I Know your Struggles |God message jesus | God Tells |

my beloved child today I encourage you to look within and hear me letting my

message touch your heart deeply life may present challenges

testing your faith which once burned brightly within you my hope is for your

faith to shine with love and passion and for you to always cherish your spirit

Zeal and the will to live gifts I’ve lovingly given you now is the time to walk back into

the Light Of Hope to feed your soul with my promises and truth even when you walk

through tough times you don’t need to be scared because I’m always with you I’ll guide you help you overcome

challenges protect what you dream about and support you to achieve your

goals life can be tough but remember I’ve already overcome the hardest part

and I want you to live a life full of happiness I wish for your life to be

filled with victories and blessings and I don’t want you to know defeat remember the words you’ve heard

because as you grow happier and more blessed there will be people who might get jealous and wish for your downfall

that’s just how life works sometimes but know this I lift up those I care about

even though it might attract negativity from others they may not like seeing the joy and faith in those I

bless don’t be afraid because as long as you follow my guidance no one can truly

hurt you I’m not asking for Perfection I understand you’re human and might

stumble what I’m looking for is your heart and for you to keep focused on my

teachings your commitment matters to me you turn to me in good times and also

reach out in tough times this shouldn’t stop keep moving forward pray with

heartfelt tears for your tears plant many seeds whether the sun shines or the rain

falls keep going steadfastly because I will ease the storms and quiet the waves for you I’ll

resolve your struggles and take care of your concerns but what I desire is to see you consistently loving and seeking

me making me the priority in all aspects of your life you’ll find that this Faith

becomes a powerful tool dispelling evil conquering your weaknesses and providing

you with spiritual and Supernatural strength to face Temptations fears and

all challenges before leaving your Abode bow your head for a few moments dedicate

your plans and all your Affairs to me pray for your family utter words of

faith and peace Rejoice for I am your Shepherd and you shall lack

nothing to me you are my daughters my sons and my beautiful little lambs I shall guide you to Green Pastures and

lead you beside Tranquil Waters in your home there shall be no

more shouts or confusion those conflicts that tear at the heart shall

cease I shall distance from your Abode the malevolent individuals thieves of

love and disruptors of peace I shall uproot all sin and error hidden in the

corners seeking to corrupt your faith and happiness I shall take away sorrow

you shall not see misery or poverty at your table the time will come when you’ll see

abundance like bread appearing at the right moment new chances for growth and

learning will emerge I’ll cleanse your household of any negative influences or habits that

undermine your character and belief remember I’ll always be there holding

your hand steadfastly focus on what’s positive pure and the wonderful things I

plan to do in your life avoid seeking companionship in the

wrong places or returning to people who stay down and never improve I’m not just your provider

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