| I Insist You To Watch This‼️| God Says Today

God is saying to you today

here in Jackson NP voice and refuge it

not bleach is the

at my Gates

waiting at the posts of my doors for

goods find it me find it live and sell

obedient favor of the Lord

any speak a parable unto them to these

in that mean out always to pray and not

to pray

think their words in a city a judge

which period not God neither recorded


and there was a window in the city and

see come unto him saying arrange me of

mine adversary and he would not for a

while but afterward he said with Ian

field though I fear not God nor reward


it because this window traveled me I

will avenge her least by her continual

coming see very me

and the Lord said hear word the unjust

judge said and said not God avenge his

own elect which cry day and night unto

him though he we along with them

I tell you that he will avenge David Lee

nevertheless when the servant men commit

Sally find faith on the ear

if you believe

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