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my beloved

child as the day comes to a close I come

to you with a message of healing and

Solace take a moment to breathe to

release the burdens of the day and to

allow my love to envelop you like a warm

embrace I wrap you in the warmth of my

love let go of the worries that weigh

heavy on your heart for in this moment

you are safe In My

Embrace close your eyes dear one and

feel the gentle rhythm of your breath

release the tension in your body

allowing each exhale to carry away the

burdens of the

day know that I am here holding you in

the soothing Embrace of my healing

light let my love wash over you like a

gentle tide soothing the wounds of the

past and bringing Comfort to your weary

Soul trust in my divine presence for I

am the Healer of all wounds physical

emotional and

spiritual as you drift into Slumber

Envision yourself bathed in the radiant

glow of my healing

energy feel it permeate every cell of

your being restoring balance and Harmony

to your body mind in

spirit know that with each passing

moment you are moving closer to

wholeness and

well-being rest now my beloved child

knowing that I am watching over you with

unwavering love and

compassion may your dreams be filled

with visions of Hope renewal and Divine

Healing with all my love

God my beloved remember as you receive

so must you give share this message with

others that they too may find Solace and

hope your act of kindness will Ripple

through eternity don’t forget to

subscribe and together let’s embrace the

Journey of Faith and blessings may peace

be upon you



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