the divine plan I have for their

lives you possess a beautiful heart and

I am here to offer guidance and strength

whenever you need it trust in my

boundless love and forgiveness and

Release Yourself from the burden of

self-doubt and regret know that you are

pure and worthy in my eyes and I will

always be here to help you navigate


challenges every morning I will be there

to uplift you with words of love and

encouragement place your trust in me and

you will find peace and joy in your

journey hold steadfast to my promises

knowing that Victory is assur for you

with unwavering faith and trust in my

love you will overcome every obstacle

and discover true




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