I See Your Struggles | God Says

my dear child do you feel the weight of the world on your shoulders in those moments of

overwhelming burden remember that I am with you always ready to lift your

load when life’s challenges seem insurmountable lean into my strength and

guidance I see your struggles and your efforts to persevere even when you falter I am here to steady you to infuse

you with my unwavering support picture the Dawn breaking after a long dark

night that is my promise to you every trial you face is an opportunity for me

to Showcase my power in your life trust in my love for it is constant and

unshakable open your heart to my presence and let me guide you through the storms together we will navigate every

obstacle feel my peace wash over you replacing your anxiety with Divine

tranquility your journey is not solitary I walk

beside you offering comfort and Direction believe in the Miracles I am working in your life for you are

precious to me my child let go of your fears hold tight to my promises and

witness the transformation that comes from living in my grace Embrace each day with confidence

knowing that I am your refuge and strength know that I will respond to you

your lips will be filled with praise and laughter you have longed so much for an answer prayed day and night and suffered

in waiting but my hands like those of a Potter are molding you even if you

sometimes do not feel or see it I am removing your fears and

Imperfections your character and your way of seeing life I am changing

you after waiting so long after nights of crying when my blessing reaches your

door you will realize how you have changed you will no longer remember the

sadness nor struggle with discouragement you will never again sink into painful depressions nor will your

emotions be shaken by the winds I promised you a future of prosperity and that is what I am doing tead is why I

want you to fill yourself with my word so that your faith is renewed and your character is

strengthened prepare yourself to receive wonderful blessings open your hands to

receive many things and I will give you much more than you have asked for do not

be afraid to think and dream with great plans you have the right to start a new

there were many situations in the past that did not turn out well but believe with all your soul that because of your

faith and Fidelity this time you will be so successful that you will be

surprised in my word you will will find guidance and wisdom seek me with all your heart and

open your Bible every day read with Hunger learn with devotion in every page

you read you will be able to see feel and hear my voice in your spirit so

today come into my presence here I wait to hear your petitions and open the

doors of Heaven for you here is your blessing in my hands the definitive

solution to all your problems is with me go for it what are you waiting

for you know that I love you you have always felt it deep inside you even if

you think you are far away even if the voice of disbelief tells you that you have failed and that

I do not love you that is not true in your heart there is a small

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