I Love You Deeply | God message jesus |

my beloved child no matter how tough things get always remember how strong

and protective my shelter is if you’re feeling stressed come find

safety under my care Lean on Me When You’re troubled and tell me all about your worries hand over your fears and

anxieties to me my grace and mercy are boundless I love you deeply so I will

help you you are my beloved child make no mistake AK about it you have opened

up to me invited me into your heart and shown me love with all your strength which makes me very

happy because of this you have every right to come and talk to me with confidence speak to me openly and

without fear I created you chose you before you were even born and I understand your

struggles strengths dreams and weaknesses I’m not angry with you when

you make mistakes when you feel guilty don’t run away from

me who else will you turn to someone who might say they care but ends up

betraying both you and me true love is right here with me I’m

not looking to catch you in a mistake because I already know your flaws I’m

not waiting for you to fail so I can turn away from you in fact when you try

to pull away I draw even closer to you when you stray I come to find you and

lead you back to a place of Peace where you can drink from the waters that refresh and renew your

spirit so please always remember even in your toughest times that I love you

deeply know that my love and power are always ready to lift you from the depths

of Despair fill your life with purpose and joy and give you the courage you

once thought lost believe in my everlasting love and

protection it has always been is now and will forever be you should feel calm peaceful and

secure I am filling your heart so that you need not worry fear or feel like

giving up when challenges come your way don’t be overcome by fear or dread if your

emotions Cloud your judgment you might make mistakes but I will turn those negative situations into blessings for

you the answers you seek are close I will soon speak to your soul revealing

my plans and providing solutions to your problems come and kneel in my presence I

take joy in seeing you reach out to me in prayer hear my words seek me pray and

find solace in my teachings when your bills Mount and obligations overwhelm

you and you can’t see a way out remember my promise gives you the peace and Assurance to

overcome you will succeed in every challenge because I have decreed it I

possess the power and authority when I speak your Miracle

unfolds I ask for your hope your Surrender Your Love your loyalty your

devotion tell me do you believe I can do this I’m your Beacon of Hope your safe

haven your guardian in every circumstance write it down yourself

trust in me for trusting in God is always the best and only right solution to any problem declare it now I believe

and trust I will not fear or falter now tell me with all your heart

do you love me I hear your prayers and every time you pray you bring spiritual blessings to your family your home and

all whom you love I will lift you from this deep pit of despair I am reaching out my hand to

you ready for you to grab it do not doubt do not hesitate I am

ready to assist you now it touches me to see your great need your profound

sadness even from my Throne your weeping heart is clear to me get ready to overcome all the

challenges you’re facing now don’t listen to those who say it’s impossible

let your dreams be revived ignore anyone who tries to bring you down or stop your growth

embrace my plan for your life tune your ears to listen only to my voice your

sincere prayer born from a faith that patiently Waits and expects is the key

to Miracles and blessings there have been many times when you felt defeated by a challenge

but right after you prayed that overwhelming situation disappeared and

instead you experienced a great victory you chose to pray instead of Despair and

fought with all your faith how many times have you felt powerless but after

praying felt stronger and braver remember this as proof that I

always hear your prayers my child listen carefully to the words I am

speaking to you right now even when everything seems dark when you look up

and see no light in your current situation even when you feel weak and unable to overcome this challenge know

that you will receive your Victory because I hear your prayers when you call out for help

feeling weak today is the day I will lift you so high that problems cannot reach

you take my hand now and rise with faith step by step up the ladder that leads to

your Victory your prayers have been heard despite all the pressure fear anguish

and and despair around you because of your trust in me you

receive my help today and your life will change forever today you will Ascend to

Heights where no adversity can touch you I’ve seen your suffering and tears I was

by your side I embraced you sincerely I held you in my arms like a child

comforting you with my love and affection I consoled you through countless tears and in your deepest

sorrow you felt my inexplicable peace your crying stopped Tranquility

filled your soul in the quiet of Dawn I spoke to you placing my hand upon you showing my

faithfulness when you woke up in the morning everything was different you were filled with joy overflowing with

hope and confidence strengthened in your faith and more

determined hear me to the end my dear one for I too wish to relieve your anguish and transform your

life never stop praying never stop believing Victory is already yours you

will overcome any obstacle as you seek more of my power a power that might seem

inexplicable but is capable of instilling Faith and Hope giving you a reason to live and filling your soul

with praise do you know why I believe in you it’s because even when you stop

believing in yourself I still believe in you I know you are a Victor who can

achieve great things even if you feel your faith is small it’s enough to face

and defeat any challenge I see your heart I know you

deeply I look Beyond appearances and what others think many people will try to sway you

daily with their words but you will stand strong because you know my thoughts about

you don’t Focus too much on those those who act out of arrogance trying to win

you over with fake Smiles don’t spend your time on them don’t share your secrets and don’t trust them I have

given you a life of abundance you will overcome your challenges and be truly

joyful But first you must stop seeking approval from others only then can you

finally free yourself from the influence of false friends and if you ever need a true

friend to talk to remember I am always here ready to listen with love I will

listen patiently as you speak I’ll be there as your pain subsides tell me you believe listen to

my words stay with me until the end listen and let these wonderful things I

want to share take root in your heart I have everything under control

not a single detail escapes my notice when troubles come and your

emotions stir leading your mind to worry almost instinctively remember from now

on not to be disturbed it is unnecessary even if situations seem to

worsen understand that my plan is unfolding perfectly piece by piece

everything falling into place everything will be all right my blessing is on its

way and won’t be delayed do not be misled by what you see instead renew your way of thinking don’t

be alarmed by potential problems you have my promise already everything works together for

good for those who love me like you do I will personally lift you up and set you

on the right path just allow me the chance to ease your worries listen to my

words think of them as you get ready to rest let my peace my calmness my

Supernatural Serenity fill your heart

Focus always on the beautiful things in your life for you are surrounded by blessings that bring

joy yet your focus can shift when troubles arise remember me to prevent this and

when challenging news comes look forward not back ahead you will see a different

future where blessings approach you gently and peacefully this is how I want to see you

my beloved be strong my grace is enough for you I

love you accept it I will say it again and again from this day forward you will

see these words everywhere written in the sky on the clouds the sunlight will

paint them on your walls at dawn birds will sing them joyfully even in the

scent of beautiful flowers you will sense them I love you take in my words

feel their excitement as they touch your soul soul you can only experience this Divine

emotion in my presence from here you will rise and as

you go about your day my words will remain in Your Heart Like A Burning Flame erasing unhappiness insecurity

nervousness and anxiety you and your family are safe in my hands nothing can harm you listen

closely I will not leave you to face this alone you will be

victorious today I grant you victory for you are my beloved daughter my beloved

Son I am actively working in your life your health your work and your family I

am opening great doors that will change your current circumstances my hands are at work in

these areas of your life and I am resolving them lift your head cry no

more for I bring you my powerful blessings from today forward come before my altar

to thank me for the Wonders that are about to unfold in your life Welcome me into your home let

everyone in your family respect and seek me I’m transforming Hearts dispelling

sadness and pine those who are sorrowful will smile again I’m cleansing your home

of all sickness and scarcity filling every dark corner with my light and

salvation only I I can provide infinite love and

peace I’m safeguarding your life and the lives of those you cherish with my

shield of protection they are secure Beneath My Wings safe from harm I will lead you on

Paths of goodness and love freeing you from worries doubts and fears I love you

I look after you and your loved ones with tenderness and affection open your heart heart to all

the love I have for you I encourage you to spend more time in my presence in

quiet places and surrounded by Nature there I will nourish your soul

and refresh your spirit my power surrounds your journey opening doors clearing negativity and

correcting what has gone wrong I have cleansed you of your sins and removed all weariness and timidity empowering

you to grow stronger each day trust that everything will work out for your good as my angels tirelessly work to bless

you profoundly under my command strengthen your faith and praise my name passionately for you are and will always

be dearly loved by me stand firm wherever you are confident in your

prosperous future filled with tasks to complete and dreams to chase show your faith by trusting my

word and firmly rejecting negativity let no discouraging words pass your lips

and prevent anyone from planting negative thoughts in your mind I am the god who gave you life your future is in

my hands and my will shall be done this is my command I want you to live from

now on wake up each morning thinking like a winter I’m planting within you the desire to overcome obstacles to make

changes in your life and to restore your spirit and health I hope hold all those

you love in my hand even when you hesitate you are the leader of your home

you have not taken anyone else’s place others may have tried to do so but they chose

irresponsibility they did not realize the incredible blessing of devoting their lives to such a wonderful family

out of love your children may often frustrate you disobeying and ignoring your

guidance yet trust me deep down they feel remorse they are aware of their mistakes

and as you have asked I’m actively working in their lives the tears they secretly shed over

their misbehavior are nurturing a small seed when this seed finally Sprouts it

will break through the hardened soil of their Rebellion they will recognize their

errors and come back to you in tears asking for forgiveness you will cry too but but

these tears will be of Joy seeing the results of your steadfastness and

dedication that’s why I want you to live there are countless moments of joy

ahead of you you will see your loved ones conquer their challenges triumphing

over all difficulties I’ve never abandoned you I’ve always been by your side and I have

good reasons to stay with you despite your past actions if I can continue to support you

it’s because I love you think about everything you’ve been through yes

you’ve suffered it’s true that you’ve cried and you might still feel the Deep pain of

past trials but here you are reading these words even though there are times

when you feel like you’re at the end you’re still here because my loyalty and my promises hold I’m always here to help

and support you I am the one who lifts you up when you feel tired

when you walked through the darkest valleys filled with shadows and tears I was right there beside you in the desert

when you thought you would die of thirst I made water flow from the barren ground I have saved you from death many

times don’t be misled by situations that confuse you and remember to be

thankful recognize that you have changed a lot your challenges have made you

wiser and helped you grow if the years haven’t brought what you hoped for or what you asked from me it’s

because I always provided what was best for you to progress I never allowed or

gave you things that could harm you later I kept away those who wanted to destroy

you I took care of you like a dearly loved child not as one being

punished I know you understand this my sole aim has always been your success

because my thoughts are not your thoughts nor are your ways my

ways my plans for you are higher and better than what you could imagine for

yourself today I want you to recognize and understand this tell me with your

words write it down and think about it with joy and Faith accept my will and

stop yearning for the things I took away that will not come back do this and new

doors of blessing things will open a fresh start that you did not ask for or

expect the desires in your heart are not just whims or figments of your

imagination those Forgotten Dreams will revive and turn into tangible

plans I will hold them in my hands and they will become real

blessings with all my love I want to reveal myself to you to amaze

you tell me that you believe in me I love you and cherish you deeply I look

forward to the moments when you listen to me carefully when you approach me on your knees offering your heart and

tears I accept your faith here in my hands and from my mouth comes the word

that heals you call out to me and I will respond come to me in the morning at

night whenever you need me I will always be ready to help protecting you with my

power and peace like a solid Shield let the outside world continue in

chaos do not accept its invitations close your doors to its

curses avoid those who lie who promise wonderful things but plan to rob you and

take your life if you listen to the world and open your heart to anger and fear your

enemies will come back furiously to harm your family never lose your faith I want

my word to dominate in your home and for you to take time every day to reflect to

recall to remember the days when you saw my power in action and witnessed many

miracles Focus your faith and attention on all the wonderful things I promise you love salvation healing Redemption

peace tranquility Harmony and provision

you can receive these right now because you have taken my word to

Heart the days of doubting my love are over you are in my presence today you

listen to me attentively and with reverence because I have made it so you

have struggled and exerted yourself but it has been my power that has sustained

you my angels have protected your steps and my Holy Spirit has guided you every

day I have opened doors to bless you and permanently closed off all that could

bring curses into your life evil has not and will not reach

you all I ask in return is your unwavering commitment give me your heart

and never look back longing for your past life now you have a true father who seeks your well-being and happiness not

just for now but for eternity I love you so deeply Can you

feel it I will remind you many more times I want you to wake up every morning filled with peace and joy I’ve

heard your prayers I know your thoughts to show you that I understand the worries that trouble you here’s what you

should do calm down because I command peace in your life find a quiet place

step back from your daily tasks and wherever you are close your eyes do it now close those weary eyes that need

rest I speak to your heart and reveal my will to you stop worrying about those

people you love but can’t change they have their own minds beliefs and personalities that won’t shift just

because of your love today right here I tell you that I want a close trusting relationship with

you don’t hide your feelings from me and I will speak openly to you let me

envelop you with my love rest in my arms and hand over your worries to me in my

book I’ve planned the Destinies of your loved ones and for them I also have a

plan of goodness and salvation embrace my peace again and let

this love bring calm to your mind don’t despair don’t be troubled even those who

reject your love will eventually be broken and in their repentance a miracle

will happen in their hearts don’t agonize over them but

continue to treat them with with patience and love never let them mock

the almighty blood that has cleansed and saved them each person in your family

has an appointment with me a crucial moment when they will choose the right path you will see the results of all

your prayers do not worry about what you are missing I am your Shepherd I aim to

bring peace to your family and to ensure your table is always full everything has

its perfect timing your faith will water the good seeds bringing about a tremendous

blessing do not get tired or give up believe and trust in me my promises are

strong and everlasting my word is alive I am telling you this today and I will

remind you every day your family is safe in my hands I love all of you deeply Now

give me that secret burden you’ve been carrying in your heart it’s hurting you if you keep hiding it it might destroy

you don’t ignore it don’t lie to yourself you know what I’m referring to

and if you are reading or hearing this it’s because I care about you hand it

over to me I will throw it far away decide today to lift yourself out

of those situations and away from those people who are pulling you into constant

confusion you know they don’t care about you or your family even though they

claim to love you they secretly wish for your downfall they are dream Stealers

snatchers of desires robbers of Love they aren’t satisfied until they see you

ruined they blind you with lies so you can’t see the truth they want to fill

you with shame so you’ll avoid my grace and goodness they plan to plant dark

secrets in your heart that will hurt every time you think of them break away

now cut off the bad influences I sacrificed my life for you

on a cross and am ready to forgive your sins sin has the power to destroy those

who conceal it if you hide your sins you won’t Prosper you will lead a miserable

life and peace will escape you this isn’t the life I want for you I

came so you could have a life full of abundance free from resentment bitterness or any feelings that could

taint you your mind will be free of trash you won’t be plagued by baseless fears or

live in constant anxiety take off your shoes you’re standing on Holy

Ground you can’t enter the promised land if you keep secrets hidden come and confess I’m waiting for

you to have the courage to speak up I will take away your shame and clothe you

in my Holiness you have never felt closer to me than you do today

you were hiding but here I am there is nowhere in the universe you can go to

escape my presence wherever you are I will be there to remind you of my

promise if you repent and turn from Evil you are forgiven accept this today all curses

are broken over your home your family your finances your past present and

future the power of darkness is broken and you will no longer suffer from depression confusion anger or

resentment negative thoughts and emotions will find no place in your heart today is your day of blessing I

forgive heal restore and set free those who give their lives to me abandon

wrongful ways and seek me earnestly do not fear do not fill your

mind with non-existent obstacles because even the walls you see before you will

crumble under my word and power there is so much I plan for your life and it can all be realized if you

believe in me I Am with You beloved child of my heart I have never abandoned you in your

struggles I will ease the pain in your heart and heal the wounds inflicted upon

you promise me that you will distance yourself from those who have hurt you

and not let their negativity affect you right now I ask you to listen carefully

to my words and affirm your faith in what I tell you today I seek your faith and your

obedience I want you to open your heart to this message I place within you and continue steadfastly on my

path seek me early each morning come to me in prayer and embrace the new day I

have given you I will provide you with keys to unlock doors that have long been closed

each day may bring its challenges and storms but remember I am with you in

each one as you listen now close your eyes and say aloud Jesus I believe in you as

you hear these words know that I’m right beside you just feel my presence feel

the breath of my blessing upon you I fill you with a peace unlike any the

world can give repeat with me the Lord is my shepherd I shall not want I

encourage you to reflect on this Psalm daily and you will find strength and

victory before you go to sleep spend a few moments with me review your day read

a scripture and keep the Bible close as you rest I only ask for a moment in your

busy day I watch over you both when you sleep and when you wake from Nightfall

to Dawn I am never absent from your side remember you are my most Splendid

creation like a fruitful tree that flourishes I will strengthen you and raise you up today I will show you that

all I tell you is true I will remove scarcity from your path and clear away any

obstacles I ask only that you obey and heed my words delve into the

scriptures do not be like those who hear my word but ignore my commands

they turn to me only in times of trouble or when they need help blaming me for their troubles without realizing that

the answer lies within them I’m active in my children and work through those

who embrace my promises I cannot help those who deviate

from my path and turn away from me I love my children but not their

sins I know you are different filled with thoughts of good not

evil avoid the path of the wicked they may Mock and criticize but their way

leads to Destruction for your life to be full you must remain firm in your faith

and committed to my word this phase of your life is temporary times of harvesting and blessing are near a time

is coming when everything will change for your joy you will see the results of your

nights spent in prayer and those early mornings when you closed your eyes and pleaded with me for your deepest

desires you have believed and I have answered you have been faithful and I

have lovingly acknowledged each of your actions your name is written in the book

of life and I have placed a seal in your heart that marks you as my child

therefore evil will not touch you for I’m with you your strength is renewed

and your faith is now unshakable Embrace these promises in these moments I transform your sorrow

into Joy your tears into laughter understand now that nothing is

impossible for those who trust in me I am preparing you now so look up to the

heavens and believe in what I am telling you today this message comes to you not by

chance but as a declaration of blessings change and

prosperity tell me with all your heart that you believe it tell me that you

will follow my words for you are my child and have found favor in my

eyes in the name of my beloved Son Jesus amen get ready the time for you to

harvest has arrived everything will be revealed to you my daughter my son

Rejoice for soon there will come a day when your face will be washed with tears of joy and your laughter will ring out

like a beautiful Melody bringing Joy joy to those around you your joy will grow and you will see the rewards of your

hard work every step you’ve taken and every challenge you faced will form the

solid foundation for the blessings and prosperity I will bring into your life I know reaching this point hasn’t

been easy you’ve faced many challenges and tough trials you’ve walked through dark

valleys filled with uncertainty and fear yet you kept going you maintained hope

and move forward with courage so today I tell you my son my

daughter get ready your time to harvest has come you

will enjoy the sweet results of your efforts and you will see the garden of my promises flourish where every Tiny

Seed grows into a beautiful blessing get ready son get ready

daughter because the day is near when your dreams will turn into reality and the doors that seemed closed closed will

open wide the burdens you’ve been carrying will lighten and your spirit will feel

refreshed abundance will flow into your life like a NeverEnding River you will

see my power and faithfulness in every area of your life on this day stay alert

my son and pay attention my daughter for you will gradually start to see these

blessings unfold your hands will be divine tools to gather the rewards of

your faith and hard work you will see abundance in every aspect of your life

love from those you care about the realization of your dreams the peace

you’ve been seeking and the opportunities you’ve been hoping for every blessing you receive will remind

you of the love and grace I have poured out on you all these blessings will come

because your efforts and your tears were not in vain they were acts of Sur

surrender and transformation so don’t worry my son don’t worry my daughter and don’t

underestimate what you’ve gone through you haven’t wasted any time in my

perfect plan everything has a purpose and a time every experience every challenge has been part of your growth

and preparation for the day when your blessings arrive as you continue on your path keep

trusting in me maintain your strong faith and keep a Heart full of

gratitude don’t be discouraged by what things seem to be because what is coming

will surpass any challenges you faced your faith will grow stronger and

your story will inspire and give hope to others remember my son remember my

daughter I love you more than you can ever understand my love for you is boundless

and I’m always ready to bless your life abundantly never stop believing keep

persevering and give your all I will be with you guiding every

step you take both on challenging days and joyful ones stand up now my son rise beloved

daughter get ready to receive the blessings I have promised you stay

strong in your faith and in your relationship with me for the time to harvest is coming soon don’t get disc

encouraged by any challenges that come your way remember it is through these

challenges that your faith and strength grow do not let fear or doubt keep you

from your purpose keep your eyes on me and you will find the strength to overcome any

obstacle when the day comes for you to receive your blessings you will Cry tears of joy realizing that every tear

you shed before was worth it every hardship and trial had a

purpose on that day you will laugh with a joy and happiness like never before

because the doors that were once closed will open wide opportunities will abound and your

relationships with your family will be healed you will feel a profound and

enduring happiness that comes from deep within you your laughter will be

contagious bringing joy to everyone around you even those who do not yet believe it

will show how fulfilled and content you are as all the hardships you’ve endured

and the obstacles you’ve conquered Fade Into moments of joy you will feel my presence right

beside you supporting and surrounding you with Endless Love I ask you just one thing my son my

daughter never forget to share your blessings with others reach out to help

those in need offer words of encouragement and kindness to those facing tough times let your generosity

and love serve as a Channel of blessing for others for by doing so you will

enhance your own blessings and earn a good reputation continue to walk in obedience

and faithfulness keep your faith strong for I’m always with you I love you more

than you can imagine remember you are precious you are loved I will be with you always

until the end of time it’s no coincidence that you’re hearing this message

now I arranged this moment because I have something important to tell you you

are an incredible woman of immense value strong virtuous capable of handling

challenging situations yet gentle and compassionate you are a true warrior

endowed with remarkable qualities who fights each day with honesty and bravery you’re you’re a woman of faith and I

deeply love you I admire your Simplicity and the kind selfless way you treat

others but most importantly I love you because you are my daughter and I’m

incredibly proud of you know that I will always be by your side to assist you no

matter the time or day I will help you overcome any challenge when you feel tired and weak I

will give you strength and lift you up with my support you can face any

adversity and nothing will be too much for you I love you daughter I am always

here to provide what you need to keep moving forward I will be with you through every moment helping you

overcome any sadness that may try to enter your heart my spirit will Comfort your soul

my love will banish all sorrow from your life remember you are not just anyone

you are my my daughter the daughter of the king of the universe you belong to

Heavenly royalty never let anyone make you feel inferior and don’t listen to the enemy’s

deceitful words you are a remarkable woman created by my own hands for I am your Potter who

carefully shaped you I created every part of you with care I see you as

beautiful your hair your gentle hands your smile and your eyes everything is

perfect perfect in my eyes I made you strong with a spirit

full of life love and generosity you are my daughter my princess and I want the

best for you I brought you into this world to bless you with prosperity and

joy I have plans for your life plans for a future filled with abundance love

peace and happiness I know life will bring challenges and sometimes you’ll

face tough times but stay calm I will be with you helping

you to overcome these challenges I will lighten your burdens and lead you to victory when difficult times approach

trust me with all your heart leave everything in my hands with Faith and Hope do not let your emotions in the

moment drive you to make poor choices as they can hurt you do not let negativity

rule your life instead fight your battles with the weapons of faith for I

will be your guide your shield and your strong tower remember you are a

remarkable woman and through me you are more than a conqueror continue on my daughter never

grow weary of praying or reflecting on my words trust in my promises take joy in

them for I will fulfill the desires of your heart be courageous and fearless

trusting in in me for I will be with you wherever you go keep pressing forward

keep planting seeds of love I will nurture your Fields so that the seeds you sew today will soon flourish and

bring a plentiful Harvest never forget my greatest joy is to bless every aspect

of your life for I yearn to see your dreams and desires realized so dream boldly daughter fight

for what you desire and always give your best I will clear the path for you to

achieve all your goals remember I am your father the almighty God capable of doing far more

for you than you could ever imagine for I generously give my children far beyond what they ask of

me beloved always remember that you are a magnificent woman your worth far

exceeding that of precious jewels you are my daughter my prized treasure wise capable talented with a

big heart therefore never doubt what I tell you hold my words dear in your

heart and if ever doubt seeks to shake your faith close your eyes and call out to

me search for me with all your heart mind and strength then I will respond and rescue

you from all your troubles your burdens and worries just trust in me my daughter

never never ignore my words never wander from my paths I promise that my blessings will

find you your life will be filled with joy happiness and

abundance I love you my dear daughter always remember that I am with you my

heart is always close to yours no matter where you go I will never leave you I

will stand by you in everything you undertake because my love for you is is

eternal and true there is nothing you can do that

will make me stop loving you or push me away come back home my beloved child

right now I want to speak directly to your heart even though you may feel distant

know that I’m fully aware of everything you’re going through I understand your challenges

Temptations and weaknesses for I have walked in this corrupt world that tempts you but I am

here to remind you that there is a better way a path of light and love

awaits you no matter how far you’ve fallen or how distant you feel I am always here

ready to welcome you with open arms forgive you and Lead You towards a life filled with peace abundance and

prosperity I urge you to consider the path you are on think carefully about

your choices and Choose Wisely because following a path of wrongdoing will only

lead to destruction and pain while it might seem to offer

happiness in reality it results in a life filled with shallow and fleeting feelings but my desire for you my son is

for you to live a life that is full joyful and abundant enriched with love peace and hope I’m here to help you

break free from the chains that hold you and to heal your broken spirit I am always with you waiting for you to

come back to me listen to my voice my son hear my

gentle whisper in your ear and feel the touch of my presence in Quiet

Moments I speak to you through my word which guides your steps and illuminates

your path please do not disregard it instead find shelter in it ponder it and

it will provide you with answers and comfort whenever you need it son please hear my voice and don’t turn

away today I extend to you my grace and forgiveness these are gifts you don’t

deserve yet I offer them freely it doesn’t matter how many

mistakes you’ve M or how far you feel you’ve wandered you can always return to me to

find love compassion and renewal no sin

is too great for my deep and unconditional love I urge you to think deeply and seek my

presence open your heart to my words and let me free you from Every Chain of

evil You’re Not Meant To Face these struggles alone trust in me and I

promise to restore you you will rise again and all will be well remember the peace and hope I

provide are something the world cannot give trust in me my beloved Son and

witness the transformation only I can achieve in your life Turn Away From Evil

and choose a life with me for I desire only the best for you my love for you is profound and I

long to see you thrive and experience the genuine peace and joy that only I can

provide I know the world might seem appealing and full of promises but what

it offers is shallow and fleeting the happiness it promises doesn’t last last and often leads to a

never-ending cycle of disappointment and sorrow however I want something better

for you I want you to experience true peace the kind that goes beyond any

external situation and surpasses all human understanding I’m here to offer you hope

my child a strong and steadfast hope that stands firm even during life’s

toughest storms so I urge you to turn turn away from the evil that the world entices you

with step off the path you’re on and come back to

me remember my love for you is unconditional but it’s a love that requires you to make wise and righteous

choices understand that following the ways of this world will not bring you any good but will only take you further

from the deep peace that your heart truly seeks come to me turn to me with all

your heart for I am the way the truth and the life only I can provide the true peace

and happiness you are searching for forget what happened

yesterday stop jugging yourself because I do not judge you instead my love and

grace are here to transform your life and give you new purpose and meaning today I urge you to lift your

head and seek my direction through prayer let me guide you on the true path

one that leads to a life filled with purpose and satisfaction I will not let you down I

will be with you at every step you will never feel alone again walk towards me

and I promise you will find true peace Lasting Hope and eternal joy in my

presence I’m waiting for you with open arms full of pure and sincere love amen


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