y precious child I reach out to you now with great urgency for there is

something of utmost importance I must reveal to you listen closely for in this

moment I wish to unveil truths that have long been hidden from your eyes the time

has come for you to see and understand first know this you are infinitely loved

from the moment I breathed life into you I have cherished you with a love deeper

than the ocean and vaster than the cosmos every hair on your head is counted every tear you’ve

shed I have collected you are the apple of my eye a masterpiece crafted by my

very hands never doubt your worth or your place in my heart but my child in

your journey through life you have often lost sight of this truth the world has

clouded your vision filling your mind with doubts and fears you have

questioned your purpose your value your very existence I see the weight you carry the

burdens that threaten to crush your spirit it pains me to watch you struggle

to see you believe the lies that diminish your light so listen carefully for what I am about to show you is of

Paramount importance it is time for you to remember who you truly are you are

not defined by your mistakes or shortcomings the errors of your past do

not determine your future I see beyond your flaws and failings for I know the

potential that lies within you you are a work in progress constantly growing and

evolving Embrace this journey of transformation for it is through your struggles that you become stronger wiser

and more compassionate my child you possess gifts and talents that are Uniquely Yours I

have bestowed upon you abilities that are meant to bless the world around you do not compare yourself to others or

wish for what they have your path is your own and it is beautiful in its

distinctiveness embrace your individuality for it is through your unique expression that my love shines

brightest I want you to understand the power of your thoughts and words they shape your reality more than you

know when you speak negatively about yourself or others you dim the Light

Within you but when you choose Words of Love kindness and hope you align

yourself with my truth guard your mind and your tongue for they are gateways to

your heart and soul my beloved I must show you the urgency of living in the

present moment too often you dwell in the past reliving old

hurts and regrets or you anxiously peer into the future fearing what may come

but I am the god of now and it is in this present moment that you can truly connect with

me release your grip on what has been and what may be instead open your eyes

to the beauty and opportunities that surround you right now there is great power in gratitude my child when you

cultivate a thankful heart you open yourself to receive more of my blessings even in the midst of Trials


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