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jesuses my beloved child after

witnessing the wondrous Miracles I

bestowed upon the world a devoted scribe

once approached me saying teacher I am

ready to walk alongside you no matter

where your path leads I responded with

the tender truth I lacked even a place

to rest my

head he comprehended the depth of my

words recogn izing that to truly embrace

my journey he would need to relinquish

the familiarity of comfort and the

illusion of

security let’s pause for a moment and

offer a prayer

together heavenly father as we embark on

the Journey of

discipleship grant us the courage to

relinquish The Familiar Comforts that

bind us help us release our grip on


Treasures on understanding the true

Solace lies in the gentle presence of

the Holy Spirit may we find strength in

surrendering personal desires to embrace

your Divine will knowing that your plan

surpasses our

understanding guide us on the path of

discipleship where challenges become

opportunities for a profound connection

with your heart as we lose the world may

we gain the infinite Embrace of Heaven

amen men the path of following me

demanded the courage to relinquish all

that he held dear his status his

standing his Earthly possessions and the

Solace he had grown accustomed to

regrettably he chose to step away his

desire to accompany me was genuine yet

Bound by conditions of his own making my

dear child if your heart aspires to

Journey with me know that it can only

transpire in accordance with my father’s

divine plan today just as in the days of

of old the Journey of following me

offers no guarantee of worldly ease or

sheltered Refuge it mandates a whole

Heritage surrender of your desires into

the Embrace of my will it becomes you to

lay aside your personal rights and

yearnings and to Bear your cross a new

each day yet as you release your grip on

Earthly Comforts and the illusion of

security you will find solace in the

gentle presence of the Holy Spirit you

will discover an eternal security rooted

in your intimate knowing of me

as you choose to tread the path of

discipleship you will exchange temporal

Treasures that fade and slip away for

Everlasting Treasures woven into the

fabric of Heaven Treasures that shall

never be lost so my beloved remember

this to Journey with me is to release

your hold on that which is fleeting and

transient and to embrace that which is

Everlasting and divine the journey comes

with its challenges yet through them you

will discover a profound connection to

my heart embrace the path walk

resolutely and be assured that as you

lose the world you gain the infinite

Embrace of



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