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god’s message “I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord They are plans of peace

and not of calamity, to give you a future and a hope.”

(Jeremiah twenty-nine eleven)

These powerful biblical words remind us that, no matter how dark our journey, God has a

greater and more blessed plan for our lives.

Even when we feel lost, isolated and overwhelmed by overwhelming challenges, the sense of loneliness

and helplessness can be overwhelming.

But what if there was a message from God today, especially for you?

A message that promises to bring light, hope and renewal?

God says “Come to me, and I will give you rest.”

“My dear child, believe the words that I, your God, tell you.

The turbulent times you’ve been through will soon become a distant memory, the sadness

that now seems like a shadow over you will vanish without a trace.

An inexhaustible source of courage and joy will spring up in your heart, but for this

it is essential that you trust in my transforming power.

Keep this faith, that you will never, at any time, be helpless in this world, because my

love surrounds you unceasingly, day after day.

I repeat these words so that your soul understands and accepts the truth I am a protector God,

who guards you from storms, keeping you safe and loved.

Think about it, internalize it, always remember it.

I want everyone to learn to trust and believe with an open heart because this is the truth

of my love.

Now is the time to show your faith.

When you find yourself surrounded by problems and fears, feeling that the ground beneath

your feet is crumbling, remember that I ask for your trust.

Come to me with your prayers and I will give you what you need, answering your cries.

Trust me with your dreams, your deepest desires and your goals; I will guide your every step,

never leaving you alone, even in the smallest moments.

If you trust, say ‘I am guided by faith, trusting in the divine care that never abandons


In life’s battles, when everything seems unbearable, find solace in my presence.

I am here to relieve your anguish and establish peace in your heart.

Don’t think of me as distant, because in my eyes, you have immense value and are incomparably


As you walk along your path, lift your eyes to the sky the radiant sun and soft clouds

are reminders of your value to me.

Keep in mind that with faith and trust placed in me, the impossible becomes tangible.

Enjoy the blessings available right now peace, love, security, forgiveness and many others.

I am determined to ensure that you live in peace, strengthening you in difficult times

and framing your heart with courage.

So don’t be afraid.

With each new day, you will wake up refreshed and with a new perspective.

Proclaim ‘Each new day is a rebirth under God’s promise!

Go forward, overcoming doubts, and reach the summit of your mountains.

There will be no challenge too great when your trust is in me.

Nourish your mind with my teachings and allow the spark of the divine gift to grow more

and more.

You will receive abundant blessings, becoming a source of blessings for others.

Your adversaries will retreat, and even the powers of darkness will hesitate before the

heavenly army that surrounds and protects you.”

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This is the spiritual level to which I want to elevate you.

I invite you to listen to me today and come back to hear me again tomorrow.

I want these words to be imprinted on your heart, infusing your being with indomitable


Tonight, when you close your eyes, you will meet my spirit once again; your soul will

be rejuvenated and your afflictions relieved.

In your dreams, I will be present to talk about the great plans and unparalleled wonders

that I will accomplish in your life.

Say with faith “I feel the divine presence restoring my spirit!

Rise up and move forward with confidence.

On your horizon shine triumph and blessings, promises of abundant prosperity and a clear

divine vision.

I will be a lighthouse, guiding you through the midst of kind people who will offer you


Countless opportunities are unfolding before you.

Take advantage of this renewed vigor to start new projects, focus on learning and work diligently.

I aspire to your spiritual growth, but I also urge you to cherish your education and be

attentive to My Words.

Get ready, you and your family, because I’m directing you into uncharted territory, where

communication in different languages will be key.

You will take my power to places you have never explored before, soaring like an eagle

over the most remote corners of the world.

Although your travels will be vast, never forget the source of all your blessings.

comment with faith “Guided by god, I am a vehicle of blessings!

my child!

You deserve to live a life filled with true abundance in every way!

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financial abundance to flow freely towards you.

But that’s just the beginning!

This powerful activation will also unlock infinite blessings of vibrant health, radiant

energy and a flawless state of mind.

Ignore the bearers of negativity who seek to undermine My message and those who hesitate

to trust.

Stay away from insincere friendships whose sweet words mask malicious intentions.

In times of difficulty, draw close to me; when you are exhausted, talk to me.

Your uncertainties and needs are of interest to me.

Remember I am always here, eager to show my love.

A future resplendent with blessings awaits you, but never forget that your heart is Mine,

longing for your loyalty, faith, dedication and trust.

Rest assured that your life is safe in my hands.

I will not let you down.

People may talk, but their words won’t reach you.

I love you; you will not stumble or be defeated, but you will prosper.

I have healed all infirmities and covered your family with wealth and serenity.

The moment is yours.

if you believe, say the lord is my shepherd and i shall not want!

Remember that every step of the way, the divine hand guides, protects and enriches you, promising

a path full of victories and lasting happiness.

That’s exactly why I’m making my voice reach you, especially now, at a time when certain

people, driven by envy and jealousy, have tried to convince you that change is impossible

for you.

These bitter voices claimed that stagnation would be your destiny, that failure was your

only path and that you were not worthy of anything better.

However, you chose to approach me, and although you initially felt unworthy of my love and

doubted my attention, you soon discovered the authenticity of my words, loyalty and


The disdain you faced was overpowered by my overwhelming love, a love that renews and

transforms, replacing your hardened heart with a pure and tender heart, ready to love

and embrace life with new energy.

Now, the past doesn’t define you.

You are enriched with wisdom and patience, and I bring you peace.

Your role is to pray and strive, eliminating old habits and harmful thoughts.

My protection and care surround you constantly, even in the darkest moments.

Don’t be afraid to fall, for my light forms an unbreakable shield around you.

Open your heart to transformation and receive my Holy Spirit, who will lead you to the truth.

He will guide you and mold you, just as a potter molds clay.

Say “Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, I am open to transformation and truth.”

Fear and doubt no longer have control over you.

Your heart reserves space only for my love, not giving in to worries or uncertainties.

You are precious, and the commitments I have made to you are revealing themselves.

My intentions will prevail, because I have the final word in all matters and I am always

by your side.

Comment with faith “I trust in God’s unshakeable nature, holding fast to divine promises.”

Stop for a moment, breathe deeply.

In the face of coldness and terror, my light will shine more brightly, illuminating your

world as the sun illuminates the day.

Evil has no place where my eternal light shines.

Any spiritual enemy that tries to bring you sorrow today will be nullified.

Proclaim with confidence “Under divine protection, I am shielded from all evil and protected

by eternal light.”

Give me the opportunity to show you how much I love you.

Listen throughout the day to my voice whispering in your ear, anointing your head with the

divine oil, preparing you to be abundantly blessed.

I will cleanse erroneous beliefs from your mind, and if you stumble, my forgiveness will

purify you.

Abundance and harmony await you, for I will drive away your enemies and surround your

residence with thousands of angels ready to defend you against any attack or threat.

Affirm “I am surrounded by divine protection, ready to receive abundant blessings in a harmonious


Remember my presence will continually surround you, as surely as the earth rotates each day

and the stars illuminate the night.

Never doubt it.

As you listen to these sacred messages that invigorate your souls, open your hearts and

let the world share in this grace.

Like and share this video and subscribe to the channel, so that the eternal promises

may resound in every home, spreading hope and renewal.

When I reached you, I, with my lips impregnated with holiness, touched your forehead sweetly

and sowed great dreams in your soul, just as your eyes opened to my light.

The love I feel for you, dear child, is vast and unconditional.

I cherish and value your existence to such an extent that, even before the sun rises,

I make a point of getting close to you, I wish that when you wake up, the first sensation

that enchants your being is a soft breath of affection.

It is true that your soul has faced difficulties in the midst of the night’s challenges, battling

with restlessness and anguish.

Affirm with faith “I find strength and comfort in the divine embrace, knowing that I am eternally


Faced with the indifference and coldness of some, who deny you the affection you deserve,

I assure you of immeasurable strength.

Your spirit will not be shaken, nor will you be humiliated in search of recognition or


My grace and the love I offer you are more than enough.

In the warmth of my embrace, you will discover your true strength, even in the face of those

who try to diminish you for mere amusement.

Their malicious intentions will fall to the ground, consumed by the very iniquity they

have embraced.

You are in this world for a high purpose, destined to accomplish great deeds that will

mark your trajectory.

Believe in my sacrifice and resurrection, for it is through them that I forgive your

faults, offering you a new blank page on which to write your story.

You will be a pillar of strength for your family, a fountain of blessings.

To those who have belittled you, I will give them the opportunity to recognize your true

value and the immense love I have for you.

comment with faith “Under divine guidance, each step takes me towards the realization

of my mission, transforming me into a blessing.”

Imagine waking up every day refreshed, with a clear purpose and a chest overflowing with


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This is your chance to finally enjoy the abundant life you’ve always deserved.

I have strengthened you with my spirit, so raise the sword of my word firmly and keep


There will be no illness, financial challenge, or threat that can set you back.

You are invincible when your faith is anchored in me.

Day after day, I look for ways to support, comfort and guide you, allowing your spiritual

vision to realize that I am in control of your destiny.

Proclaim with confidence “I am shielded by divine strength, unshakeable in the face of

challenges, encouraged to overcome them with faith.”

When you find yourself surrounded by challenges, remember my promises and cast out fear.

You are not alone; I am with you, that is the unshakeable truth.

Keep my name in your heart and allow the tears of sadness to stop.

Don’t allow painful memories or mistakes to take root in your heart.

The past is gone, and it’s time to release any thoughts or illusions that seek to destroy


My sacrifice on the cross was a definitive act of love, with you in mind, guaranteeing

your liberation and eternal sovereignty over any pain.

Affirm “I free myself from the shadows of the past, living in the light of the redeeming

sacrifice, embracing the promise of salvation and eternal love.”

With my powerful blood, I paid for your sins, and think of the glorious Resurrection, through

which I rose to revitalize your dreams and transform your existence.

And now, I ask you to believe.

Feel how your heart is filled with my love, presence and power.

You no longer have to walk around feeling empty, because yesterday, today and forever,

I remain unchanged.

In the days when you weren’t looking for me, I already loved you and sought to rescue you,

and today, while you love and seek me, I am even closer.

Affirm with faith “Through the resurrection, my dreams are revitalized and my path is illuminated

by eternal love.”

My desire is to help you, to support you, to fill your life with strength, to encourage

you and lift you up so that you can witness the working of my supernatural power where

you are.

Your incessant search and your value for me are known, and my love for you is infinite.

I am aware of what you need today, of that burden that generates worry, of the situation

that provokes your tears.

Before me, there are no secrets.

Say “With faith in the divine word, I will overcome any loneliness and sadness.

I hope that by listening to me now, you will understand that nothing is hidden from my


I know the burdens you carry and I invite you to share your pain with me, even though

you already know what you’re going through.

You will conquer the “promised land”, you will overcome all adversity with faith in

my miraculous word.

Don’t worry about the days ahead, I know exactly what you will need and I will provide for

you, your expenses, your needs.

Comment with faith “Guided by the divine promise, I walk with confidence and work diligently,

trusting in the providential sustenance.”

I ask you to keep the faith to walk confidently, work assiduously and always trust in my promises.

I will never let you face more than you can bear.

Be attentive to my guidance, be attuned to me in order to understand everything I am

accomplishing in your life.

Cherish the moments dedicated to me every morning, bringing honesty and reverence in

your petitions, praise and worship.

Your willingness to open up brings me immense joy.

Proclaim with confidence “My genuine faith and open heart are a source of divine joy.”

It’s wonderful to see how you offer your heart to me, demonstrating genuineness in your faith.

Although various life experiences may have affected your self-esteem, today I want you

to hear directly from me you have a kind heart.

Truly, you may have stumbled many times, but you have always stood before me.

Affirm “Under divine guidance, my kind heart and genuine faith lead me along the path of

true transformation.”

Remember, on life’s journey, your sincere quest, your dreams and your willingness to

share your struggles and victories with me, bring depth to our connection.

You are valuable and eternally loved by me.

my child!

If you’d like to share this video with me, please express your gratitude for infinite

love by liking this video, sharing it to enlighten more lives and subscribing to the channel,

where the divine presence will constantly surround you.”

Your sincere repentance opens the door to new opportunities, allowing you to follow

and act on my instructions.

Your faith, even if it seems as modest as a mustard seed, is drawing my attention deeply.

You are beginning to see transformations around you, your prayers are being answered and your

spirit is growing stronger.

What’s more, even greater miracles await on the path I’m guiding you along.

With firm faith, we are approaching a revelatory moment.

You are on the verge of rising, with the exuberance of life ahead of you, and immense tasks that

demonstrate your worth – tasks that others could have taken on, but failed because of

a lack of responsibility or underestimating the sacred blessing of dedicating yourself

to a loving family.

Affirm with faith “Faced with transformations and answers to my prayers, I reaffirm my faith

and commitment.”

Your children, although they sometimes frustrate you with disobedience and indifference, deep

down they recognize your mistakes.

And just as you asked, I am active in their lives.

The tears you shed in secret because of your negative attitudes are nourishing the small

seed of a generous heart that you have entrusted to me.

I see a resplendent light emanating from your soul, illuminating everything around you.

I feel the energy of the flame growing inside you.

I recognize your faith, appreciate your love, value your trust and rejoice in your adoration.

Say “The light emanating from my soul illuminates my path, guided by faith and love.”

As you continue on your journey, always remember my words.

There will indeed be times of challenges and surprises, but when worries try to invade

the peace of your soul, hold on tight to the deep and sacred love we share, a love incomparable

to any other.

This love is your fortress, your shield against the storms, and your inspiration to keep going.

Comment with faith “In the presence of challenges, the sacred and profound love we share is my

refuge and strength.”

Be prepared for trials, knowing that by your side there is a love that transcends any obstacle,

a love that paves the way for miracles yet to be seen.

As you walk through life, know that your inner light shines brightly, positively impacting

those around you and sowing hope wherever you go.

Proclaim with confidence “Sustained by divine love, I face every challenge with courage,

lighting the way for those who accompany me.”

my child!

Your life is about to be flooded with an overwhelming torrent of abundance, prosperity and total


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greatest dreams.

No more limitations, no more scarcity!

Your time has come to dive deep into the infinite sea of true prosperity.

Remember, in the immensity of your journey, every step taken in faith, love and trust

brings you ever closer to the fullness of the plans I have for you.

Your acts of love and devotion resonate, building a legacy of faith that will inspire and bless


Affirm “My heart, guided by faith and divine love, is open to each new blessing and miracle

that awaits me.”

May the awareness of this deep and sacred love fill your heart with peace and confidence

as you continue to navigate the sometimes turbulent waters of life with the certainty

that you are not alone.

“Blessed souls, who are now walking confidently towards the fullness of divine plans, affirm

your faith by liking this video, sharing it to build an inspiring legacy and subscribing

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