I Have Been Trying To Reach You | God Says

God is sending you his love and

blessings today

you will begin to feel his presence in

your life grow stronger with each

passing day

he will be with you through every

setback and through every victory

know that you are blessed and loved

beyond measure

let your life reflect the faith you have

in God

fear nothing and pray about everything

be strong trust God’s word and Trust the


you are on the right path

allow God’s word to flow through you and

into the world around you

it will heal hearts and minds and bring

hope where there is none

don’t worry that you are not strong

enough to begin it is in the journey

that God makes you strong

God knows there are times you feel low

but only the presence of the God in your

heart can Cast Away all sadness

bitterness and anxiety


your faith doesn’t mean you have to

repress your anxiety in order to appear


on the contrary it means recognizing

your weakness and accepting the inner

truth of yourself

prayer is the bridge that links you to

the divine

so open your heart and mind to receive

the guidance and healing

God bless you

like if you believe

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