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today God is telling you right now my precious child I’m confident in

you I say love to you I understand how you feel when you put yourself first

don’t trust me and prioritize your own needs above what is best for your heart

confess and pour out your heart to me keep turning and

searching continue to turn over for your heart from me I wish to reveal the

underlying reasons for your decisions away from me I would want to show you

more of what I have I want you to trust me more I want to take you even further my

love is Limitless and I provide hope and strength beyond your

current understanding to trust me more it’s important to let go of what makes

you feel secure to remain near to me you must be willing to explore difficult and

unknown territory would you want to know what awaits you child curious about what lies

ahead keep listening continue confessing continue to explore and go deeper I’m

with you I draw you and deeper I want to show you all I have if you are feeling a

positive vibe then hit the like button today’s message meet me in the

morning Stillness when the land is new with ad do of my presence worship me

with the beauty of Holiness sing love songs for my holy name as you surrender

to me my spirit will fill you with Heavenly energy

presence the global pursuit of wealth is characterized by greed and hoarding you

may achieve my riches by letting go an offering as you surrender to my ways I

will fill you with unfathomable Joy Living dependent on oneself leads to a

more full existence you are learning to appreciate

difficult situations as they increase your awareness of my my presence

previously dreaded tasks are now chances to experience my proximity when feeling

exhausted realize that I am your strength and enjoy relying on

me I appreciate your increasing Reliance on me particularly during quiet times

when surrounded by others it’s easy to forget about my presence fear of

offending others creates a link with them causing you to prioritize them

Whispering my name pulls me to the Forefront of your awareness Where I

Belong by basking in my presence you may allow my life to flow through you and

impact others this is Rich life avoid wishing for a problem free

existence achieving the aim is unrealistic due to difficulties in the

actual World in Paradise you will live in eternity devoid of problems rejoice

in your inheritance which cannot be taken away but don’t seek Paradise on

earth begin each day by anticipating issues and asking God to equip you for

them my presence and unwavering support are the most effective tools discuss

everything with me approach hardship as a challenge that we can overcome

together typ I love you father remember I am on your side and

have overcome the world if you really trust me with your old self nothing can

separate you from my peace allow your experiences to teach you to trust me

embracing hardship may help you overcome evil and develop in Grace Joseph

exemplified the Divine reversal saying to his brothers you meant evil against

me but God meant it for good do not be afraid of the challenges that may arise

today or any other day focus on trusting me and doing your

responsib abilities trust in my sovereignty and remember that I am with

you throughout the day I can turn any circumstance into a positive experience

seek my face at the start of your day this technique allows you to put me

on and where me all day most individuals dress quickly after getting out of bed

communicating with me as soon as possible can help you prepare for any

challenges that may arise to where me is to have my mind and

think my thoughts allow the holy spirit to guide your thoughts and experience a

transformation as a result you are prepared to handle any challenges that

may arise focusing on me is the greatest way to prepare for the day ahead

this practice promotes joy and peace for you and others around you as you

consider the day ahead you will encounter several decisionmaking

opportunities having so many options might be overwhelming focus on the present now

where I am tenderly preparing you for what is ahead to make decisions one at a

time since each depends on the previous one instead of creating a mental map of

your day concentrate on my loving presence I will prepare you to face any

challenges that may arise I will provide you with what you need at the right time type on and if

you believe in God my dear child you don’t have to look far for someone too

speak words of beauty and life to you I am here for you embrace my

words they bring life and goodness let them settle in your heart and you will

be filled with the Holy Spirit I am the life you seek the blessing you

need believe in me wholeheartedly for I promise that wonderful blessings are

just ahead can you feel that that peace settling over you

please feed your heart with my teachings Z don’t let that eat away at your faith

remain steadfast I have the ultimate Authority and the power to heal all your

ailments stand up bravely and you will see past hurts debts and curses dissolve

from your life your freedom is close at hand chains are breaking joy and ab abundance

are coming your way I am about to perform a miraculous Act of Praise

within you your mouth will praise your heart will burst with Jo and my promises

will unfold before your eyes you’ll receive all you need not

just for yourself but enough to share and Aid those in need with all your

passion let my power touch and heal your body soul and heart washing away all

pain and despair open up completely to me and let

my peace fill you you’ve been strong persistent and resilient you’ve ignored

the naysayers and the discouragers now it’s time for you to enjoy Victory

provision and prosperity commit your plans to me and

I’ll support you in all ways Revel in my presence and I’ll fulfill your heart’s

desires call to me I’m waiting to show you incredible things I challenge you to

trust in my promises you’ve heard it said that anything is possible for those who

believe let me see your belief and action move away from influences and

friendships that draw you from my path they won’t be there when times get tough

material things are worthless without faith hold on to my promises with

determination. seek me at all times Morning Noon evening and night present

your requests to me and trust that I’ll Grant what is best for your growth and

Improvement listen closely for something remarkable is about to happen in your life I love

you declare your faith even if today feels heavy know that you’re not alone I

want you to thrive to listen to open your heart to the Serene peace I offer

take this moment to come your mind I am the creator of all and I am

speak speaking directly to you those storms in your life I command them to

come don’t be afraid of threats or challenges that try to shake your faith

or Cloud your achievements sometimes you may feel weak

but remember it is in your weakness that my strength is made perfect your faith

combined with my power makes you Unstoppable your spirit be comes

unyielding and any feelings of weakness fade boldly State I am strong and with

confidence continue your journey to the heights where I await you comment the Lord is beside me I will

guide you from the Wilderness to a place of refreshing and renewal accept my

blessings with faith joy and humility never Overlook them sometimes the

greatest gifts come in simple forms While others chase after

spectacular blessings I cherish the humble and simple for I see their

potential for greatness open your eyes beloved for incredible things are about

to happen seek my word and you will recognize the blessings that are drawing

near here my eyes look for the humble my spirit Longs too fill the life ready to

offer love and forgiveness no this I have chosen you and you should never

doubt that your destiny has been written since the beginning of

time my cherished child it’s time for you to grasp the plans I’ve carefully

laid op for you each Day come and stand before me lay down your doubts and the

areas where you’ve fallen short embrace my forgiveness and gear up

because significant responsibilities await you and I plan to work many

miracles through your life we are in this journey together and you can always

rely on my steadfast love and support know that blessings specifically meant

for you are reserved in heaven I understand your uncertainties

and the questions that linger about events in your life trust me

wholeheartedly in both the celestial Realms and here on Earth things are

aligning to benefit you my decree ensures that you will have planty be

freed from debts and enjoy wisdom and blessings tailor just for you and your

loved ones Your Divine inheritance isn’t random I have loved you from before you

were born and have designed an array of wonderful things for your

life yet the greatest of these is my everlasting love your distance in the

past or your return to me doesn’t change my affection your errors don’t scare me

away nor will I ever turn you away for your mistakes approach me with a heart

sincere and repentant I see your love your true intentions and I value your

honesty above all else no one can mislead me while some may wear masks of

perfection your presence is different marked by by peace kindness and

Purity when you falter you get back up bolstered by faith let no person on

Earth judge you they do not have the right keep approaching me each day with

humility ready to listen and learn and I will enrich your life with countless

blessings your desires go beyond material wealth you

wish for blessings and safety for your loved ones which I am eager to provide

and much more I am preparing you and when the time comes don’t hesitate to

move forward even now Supernatural events are

occurring in the spiritual realm new faces will appear in your life

incredible opportunities will emerge and what may initially seem problematic will

evolve into blessings through your faith and endrance ensuring peace and

prosperity in your home but remember the most Splendid

blasing my un ending love is already yours Proclaim your faith in

me but remember the most Splendid blasing my an ending love is already

yours. Proclaim your faith in me this love I offer is the answer to all your

troubles come to me my dear child you know my love for you you’ve

always sensed it deep within even if doubts nag at you suggesting you are too

far gone or unlovable dismiss them as false in your heart the flame of My Love

Remain remains and a strong desire to return to this loving Refuge persists

fear not if you’re convinced enter

my sweet kids today is a special day as your faith is strong and glowing

brightly within you you are carving your own unique path through this journey we

call Life Embrace today with a the harms let go of your past and the heavy

burdens that have been holding you back I am here to lead you towards the light

down the path of love peace and joy remember you are never alone I am with

you at every step I am filled with joy knowing you trust me enough too share your deepest

worries and troubles you are beginning to appre appreciate life’s Beauty again

while also facing the hidden challenges within your soul talking to me every day will

strengthen you bolster your faith and lift the weight from your shoulders your

spirit will rise and joy will fill your heart too

overflowing I see the happiness in your heart and now at your turn to share

don’t hesitate to pour out your feelings to me for my love for you as deep and

everlasting I am am thrilled to see you seek comfort and nourishment from our

conversations it’s perfectly okay you are already experiencing a

transformation within if worries still linger remember I’m here to support you

life’s challenges can be overwhelming leaving you breathless and

lost in a sea of thoughts but come to me each morning in prayer and we will

navigate these troubles together helping you face each stay with renewed

happiness free from burdens you don’t need to carry reflect my child on what truly

matters and don’t worry about things that may never happen I’m always

watching over you have faith and lift your spirits

whether you kneel or simply sit where you are close your eyes and Express

gratitude for your family your work and your health sometimes you don’t even

have to ask but know that I Delight in your requests I encourage you to ask

boldly and with confidence my ears are attentive to you

and th angels are ready to assist as soon as I give the command they exist to

serve you as you are my cherished child I am the one who enriches your

life with Mercy do not hesitate to ask for what you need I eagerly await your

requests ready to provide you with n enement like the finest wheat and sweet

honey from The Rock I will open the Heavens to shower you with blessings abundant and sacred

invoke your faith for I have the power to move mountains of Sorrow break down

barriers of evil and shatter the chains that bind you ask for all that is good

sweet kind and uplifting even if it seems impossible if it aids in your

spiritual growth and Earthly well-being ask and in my perfect timing I will

respond with love I am fully aware of your struggles worries and

emotions I see your needs desires and Sorrows I am there when you cry when you

feel discouraged or when loneliness strikes rest assured I will never let go

of your hand typ yes if you agree and share this

video with nine people who trust God Christ God’s son was not created he

was before creation and brought it into being he comes before all Chings Jesus

maintains order in the vast Cosmos he as the ability to ensure orderly operations

he holds all the components together can anyone but God do this throughout our

lives we encounter several problems and certainties and uncertainty during these

moments we may experience overwhelming anxiety and want stability and

tranquil this scripture assures us that Jesus our lord and savior binds

everything together when faced with life’s challenges is easy to lose sight

of this reality we may be inclined to depend only on ourselves or seek answers

from our surroundings however Colossians

urges us to focus on Jesus and put our whole confidence in him he orchestrates

the cosmos maintains perfect order and can sustain us through

difficulties this text encourages us to consider our level of

Reliance in a world full of diversions and inflicting interests it’s tempting

to put our confidence in fleeting things that may ultimately fail by relying on

Jesus Christ to keep everything together we have a solid basis for our

life as God’s chosen people we have the assurance that we will never be

destroyed our Spirits are kept in both this life and the next Although our

goods and bodies degrade despite momentary loss of

serenity Jo and comforto to Temptation

isolation and Corruption as well as spiritual dwindling faith hope and love

remain vital values we cannot have Perpetual Devastation or

retribution our survival is not owing to our own strength or lack of deserving

Annihilation nor is it due to God’s inability to destroy us rather it is due

to his great mercy and goodness God’s mercy and grace are evident in our daily

lives we are selected for grace and Glory rewarded abundantly and Redeemed

by Christ our spiritual journey leads to Regeneration forgiveness and salvation

these gestures of Charity and Grace preserve our survival and avoid

destruction every Dawn brings new mercies and compassions from

God these experiences are limited to the temporal sphere and do not include

spiritual aspects his loyalty is unwavering he is uncheckable in his

commitment to himself his Divine designs Covenant promises and his son the guarantee and

savior of his people type thank you God if you love

Jesus he is our source of security and certainty since he holds our salvation

for eternity the phrase God is not man that he should lie emphasizes them stark

contrast between God’s Divine Essence and Humanity is natural and

Perfection God’s nature is Everlasting infinite and intrinsically true unlike

human beings who are subject to sin and lying let God be honest and everyone

else be a liar God cannot lie hand has always been loyal and truthful Christ’s

promises are yes and amen the text and emphasizes God’s

constant nature including his Divine counsel promises and loves he does not

change his decisions covenants or show gifts on his people the statement has he

said and he will not do it confirms that God’s promises whether

temporal spiritual or Everlasting remain unchangeable Gods unwavering truth and

constancy provide Comfort to Hope providing a firm basis for our faith

every aspect of life has a Divine Purpose and

Order while every human goal has the potential to be realized some may be

overshadowed by Divine guidance obstacles are ubiquitous and might

impede progress towards our goals God may use pain death or other ways to

guide us to a better path for our own welfare recognize that even apparently

random and deliberate activities are Guided by God’s Will and Providence

there is a higher power controlling events he has control over time and

Seasons determining when creation occurs and when each being

ends the almighty oversees and controls everything therefore nothing occurs by

chance God shapes the result of our efforts even if they seem dependent or

free to us this provides consolation remember God has Everlasting and

unchanging purposes God’s designs and all parts of

existence and are beyond our grasp God orchestrates the world’s natural and

Civic events based on his wisdom and everlasting counsel God’s grace include

redeeming his people calling them and preparing them for eternal

glory Jesus says share this video and bless others

dear listeners let’s join our prayers together dear heavenly father this week

as we commemorate jesus’ final week on Earth may US be filled with bravery hope

and praise help us experience the freedom that Jesus sacrificed for

encourage us to strive for excellence in all aspects of life

encourage us to prioritize our time with you in prayer and reading your word the

apostles acts during Jesus final week highlight their flaws and Humanity yet

they were still loved by you you utilize them to spread the gospel and positively

impact the Globe May their Tales serve as a

reminder of your incredible Grace and forgiveness you know who we are both

inside and out despite our flaws you continue to adore

us you don’t Define Us by our actions help us to see ourselves and others

through your eyes help us avoid regretting previous errors failures or

anything beyond our control help us remember that Jesus provides Redemption

forgiveness and restoration help us break free from the

enemy’s falsehoods that hinder us from reaching our full potential and being

the persons you have called us to be help us remember that we are people of

promised triumphant and Overcomers through Jesus [Music]

we are not who the world or others claim we are we are who you claim we are we

are hirs to your kingdom cleansed by the blood of the lamb and clothed in his

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