I Shape Your Life

my beloved child I know the depths of your heart each secret desire and worry

that lingers there I understand the burdens you bear the ones that weigh

heavy on your shoulders often unseen by the world but never unseen by

me I hear your Soul’s softest Whispers The Tears you shed in silent

yearning yet in these moments of vulnerability remember that each tear

that escapes is a SE planted in the ground of your trials destined to sprout towards the heavens and Bloom into

blessings Untold the pain that has touched you will not endure forever it shall

transform into a strength so profound and divine it will Amaze you hold on to

hope for brighter days are just ahead believe and trust that your hope will

not be shaken those who witnessed your Falls and mocked will soon see you raised and

restored by your heavenly father I long to be the salv that heals your Soul’s

scars you were created with a wonderful purpose and I desire for you to uncover

it and live each day with passion hope and

thankfulness draw near to me share every pain every concern in me find your Sanctuary during

these trying times as you pour out your heart to me the burden will lighten and peace will

flow like a river through your being yes kneel and speak with me it was never my

will for you to walk through life burdened with sorrow I wish to see you joyful

liberated pursuing your dreams cherishing the growth of your loved ones

and savoring every Small Miracle life offers there are still so many Smiles

for you to share countless Joys to experience always remember I created you for a

special reason and I am with you every step of the way reflect on my love and the sacrifice

I made for you it was not in vain but so that you might live life to its fullest

secure in the knowledge that you are precious and loved lift your eyes fortify your heart

and walk forward with confidence each new day my hand is ready

to support and guide you believe in a future that is bright and blessed my

love for you is Everlasting and I am always by your side with every step you take with every breath you

draw I am meticulously shaping every detail of your life even those you

cannot yet see your life is marked with my signature a signature of love hope and

renewal as a gentle breeze brushes against your cheeks feel the warmth of My Affection Whispering encouragement

into the very depths of your soul even when Shadows Fall upon your journey remember that my light is always

with you brightening each step forward just as a Potter lovingly shapes

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