I Illuminate Your Path

my dear child do you realize why this message has found its way to you

today it’s because of my deep love for you in this very moment I am holding you

close letting you feel the boundless everlasting love I have for

you the pain that has clouded your thoughts is fading away replaced by the healing words I speak to your heart

where there was once sorrow now joy and peace are are blossoming within you I am

with you at every moment nurturing this profound affection that grows stronger Each Day My Desire is to protect you to

care for you and to Enlighten you with the messages I send you each day I am committed to helping you transform the

way you think and believe change is possible believe in this truth my Divine

love is transformative but you must also Play Your Part by embracing it wholeheartedly

it’s not enough for me to offer my love if you turn away from my words today

make a decision to give yourself a chance Proclaim with all your strength

God has the power to change my life to dispel all loneliness and sadness and to rekindle my passion for life stand and

declare it again today I am capable of change I hold on to the love of my

heavenly father say it once more and feel my my Holy Spirit move through

every part of your being I am uprooting harmful habits and thoughts casting away

the shadows of depression that weigh you down I am purifying your emotions and

refreshing the beautiful feelings that will fill your heart today this is no coincidence it is the

truth I love you and today you will truly feel and see this

love everywhere you go you will observe a sign a small detail of my divine

presence I am ever present welcoming you with open arms comforting you

tenderly I want you to live fully and reclaim the dreams you thought were lost I will Empower you to forgive

yourself to break free from the chains that bind you and to build the courage to seek and find genuine

friendships I will steer away those who mean you harm those who pretend affection those who seek your resources

but offer only disdain and confusion in return I am granting You a New Life once

more I ask you to believe it do not turn to those who weigh you down with their judgment and

criticism rather embrace the company of friends who uplift and encourage your

growth remember my Legions stand guard around you providing protection but the

choice to advance without looking back is yours to make if you embrace my

promises step forward with confidence release the the burdens of the past and the guilt that haunts you

for I have already forgiven your sins extend that same forgiveness to

those who have wronged you though it may be challenging know that you are not alone I am with you if there are those

who refuse to forgive you who persist in reminding you of your past mistakes hear

my counsel distance yourself from them March steadfastly into your future

never glancing back backward I will work within the hearts of those who have harmed you urging them

toward repentance and the acknowledgment of their wrongs yet you must continue on your

path lo

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