I Have a Plan for You God Says God Message Today Gods Message Now God Message

my beloved child trust in me for I have a plan for you filled with joy and

Abundant Blessings I’m your God and Father your unshakable rock the strength that will

lead you to victory over all your challenges I provide for your soul

meeting all your needs I am the light that illuminates your path and guides you to success in

your destiny do not be discouraged by those who see you as weak or unsuccessful

they do not understand the plan I have for you the world may tell you that you

don’t need God to be happy but I assure you only through my power can you experience a truly fulfilled and

Abundant Life do not let the currents of this era drag you towards fleeting and empty

Pleasures be wise and avoid evil even when faced with economic

challenges keep your faith strong and do not let anything take my place in your

heart do not try to solve your problems alone instead place your trust in me and

my love for you believe in my wisdom and I assure you that with me you can

overcome any challenge put all your trust in me and you will experience a Unique Piece one

that goes beyond all understanding and keeps you safe even in the midst of life’s

storms trust in me and I promise to bless you abundantly in every area of

your life I will bring Prosperity not just to you but also to your loved ones

including your children and their children remember you can find

everything you need in me you don’t need to seek happiness in the things of this world especially not its material things

seek me immerse yourself in my presence and delve deep into my

word there you will find the path to all my promises and understand the right way to claim my blessings just trust in me

seek my presence and walk obediently according to my

commands you will see how I transform your life into a story of Hope and

success as only I can don’t give up when faced with life storms fight to the end

give your all and keep believing in my promises for they are true and

steadfast even when the world brings doubts challenges and difficulties hold

tightly to your faith in me stick to my word for I am the god who makes the

impossible possible nothing is too complicated for me to handle for I am

the one who can provide for every one of your situations don’t be influenced by false

ideas or negative opinions from those who don’t understand my word word or my plans for you often the world’s wisdom

contradicts the wisdom found in my word but stand firm on the Rock which is

my word and I assure you that every step you take will move you closer to the fullness and abundance I have prepared

for you do not fear when You Face problems challenges or moments of

uncertainty instead exercise your faith remember

My Endless Love will support you and I will be with you in every situation and decision you

face just put all your trust in me and let me direct your life I will be your

guide your protector and your strength together we will navigate

life’s Rough Waters confidently and securely so know that you are not alone

at this moment my holy spirit is within you never leaving you or forsaking

you he fills your life even now offering Comfort guidance and insight listen to

his voice inside you be still and follow it for he will lead you to the truth and

remind you of my promises during times of trial and uncertainty trust what I

tell you today rest in my love don’t let discouragement or hardships knock you

off your path give me all your needs for I am your your help and immediate

support remember every challenge you face in this life is just a step toward

a life filled with blessings where you can grow and fully Thrive move forward with confidence

knowing I’m with you and the true happiness comes from living a meaningful life loving others and obeying my

Commandments go forth for my grace and favor are upon you tonight sleep in my

loving arms let my peace fill you bringing rest and comfort through the

quiet of the night let me fill your heart with Words of Love That Flow from me like a

river tonight I want to tell you how deeply I love you I will never leave you

I am with you from morning to night every heartbeat of yours Echoes Within Me reminding me that you are my finest

creation made with love and shaped by my hands

know that I have been with you all along your journey guiding each step you take

I have been the gentle breeze on your face the strength in your stride and the light shining during your

darkest times today has been tough I know it’s been hard navigating through the

constant bad news and unexpected challenges that bring anxiety stress and

frustration you feel overwhelmed by the pressures and the endless tasks of the day you’re tired that’s why tonight I

open my arms to you come and rest In My Embrace let the light of my presence

fill and comfort you renewing your strength I will take away your worries

and fears my light will brighten every part of you chasing away the shadows of

fear in their place I will instill a feeling of accomplishment and and

satisfaction because you have bravely faced every challenge life has thrown your way remember even though storms Roar and

winds blow fiercely I am your safe haven my arms are always open ready to offer

you comfort and strength so when tomorrow comes with its

challenges struggles and trials do not be afraid for I will be there to guide

you I will be your compass with every step you take my light will always chase

away the darkness that might appear on your path tonight entrust me with your

thoughts give me all your burdens and worries put all your desires into my

hands I will give you the rest that your body and soul need In My Embrace you will find the

peace and Tranquility you long for tonight I promise to watch over you and your loved ones My Loving Hands will

protect your dreams wrapping you in my cloak of protection driving away any shadow of fear or

danger while the world sleeps I will keep watch over you like a shepherd with

his flock my gentle hand will protect you from any Shadows that try to disturb

your peace because you are my cherished child I deeply desire for you to live

the Abundant Life I have planned for you before you go to sleep let go of any

bitterness in your heart and forgive those who have wronged you remember

forgiveness is a powerful gift you can give yourself and others let the act of

forgiving free you from the weight of resentment allowing you to rest peacefully in my Everlasting

Love sleep peacefully like a child in the arms of their father tonight May my

words soothe your tired soul and may you wake up refreshed strong and filled with

excitement ready to welcome the new day I have set before you tomorrow as I stay close by lighting

up your life with my words renewing your strength and filling you with hope Every

Beat of your heart will remind you of my love for you every step you take will

show that I Am with You guiding you with my grace and wisdom as you go about your day do so

with love kindness and respect for for others these qualities show my

unconditional love for all people my dear child tonight I bless you with restful

sleep when morning comes wake up with a heart full of gratitude knowing that a

New Day brings Joy blessings and chances to grow in love rest now my beloved Son in my

everlasting love my dear child remember that I am with you in every heartbeat and Every

Breath You Take may my peace and love be with you as you sleep preparing you for a new day

filled with the wonderful things I have planned for you at this moment I bless you with love

peace and protection my angels will watch over you as you dream showing you the beautiful

and amazing things I have in store for you I love you my son I love you my

daughter tonight sleep in the comfort of my loving arms listen to me for a moment please

give me just a few minutes of your time today I want you to spend a little time with me just a few

moments you don’t need to be in a church or Temple you just need to pause and listen to my words with your mind and

heart know that I am observing your actions hearing your prayers and I am

always with you you are never alone I am with you at every moment with every

breath and heartbeat in your joyful times I celebrate with you and I also

stay close during your struggles I am here to support you to give you comfort and strength to remind

you that you are loved and that you can rely on me no matter how dark or confusing your

path seems I am the light that will brighten your way the compass that guides you

the force that drives you forward just trust in me and my

Everlasting Love and you’ll see how obstacles become opportunities hardships

turn into valuable lessons and tears transform into Smiles of

gratitude I understand that after facing many challenges it might be hard for you

to believe what I tell you today but remember my love for you is greater than

any mistake you’ve made stronger than any fear and more healing

than any medicine on Earth no matter how often you’ve stumbled or Fallen I am here to pick you

up to support you and to remind you that you are worthy of love and

forgiveness there’s no mistake that can’t be made right no wound that can’t

be healed no pain that can’t be turned into joy and celebration accept my unconditional love

let me lead your life I promise to guide you on the right path give you the

strength to overcome any challenge you face let go of the weight of the past

and the burden of guilt allow me to lead you to a future filled with possibilities joy and love where peace

dominates your life and hope keeps the flame in your heart

alive let my spirit fill you and Let My Words refresh your mind

here you’ll find answers to your questions and worries feeling my unconditional love and endless Grace

always at your reach let go of the tension and stress you’ve built up raise

your hands to the sky and take in my strength to keep moving forward remember no matter what you’ve

done or not done before I’m always here to forgive you and give you the chance

to start over my love for you is unconditional and everlasting and

nothing you do can change that now my child close your eyes and soak in

the Peace of my presence let go of your Sorrows your worries and Fears let me carry them for

you let me lighten your load and fill your heart with hope and

joy let your concerns fade and your fears dissolve in the light of my

presence do not let the Shadows of the past darken your present or Cloud your

future stand up with courage and resolve knowing I Am with You empowering and

guiding you to a place of Peace where Harmony and serenity Prevail May today

Mark the start of a new life for you filled with purpose and meaning where hope shines brightly within you like a

star guiding you toward fulfillment and achievement from now on walk confidently

knowing you are not alone on this Earthly Journey I’m here with you as your companion your safe haven in storms

the light that clears all Darkness the peace that soothes your troubles and the

love that heals your deepest hurts believe that my love will transform your

life your being and your destiny open yourself to receive my blessings my

gifts and my boundless Grace Embrace The Wonder of being loved unconditionally

let these words reside in your heart soothing and healing your soul whenever

you think of them feel my loving presence in your life guiding protecting

and caring for you you are more precious than anything in the universe accept

this with Love Now and Forever the path I have set for you is

filled with blessings victories and prosperity if you are anxious about the future or or unsure what to do feeling

unprepared for upcoming challenges do not be afraid once again I am here to embrace

you with my love and ease your worries even though you can’t see me

know that I am here working in your favor with Limitless power I am bringing forth a spring of

Living Water to quench The Thirst of your soul and to

provide you with the peace and strength you need you shouldn’t have to live in

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