I died for you | God message jesus |

my dear child I gently widen the path Beneath Your Feet ensuring your steps

remain steady this is a testament to how intricately I am involved in your journey through life I know every twist

and turn that lies ahead and I am ready to adjust your path to make it

smoother sometimes I reveal the ways in which I have intervened on your behalf

while at other times you remain blissfully unaware of the hardships I have shielded you from in every instance

my work to ease Your Way Forward is a testament to my deep and Abiding Love For

You I understand that from your perspective my ways can often seem

mysterious I do not Shield you or anyone from every trial and tribulation even during my time on Earth

I willingly endured immense pain humiliation and Agony on the cross all

for your sake there I experienced unimaginable

suffering when my father momentarily turned away from me but it was through

this excruciating isolation that I ensured you would never have to suffer

alone remember I have promised I am with you always my presence is a constant source

of Joy available to you in every moment in the present you can find an unending

Feast of joy I’m teaching you to rejoice in me at all times a choice you can make Moment by

moment even in the midst of your most trying circumstances I’m always near ready to

carry you through the toughest of times consider the excitement of a woman

engaged to the one she loves most her heart brims with joy at the mere thought

of her beloved when he occupies her mind troubles Fade Into the background unable

to to dampen her enthusiasm and excitement similarly when you remember

that I am your Eternal beloved and that you are promised to me forever you can find joy in me despite life’s

difficulties the satisfaction you derive from my presence enables you to interact with others in a way that blesses them

with your joy do not let fear or discouragement be your companions on the path of the

unknown when you gaze into an uncertain future they eagerly await your

arrival fear and discouragement are ever ready to accompany you if you allow them

but know this I am always with you holding you securely by your right hand

because I exist beyond the confines of time I am also present on the path that

lies ahead shining brightly beckoning you forward encouraging you to keep your

eyes fixed upon me cling tightly to my hand and confidently

pass by the dark specters of fear and despair keep your gaze fixed upon my

radiant presence which radiates unwavering love and boundless encouragement your confidence stems from

the knowledge that I am with you always and that I am already in your future

Paving the way before you I call out to you with words of wisdom courage and

hope do not fear for I am with with you do not be dismayed for I am your God I

will strengthen you and help you I will uphold you with my righteous right hand I am your savior and no matter the state

of the world you can find joy in me this world has been in a state of

Brokenness since the Disobedience of Adam and Eve their tragic story marked

by the loss of their sons Abel and Cain’s subsequent murder of his brother Abel is a stark reminder of the ongoing

consequences of Humanity’s Fall From Grace this world remains fraught with

danger and uncertainty but your daily challenge is to find Joy amidst the

Brokenness always remind yourself Jesus is with me and for me nothing can

separate me from his love pour your energy into experiencing

my presence and seeking the goodness that still exists in this world use your

gifts to shine my light into the places where I have granted you access do not

be afraid of bad news for I capable of bringing good out of evil train your heart to stand firm in

trust knowing that I your savior am with you you have been reborn into a Living

Hope through my resurrection from the dead I willingly laid down my life on

the cross to pay the penalty for the sins of all who believe in me however had I remained in the grave

your faith would be in vain and you would remain spiritually dead burdened by the weight of your

sins but I as the Living God could not be defeated by

death as I declared clearly to those who question me I and my father are one my

resurrection is a well-documented historical fact and it paved the way for you to experience New Birth by

confessing your sins and placing your trust in me as your savior you have become one of my own journeying along a

path illuminated by Living Hope my loving presence radiant and unwavering

shines upon you even in your darkest and most challenging moments look to me

beloved and let the Brilliance of my love Pierce through the darkness filling your heart with joy those who look to me

radi yet with a Divine Light I am the Eternal soon shining perpetually even when your circumstances

appear de and your path is shrewed in darkness because you know me as your

savior you possess a source of light that transcends the

darkness I designed you to reflect my glory and you do so by turning your face

toward the light take moments of Stillness in my presence turning your

face heavenward to bask in my radiance the longer you linger in this

light-filled atmosphere the more I can bless and strengthen

you as you rest in my love consider Whispering the words of

Jacob surely the Lord is in this place I am present everywhere and at all times

whether or not you sense my nearness intentionally spending time with me can heighten your awareness of

my presence and enable you to shine my light light into the world radiating my

love to those around you cling to me beloved for my right

hand supports you when you hold on to me with childlike dependence you demonstrate

your commitment to our relationship I use difficult times to

refine your faith and prove its genuiness as you cling to me amidst adversity your faith grows stronger and

you find comfort in knowing that I will always be there to help help you through various trials you gain the

confidence that you can navigate future hardships with my assistance you come to understand more

deeply that I will never fail to support you so in the darkest of nights and the

toughest of times remember that my right hand upholds you this hand that lifts

you is both strong and righteous offering Limitless support when you feel overwhelmed

do not despair instead look to me and my strength be assured that my powerful

hand is also just and all that it provides is good do not fear for I will

strengthen you I will help you and I will uphold you with my righteous right

hand I am your help and your Shield pay close attention to the word

your I’m not merely a help and a Shield I am yours forever and for all

eternity allow this unbreakable commitment to strengthen and encourage you as you journey through life with me

I will never leave you nor forsake you you can depend on me because I am your

help you need not fear your own inadequacies when You Face daunting challenges rejoice in the knowledge that

I stand ready to assist you acknowledge your limitations openly and Trust in my

boundless sufficiency together you and I can achieve anything in accordance with my

will indeed you need me as your shield for I protect you from dangers physical

emotional and spiritual sometimes you’re aware of my

protective hand but I also Shield you from perils you may never suspect take comfort in knowing that my

mighty presence Watches Over You you fear no evil my cherished one for I am

with you rejoice always this simple verse shines with Divine wisdom I

created you in my image endowing you with the capacity to choose joy in every

moment of your life when your thoughts tend toward darkness when your mind spirals down a

gloomy path seize control with this radiant command Rejoice challenge

yourself to find as many opportunities as possible each day to remind yourself

to Rejoice yet it is not merely enough to be joyful reflect on the specific

reasons for your joy they can be as simple as my daily Provisions for you food shelter clothing or the beauty of

the relationships you share with loved ones your relationship with me as my

beloved is an unending source of Joy meditate upon these joyous thoughts and

you will find that they illuminate your mind and fill your heart with greater Delight choosing to Rejoice will bless

not only you but also those around you and it will deepen your relationship with

me blessed are those who have learned to Acclaim me to Acclaim is to express

enthusiastic approval and it is a skill that needs to be cultivated

begin with your thoughts instead of regarding me in mundane and repetitive

ways Ponder my glorious greatness I spoke the world into

existence created humankind in my image and endowed them with eternal

Souls I crafted the beauty that adorns the world and the cosmos my wisdom is beyond measure and

my love is unending learn to think of me in great terms and to express your

approval of me with enthusiasm the Psalms are an excellent guide in this

endeavor acclaiming me also involves publicly acknowledging my

Excellence you are the light of the world because you know me as your savior God let your light shine before others

proclaim the wonders of who I am and what I have done declare the excellencies of the one

who called you out of Darkness Into His Marvelous Light Proclaim my salvation day after day for

the gospel message is something you should remind yourself of each day by Grace you have been saved through faith

and it is not of your own doing it is a gift from me this truth may run counter

to worldly values but it is essential to remind yourself frequently resist the

accusations of the enemy who seeks to discourage and defeat you instead remind

your self of the Gospel truth every day a heart filled with gratitude

delighting in my presence is the most fitting response to The Marvelous gift of Grace remember you are blessed to be

a blessing sharing the good news both near and far my unfailing love surpasses life

itself there are no bounds to my love be it in quality quantity or duration

it far exceeds anything this world can offer and it will never run dry my unfailing love is priceless like

a precious Pearl that once found is worth giving up everything else to

possess indeed my love enriches your life rather than diminishes it it forms

a firm foundation upon which you can build enhancing your relationships with

others knowing that you are perfectly and eternally loved empowers you to grow

into the person I designed you to be understanding the vast dimensions of

my love leads to profound worship where your intimacy with me deepens as you

joyously celebrate my Magnificent Presence be still in my presence and

passionately wait for me to act Stillness is a RAR treasure in a world

that values constant activity and achievement yet peace and joy abound in my presence

and they gradually saturate your inner being over time this requires trust as well instead

of fretting when your plans are disrupted patiently await my action you can watch for me with hope

knowing that I am God your savior be confident that I will hear you

even if my response does not come as quickly as you would like do not worry

about those who do evil or the wicked schemes that surround you I find humor

in the wicked my dear child receive my love and

affection tell me now do you accept it with joy and Faith after hearing me I

want you to feel deeply cherished you don’t need to walk with weary disheartened steps I love you and

today you will feel it profoundly I will show you in many ways touching your soul with tender affection and declaring my

love through my mighty words you’ve taken me by surprise you

have a beautiful soul I admire your essence and am pleased with the feelings you evoke when

you talk with me when you close your eyes oh how I treasure your Beating Heart pulsating with joy and filled with

the Divine happiness I give you when you come to hear me in the morning I bless your day with peace Serenity strength

and wisdom I have been listening to your prayers I Delight in hearing your heart tell me you need

me if anyone tries to bring Strife to you today you will immediately feel my

Divine love surrounding and protecting you if any

situation tries to distress you my arm will shield you from all sorrow and your

soul will stay full of joy your family and friends will be amazed and ask what has changed in you

why you glow so brightly your enemies will flee in fear

feeling powerless because you did not fear them or let them cause you pain

around you there is a supernatural wall of divine protection thousands of Angels Camp

outside your home guarding your family day and night today you have come to listen to

me in this secret place here you are deeply loved just as you are I know you

are not perfect I see the true repentance in your

soul you are working to change your character your attitudes your way of

thinking and how you treat others I have chosen you to be greatly blessed you

have endured hardships but you will no longer bear such sadness and pain for my

Holy Spirit and my word are giving you Supernatural and marvelous wisdom you

are learning to make sound decisions not to be swayed by those ill-intentioned

companions who in truth are thieves for they steal your peace your faith and

your security that won’t happen anymore you’ll stand strong in any conflict

today you’ve come to me because you need me and from this point you’ll rise stronger my authority will be evident in

your expression the sparkle in your eyes will show your happiness and your

thankful cheerful demeanor will open many doors for you chains will break I

will shower you with blessings in abundance stand up and start your day

you won’t be walking alone I’ll bring good people into your life those who won’t judge you and who

will strengthen your faith fostering more Harmony and unity at home but be cautious of those who try to

pull you away from your loved ones those who plant doubts and Division in your

heart it’s true you have faith and some in your family may still be struggling to believe not yet having given their

hearts to me yet I want to use you to show them my love and to deliver a message of hope

I’m giving you the strength and courage to uplift everyone in your home I want you to recognize your need to come into

my presence and to immerse yourself in my word word and my Holy Spirit if you

ever feel too discouraged to continue remember you live in a challenging world

but there will always be hope for you and your family along with the sure promise of protection love guidance and

Abundant Blessings for your entire household believe this deep in your

heart the love I have for you is real not an illusion it is as tangible as the air

you breathe more powerful and beautiful than any Miracle you could request my love surrounds you fills you

with joy this is the greatest blessing you can receive th I value your grateful

heart each morning when you wake thanking me for your life and entrusting your destiny and your days to my care

you are a model of Faith even if others mock you for believing in an omnipotent

God whom you cannot see but you know well that I am real that I watch over

you attentive to your needs with the faith you possess you will rise living

feeling knowing that you are a child of the creator of the universe moving with

immense Assurance in every step you take your face radiant with

happiness your steadfast grateful heart so pure moves me deep L you’re welcome

here again tomorrow I await to embrace you once more with my love in the early hours of the day before the sun rises

here I will be for you I love you tell me now do you accept my love receive my

strength answer me with the sincerity of your heart tell me that you will not leave my presence yet I warn you even if

you desire to leave and though the adversary seeks to snatch you from my umbrella

I will not let you stray wherever you may wander I will be

with you with my hand I will grasp you and bring you back to me the adversary

of your soul might claim that you are forever alone and that I have abandoned you because you are not perfect but that

is not true I will never leave or forsake you nothing can separate you

from my love not shame rejection failure or condemnation

I love you deeply and unconditionally you already know this I am repeating it

to reassure you your heart is starting to burn with the flame of my eternal love you can

feel it I am instilling in you a desire to live and despite the seemingly

insurmountable challenges the huge obstacles and the attacks you’re facing today from this day

forward Everything Will Change you will be

transformed you have welcomed me into your heart you are completely changed

inside the past the bad everything that was troubling you is left behind today

you are reborn today you will start to receive the inheritance I have for

you there is eternal life with me and my holy spirit is filling you now giving

you the strength you need to live in this world when you feel this fire in your soul you

will be moved to praise at last you will understand the greatness of my power I

will take your hand and raise you up you will sing joyfully to

me all the burdens that weigh you down will be lifted you will see yourself as

I see you a unique and valued person I am raising you up to triumph over your

struggles and and to enter a new realm of blessings you do not belong to those who

are negative who are ashamed to believe in my word those who wake up and instead

of embracing the light of day hold on to Darkness and lies feeling abandoned by

their own choice they have rejected my love and affection thinking they must be

perfect to receive my grace but I ask only for your simple sincere faith if

people try to steal your happiness do not welcome them in do not accept

their gifts do not plead for their friendship choose the company of those

who support and uplift you who do not try to control your life or interfere in

your family’s decisions do not let the enemy control

you reject words of defeat and disdain surround yourself with people who

respect you who do not interfere in your personal matters or spread rumors about others appreciate

those who genuinely encourage you without expecting anything in

return your faith is a personal Journey between you and me I want to communicate

with you to share what I plan to do in your life if you want to grow closer to

me come and meet me early in the morning take time when others are asleep to present

your prayers to me listen carefully to what what I tell you every day trust in me I will respond in

various ways blessing you and your family call out to me and I will answer

I will reveal wonders through dreams and visions and make my plans known to you I

am preparing you to experience Supernatural Miracles Embrace and spread these words

with faith and great blessings will envelop you I don’t want you to worry or

feel upset or discouraged about anything I hear all your prayers I’m making a way

for you in the desert and from my Throne flows a mighty river that washes away all your troubles leaving your

soul clean calm and at peace ready to be filled with faith hope and

Tranquility stop letting those negative thoughts pound against your mind let me

into those Corners where painful memories hide causing you sadness

I am your lord and savior I have forgiven your mistakes so there’s no need for you to torment yourself with

doubts and guilt if you truly love and believe in me stop thinking that there’s no

solution to your problems I don’t want you to live in tension and distress it’s not my desire

for you to spend your days looking down lacking the faith to look up to the

heavens I want you to be free from all worries today you live in a world filled

with challenges but you were chosen for such a time as this you were born in the

right place and at the right time no matter how tough things have been it’s all part of my plan to ignite your faith

today through your struggles you’ve gained the humility needed to receive the wisdom and blessings I’m ready to

give you your financial troubles will ease when you let go of your attachment

to material things your family health and future are much more valuable if you

know I love you you should also love yourself gently and

kindly don’t demand Perfection from yourself as it only leads to confusion everyone makes mistakes

everyone sins but I am with you and I understand the pain you feel when you

stray from my teachings and act out of emotion doing things you let

regret however there is always forgiveness and Grace for those who truly repent each New Day brings fresh

mercies from me directly to you I will personally wake you shine a light on

your face and reveal the depth of my love for you now is the time to trust in me

completely you have a destiny to fulfill a purpose to achieve

dreams to Chase and a family to nurture all I ask for is your respect

and loyalty your heart is already mine but you must take your journey to Freedom

seriously I didn’t give you life so you could waste it being tossed by the winds that crash you against harsh

waves don’t blindly trust fair weather friends who raise you up only to let you

fall when you’re at your Peak they then blame you for everything and mock your struggles and you find yourself

believing them once more don’t fear being alone hold on to

my love to my care give me your pure childlike faith and trust in my deep

love for you I will watch over you and make sure you’re never alone when you’re struggling I will

provide health and strength giving you the perseverance to carry on without

giving up allow yourself to feel loved do not be afraid let go of those who do

not truly support you and don’t beg anyone to stay I will be your companion during

those lonely nights when all you need is some encouragement a comforting hand and

a listening ear someone who understands and doesn’t judge I will provide for you

when you come to me humbly and sincerely not just because I ask but because you

truly love me show me your commitment and loyalty I am not interested in how well

you perform I’m not impressed by just outward displays of faith I do not

listen to those who pretend to love me in public but then speak ill of my faithful followers behind their backs I

will reward your loyalty your faith and your commitment I will answer your prayers

when you approach me with a sincere heart you know how how deeply I love you

and I don’t need to say it again from today onward your fears will

disappear I will strengthen your resolve and we will walk together towards

Victory your heart will be at peace and your soul will be wrapped in my love and filled with my peace this has always

been true is true now and will always be true a wonderful blessing is about to

come your way EX accept it for you truly deserve it your remarkable faith and

your courage despite many challenges have shown that you do not give in to fear you are a person of great courage

and steadfast character only the sweetness of my love and divine affection can touch you so

deeply that you are moved to tears you have a profound spiritual

sensitivity aware of my presence around you and alert to the spiritual adversaries who try to battle against

you but you do not cower or flee like others might what lies ahead for you is

Magnificent the blessings coming your way are Monumental I have shown you my love and countless ways through tough

days bitter moments and nights when I tenderly comforted your heart giving you

divine peace that made your spirit stronger the next day helping you see

your wonderful purpose and beautiful destiny your remarkable faith is why I

am sending a downpour of spiritual Revival into your life and your family’s

lives now is the time to heal to come into my presence and lay down all

Grievances and any unforgiveness it’s a time to set aside

differences and embrace a beautiful ronon if you accept this blessing let me

use you I will grant you wisdom to strengthen your character deepen your knowledge of

my word and help you guide those you love dearly many in your household may

not yet follow me but they will change their minds when they see the Transformations that my love and power

are bringing about in you do not fear you will not be

embarrassed if someone mocks or tries to trouble you treat them them kindly

because I will handle it keep complaints away from your speech instead embrace my

teachings immerse yourself in my word nourish your soul and love and respect

yourself as I do you show the same patience to your family and everyone else that I have

shown you act now and soon you will see the Miracles you’ve been hoping for

those who were stubborn will change those who were lost will find their way back home

when they return I want them to see you as an example to never be afraid to come

to you but to feel your love knowing they will find compassion and not

judgment from you as if they were prodigal children returning in Repentance go out to greet

them and they will run towards you in

tears welcome them with open arms replace their warn clothes with garments of Love forgive their wrongs completely

even if you don’t agree with their choices their mistakes or their habits remember you are not to judge I haven’t

sent you to punish but to love just as I have loved you you’ve made mistakes many

times but I have never shamed you for them I have been patient and have forgiven you repeatedly and I will

continue to do so because that is who I am my Lord loyalty is vast my grace

endless I always forgive you but remember your mistakes can lead to pain

so be more careful you’ve learned this lesson realize that you are alive and

forgiven by my grace and love due to the patience I’ve shown you I’ve never

punished you as harshly as your errors might warrant come to me every morning

let me fill you with peace peace and give you the wisdom you need to achieve a stature that earns the love and

respect of your family you will lead them to my holy path and eventually they

will all know me because you have lovingly conveyed my message and shown them through your actions how much I

care good and faithful servant get ready to enter a period of joy and blessings

seeing how your whole family has come to recognize me as God and Lord

I want to express my admiration for you it brings me immense joy to see how

you’ve learned to avoid the Trap set by the enemy I love you marvelously and I’m

eager to bless you I will bless you abundantly with peace and joy for every

moment you spend with me each day let’s make a promise to each other dedicate your mours to me and

you’ll experience my love in extraordinary super natural ways throughout your day no matter where

you go you will hear my voice and feel the warmth of my words I love you deeply tell me you love

me too I’m entrusting you with great blessings and Powerful promises I will

bless your finances and help you thrive so much that you will be free from all

your debts I will lift you up so high that even those who Envy you will look at you

and not recognize you my word offers you priceless advice to increase your wisdom and expand your

understanding enabling you to make smart choices and avoid the Trap set by your

enemies remember I am also your friend my greatest wish is for you to trust me

above anyone else in the universe I give you immense strength and open your eyes to see the deceit of

those who plot against you in secret those who try to harm you will not touch

you for I am protecting you my angels encircle you shielding you

from all danger I foil the plans of the wicked and all who try to pull you

down so I watch your enemies with anger their plots unravel each time they

attempt to attack you do not fear them for I will bring them down one by one

move forward in your life with calm and confidence knowing that I am with you

you don’t need to be afraid for I am your protector and I watch over you your children are safe in my care

and I have already thwarted any plans to harm them I’m guiding each of your children’s steps making sure they don’t

stumble and are always safe In My Embrace continue to pray and kneel daily

this will strengthen your faith and you will see my powerful actions changing things and solving problems that concern

you live knowing everything will turn out well and take decisive steps towards

the wonderful future you envision go forward with joy and a smile

sharing my words my light and my love this will confuse and defeat those

who wish to harm you causing them to give up and seek forgiveness

you are my chosen one and I will not let you be defeated they may try but you will see

them ashamed and overcome by their negativity while you speak words of Faith and Hope ignore lies slander

insults and fake news you can reach the place I have prepared for you but you must not listen to those who try to lead

you into darkness my plan is for you to be blessed and it shall indeed happen in

your your life take this seriously as the time has come you can only fulfill Your Dreams by

holding on to my hand if you let go and stray you will be defeated because you know that without

me you can do nothing I want to see you always

Victorious never facing shame or defeat stay under my shelter and

protection many distractions will come but my spirit will protect your heart

keeping you from feeling discouraged confused or depressed if you ever feel

disheartened take some time alone to talk with me I know it troubles you but

I want you to express your feelings and lay them before me I will turn your mourning into Joy your sadness into

happiness and I will fill you with strength taking away all your

weakness let’s fight this battle together you are not alone in this be

assured and move forward without fear even through dark paths you are brave

and nothing can scare you I’m happy to see your courage and your Victorious spirit I enjoy our shared victories they

prove your loyalty and love for me there are many important responsibilities I want to entrust to

you because you have been faithful in smaller matters therefore a greater blessing is coming

your way offer me your worship and praise I want to be the most important

part of your life at all times I will show you incredible things you’ve never

heard or seen because you take our relationship seriously and it will

continue this way you’re stepping into a new era of Supernatural abundance remove

all fear from your heart and mind I help you succeed I will support

you in overcoming challenges if you trust in me I ask you do you believe in

my promises you say I believe you with all my heart I’m the only Divine and

Supernatural solution for all your troubles I’m your God your guide the one

who opens doors and makes way for you I’m your provider your protector your

life and future are in my hands you and your family are wrapped in

in my love today you feel my presence in a real and Powerful way you’ve been

waiting for me to speak to you coming with a humble and thankful heart ready

to hear me so cherish these words I give you walk forward with confidence and

Faith even though you can’t see me with your physical eyes you can feel me and

you can believe in me trust deeply in the Miracles and wonders I can perform in your life and in your family’s

life let me take your hand and gently guide you on a sacred path of love where

my will prevails the storms quiet down and the Seas calm when they hear my

voice you are enveloped by a shield of protection such great peace and security

are yours that the sounds of the night cannot scare

you do not be misled by by the confusions of this world never let go of my hand or divert

your focus each day is a precious chance to keep fighting leave behind the stumbles

the discouragements and the complaints of the past remove them from your mind you don’t need to carry a burden

that prevents you from refreshing your mindset start with your words don’t hurt

yourself with negative selft talk don’t plant seeds of defeat in your

own life life let wise words flow from your lips let them nurture growth and

Build You Up do not let the enemy convince you that you cannot change that

your future is doomed to failure and hardship and that your destiny is mired in Despair and

forgetfulness remember with me nothing is impossible hold on to this truth no

matter the situation consider your life your future your personality your

finances your marital status your family disputes no matter how challenging they

may seem I can change them if you ask me I can start right

away I’m not saying it will be easy but I promise my help my support and my

strength I love you and want your Everlasting well-being the miracle you

seek I want to perform it believe me the suffering I endured carrying the cross

on my back was purposeful enduring the worst torture on a cross was not pointless I knew I would

face a path of suffering and Scorn you have suffered greatly at the hands of others but today I will remove

all sadness and frustration from your heart I have suffered died and risen for

you so that you might have a chance at a full free and joyful eternal

life believe in my words so that your mind can be truly transformed allowing

pure thoughts to flow where confusion once rained where there was sorrow Let

There Be Joy where there was despair let there be a strong desire to live love

and forgive yourself I have long forgotten your mistakes give me your heart my child

look to my ways you will journey and plant seeds in this world where you are

just passing through but receiving my blessing is your

destiny I want your steps to follow the path of my love I ask you again give me

your heart today and I will fill you with joy taking away the pain that

darkens your face I will give you the strength to finally overcome the struggles that have plagued you since

childhood you know what I mean you understand I have always loved you just

as you are yet I have chosen you for victory to Triumph and Lead others to

their Destinies many will see how my will is accomplished in someone with a humble Heart Like Yours it might be hard

to accept such profound spiritual blessings what I offer you isn’t just

superficial wealth accept it humbly and be filled with courage for I’m about to

make significant changes in your life I am your life let me show you how I can

completely transform you so much so that people will hardly recognize you they

will be amazed at your tenacity strength and joy accept my invitation give me

your heart today I start a powerful transformation in you your family and

you will be surrounded by Harmony peace and blessings these words you hear

aren’t by coincidence with me you will face no defeat or failure we will confront the tough times

together in moments of conflict I will hold you close and strengthen your soul

with my loving words your life and situation matter deeply to me as I’ve repeatedly told you

you live in a world full of troubles but remember I have triumphed Through My Sacrifice on the cross and my

resurrection I want to share this Victorious power with you I want you to experience these ever-flowing Springs

rings of Living Water refreshing your soul cleansing away sadness removing all

impurities and rejuvenating your tired Spirit I’ll always seek my presence

whether it’s morning or night during hard times or Good Times whether you

have plenty or little whatever your situation you are not defeated it’s not your destiny to give

up and lose all the blessings you’ve gathered along your journey come follow follow the storm the

waves might Roar and rage but the sea will become still as you listen to my

voice know that this peace you feel right now is a gift of my love embrace

it don’t reject it or feel Unworthy of this affection you are aware of the daily

spiritual battles the enemy tries to shake and break you yet you are not

alone I am with you all I need is a little of your faith

choose now to believe and embrace this everlasting love that follows you

everywhere protecting you from harm when the enemy strikes life can change instantly it’s

okay to cry and feel down sometimes releasing what weighs on your soul is

good for you and helps you heal spiritually but never think that you’ll be stuck in sadness forever that your

tears won’t dry or that you’re doomed to constant feet your foes and fair weather friends

might say anything to keep you down to stop you from getting up and fighting back but I have come to bring you life

to encourage you to look up and grasp my hand I want to fill you with immense joy

and steadfast courage I understand your feelings well

sometimes you think there’s no point in continuing to fight that it might be easier to just give up and wait for the

end but I love you I have a great purpose for you and your family you cannot give

up do not let go of your blessings do not return to a state of despair that is

not what I want for you I have come to give you a full and Powerful life your feelings or what

others say about you do not Define your reality if today you face problems and

rejection listen to me I love you even if suddenly difficult situations arise

do not think that I have stopped loving you I’m etching these words into your

heart and you will remember them every day no matter what happens no matter the

challenges I love you more with each passing minute do not be overwhelmed when these

emotions hurt you do not isolate yourself thinking you are alone in this life that nobody cares that nobody

understands and who am I indeed I’m speaking to you

and I’m not just a figment of your imagination feel these words each one

filled with love healing your heart who am I to you tell me I want to hear it if

you don’t see me as your friend or if you want me to leave you alone be brave and say so but know this no matter what

you think I will not leave you even if you push me out of your life

I will not go away I open my arms to you and even if you turn away I promise I am

not like the others I truly love you and I will never abandon you my loyalty is

eternal and unbreakable my decision to love you does not

waver even if you tell me today to leave I will still be here talking to you

every day about this deep affection until you truly feel it in your heart my

beloved child I am the one who keeps your lamp burning I turn your Darkness into light

there are moments when weariness and burdens threaten to extinguish your lamp it flickers and sputters almost running

out of fuel in those times call out to me

breathe deeply in my presence and remember that I am the one who fuels your lamp I am your strength I am also

your light keep turning towards me allowing the glory of my presence to saturate you my radiant Beauty brightens

your life and shifts your perspective when you turn away from me

and forget that I’m with you your world appears dark yes this world is deeply

fallen and darkness abounds but I am the light that continues to shine in the

darkness do not be afraid my child trust me wholeheartedly even when things seem

gloomy and I will transform your Darkness into light when planning and

problems consume your thoughts turn to me and Whisper my name let the light of my presence shine

upon you as you Revel in my unfailing love thank me for watching over you always and loving you eternally affirm

your trust in me express your Devotion to me and ask me to illiminate the way

forward deal with your problems as needed but do not let worry or fear dominate your thoughts keep returning

your focus to me and I will illiminate your perspective immerser your mind and heart in scripture read it study it and

memorize verses that resonate with you my word is a lamp to guide your

steps and a light to illuminate your path by following these guidelines your

preoccupation with planning and problems will diminish making space for more of me

Delight in the joy of my presence seek my face always I encourage you to let

your heart rejoice when you seek me picture a deeply inloved couple when the

Man visits his beloved she doesn’t casually say oh it’s you he doesn’t ignore her and ask do you

have something to eat no their Hearts Leap with joy because they are together

you are my beloved and I am the eternal lover of your soul

rejoice in the astounding affection I have for you glorify my Holy Name which is above

every name you can use it freely to commune with me and joyously worship me you have

the privilege of easy access to me some people take pride in their wealth

achievements beauty or fame but I invite you to take joy in me your savior Lord

and lover glorifying me will will strengthen and Delight you infusing your

prayers with power and your heart with joy never underestimate the power of

prayer when people feel discouraged and hopeless they sometimes say there’s

nothing left to do but pray but this is not a feeble Last Resort it’s a powerful connection with

me I designed Humanity to communicate with me even When sin entered the world I

didn’t withdraw this incredible privilege when I walked among you as a man I

relied heavily on prayer to my father I understood how much I needed his

help persistent heartfelt prayer blesses not only you but also your family

friends church and even your country ask the Holy Spirit to help you

pray effectively find others to join you in seeking my face with humility and

repentance beseech me to heal your land wait in my

presence spending time with me brings spiritual emotional and physical

benefits yet many of my children think it’s a luxury they can’t afford they

crave rest and quietness but continue in their fastpaced lives I want you to rearrange your

priorities to make room for restful times with me I will refresh your soul

and strengthen you for the journey ahead be of good courage living in this broken

World demands bravery since bravery isn’t natural for most you will need my help to be strong

and courageous despite the alarming events you don’t have to be terrified or

discouraged train your thoughts to focus on me repeatedly find comfort in my promise to

be with you wherever you go continue to be courageous looking to me for strength

I will fortify your heart I am your Living Lord your rock your savior God

meditate on my greatness and my unwavering commitment to you in a culture where commitment is often

fleeting know that I am your Forever friend and the eternal lover of your

soul you are securely held in my love instead of dwelling on troubles

remember who I am I am your Living Lord your unchanging Rock and your savior

God because I am Everlasting my death on the cross for your sins secures your

salvation completely don’t fear that I’ll stop loving you based on your

performance it is my goodness and righteousness that keep you secure in my

love let my unwavering commitment to you be a source of comfort as you navigate

this troubled world one day you will dwell with me in Paradise

come eagerly into my passionate presence inviting me to satisfy you with my unfailing love the morning right after

you awaken is the best time to seek my face connecting with me eily sets the

tone for your day my boundless love is profoundly satisfying it reminds you of your worth

and significance it assures you that together we can face the challenges of

the day knowing you are forever loved energizes you and grants you the courage

to persevere through difficulties meeting my loving presence in the

morning equips you to sing for joy and be glad consider the incredible privilege

of meeting with the king of kings and Lord of lords in the privacy of your

home Rejoice that your name is inscribed in the Lamb’s Book of Life etched

indelibly take time to savor my presence speak or sing praises read scripture and

pray Delight in the truth that nothing in all creation can separate you from my

love before you call I will answer while you are still speaking I will

hear I understand that sometimes you feel alone lost in the

darkness you continue to pray because it’s the right thing to do but you

wonder if you’re prayers make any difference in those moments remember who

I am the king of glory I transcend time and past present and future are all the

same to me that’s why I can answer before you even call out to

me no prayer of yours goes unheard or unanswered sometimes the answer is no or

not yet other times I answer in ways you cannot see for my wisdom surpasses your

understanding Ponder the wonders of my infinite intelligence and revel in my endless love for you if you persist in

this intimate adoration you will know beyond a doubt that you are never alone you are

mine my beloved my compassions never fail they are new every

morning so start each day with confidence knowing that my blessings are abundant this knowledge helps you wait

for me entrusting your long unanswered prayers into my care I assure you that

not one of those petitions has escaped my notice I want you to drink deeply from

my Fountain of Limitless love and unfailing compassion as you wait in my presence

these Divine blessings are freely available to you even though many of your prayers remain unanswered find Hope

in my great faithfulness I keep all my promises in my perfect way

and timing I promise to Grant you peace that can dispel the troubles and fears in

your heart if impatience sets in remember that I also wait for the moment when you

are ready to receive the blessings I have lovingly prepared for you blessed are all those who wait for me I am

training you in patient endurance this lesson isn’t for the faint of heart but it’s a rich blessing

one aspect of sharing in my kingdom and my suffering my kingdom is eternal and

of infinite value I’ve made it clear that sharing in my sufferings is necessary for sharing in my glory

moreover this experience produces real benefits in your character patient

endurance can only be developed through hardship embrace the very problem you

dread bring it into my presence with Thanksgiving acknowledging your willingness to endure it as long as I

see fit ask me to take that dark ugly thing and transform it into something

beautiful I can weave strands of Glory into the most heart-wrenching situations

it may take time for the lovely pattern to emerge but this waiting builds

patience Rejoice beloved for I am refining your character until it shines with the light of my glory I am the

living one who sees you always I see into into the depths of your being not one of your thoughts escapes

my notice my intimate awareness of everything about you means that you are never alone whether in good times or

struggles I also want to cleanse your thoughts of their sinful Tendencies when you find yourself

thinking in a Loveless hurtful way confess it to me

immediately ask me not only for forgiveness but also for transformation you don’t need to plead

for Grace as if you had to convince me to extend it to you I endured a torturous execution and

separation from my father to remove your sins as far as the East is from the West

I Delight in forgiving you remember that I see you clothed in

radiant garments my perfect righteousness I already see the Glorious

Vision you will become When Heaven becomes your Eternal home whoever believes in me does not believe

in me only but in the one who sent me when you look at me you see the one

who sent me I came into the world not only to be your savior but also to help

you see the father more clearly he and I always work in perfect Unity as I proclaimed when I taught in

the temple in Jerusalem I and my father are one so when you strive to live close

to me fixing ing your eyes on me you are by no means ignoring my

father the Trinity Father Son and Holy Spirit is a wonderful gift to you even

though it remains a mystery beyond your comprehension this threein one God

greatly enriches your prayer life you can pray to the father in my name speak

directly to me and the Holy Spirit is always available to help you in your prayers don’t be troubled by the mystery

of the godhead instead respond with joyous praise and

adoration my dear child I hope these words touch your heart deeply and remind

you of the boundless love and grace I have for you know that you are cherished

protected and never alone I Am With You Always offering you

my unfailing love and guidance listen to my response even though the whole world

may abandon you I will never forsake you even if all those who claim to love you let you down

I will never fail you my love for you surpasses theirs and I speak the truth

you can trust me I will never let you down your family your future and your

well-being are in my hands cherish value and protect them do not risk the

blessings you’ve received do not underestimate them if you remain faithful in the little things and take

care of what I’ve given you in times of need my word promises you that your blessings will multiply and I will give

you even more of great Eternal value and remember my child you love me

prepare yourself because you’ll be amazed at the size of the door I’m opening for you have faith be dedicated

and wise in all your actions and prepare yourself because everything I have planned for you and your family will

come like an abundant rain of amazing blessings you asked for confirmation so

that you could make decisions about the things you’ve been contemplating all these days and this is your answer

clearly I come to tell you that you must take risks and leave behind all the fears that have kept you trapped for

these years and in this situation that you can no longer endure your dreams are vast your desires

are marvelous but you’ve been held back by the fear of failure it’s time to take my hand and

soar nothing will be the same as before do not be afraid hold on to me now

before every important decision I’ll be with you day and night ensuring that

everything aligns with my divine plan open your Bible and offer a sincere

prayer because that’s when I’ll show you that everything I’ve spoken to you is real it’s not a fantasy heaven and Earth

will pass away but my word will remain alive and come to

pass I will guide you to where you need to be to the place where you will prosper I will show you exactly where

that special door I’m opening for you is located starting today many things in

your life will transform accept my blessing you will reach a place that will be the starting

point for all your dreams to come true you will meet people on the same path as you thinking like you together

you will build a future of blessings and wonders because my plans are immense and you have no idea of the

greatness that lies ahead in your life be kind and considerate to every

person you meet from today onwards you will encounter good sincere and

interesting people you will receive help from unexpected places keep your eyes

open and your senses alert so that when the door opens and opportunity comes you

won’t be distracted by worthless and senseless projects you know me well I don’t need

to say more my message is crystal clear and you’ve understood it you know that I

will guide your steps and be with you at all times I’m here by your side always you

know I won’t leave you I’m as firm as a rock nothing and no one can move me

close your eyes breing breathe in this Divine breath I send to you in case you’re in a hurry and need to

leave take this beautiful peace with you and leave your anxiety with

me sometimes you feel you don’t deserve it but I will remain by your side out of

love I won’t change my mind you want to draw closer to me but you hesitate when

you’re about to surrender the things that disturb your peace doubt Creeps in and you continue

to carry that sack full of bitterness listen to my voice feel the healing

sweetness it brings let me write and seow my word in your soul listen I love

you you are free with tenderness I embrace you I guard you in my hands

today you may face many challenges on your journey but wherever you go listen

once more and feel it I will be with you I will continue Whispering healing words

in your ear ears so you won’t forget me so you won’t drift away so you won’t let

your emotions deceive your mind I will keep a flame burning in your heart and

when darkness surrounds you enveloping you with its coldness and Terror my

light will shine brighter just like the sun illuminates your world evil cannot hide when it faces my

eternal light any spiritual enemy trying to bring you sorrow

today will cease to exist give me the opportunity to show you how much I love

you pay attention during the day when my voice Whispers In Your Ear I’m speaking

to you I’m pouring Divine oil on your head I am preparing you I am removing

false ideas from your mind if you have falter it my forgiveness cleanses and

lifts you it is not my will for you to crawl on the ground totally defeated by

fear and guilt for past mistakes I am here to love you if my will were to

punish you you wouldn’t be here reflect on this and accept all the love I’ve

offered you for a long time don’t reject it there are two paths and you must

choose now the path of truth and life leading to a wonderful eternity or the

path that separates you from me life won’t be easier if if you follow me but you’ll always have my help and

support when you need it my Holy Spirit Will Comfort you in your sad days and my word will bring

wisdom you have an open door to my presence day and night you can bring your beautiful and sincere petitions

with confidence if you pray for your family and give me your heart I will keep them

in my hands with great love I will surround them with a mantle

of Joy bless them with abundance and harmony keep all their enemies at Bay the Devourer the thief the false

friends I will surround your home with thousands of angels ready to fight and protect you from any threat I am the

same today yesterday and forever and Just As the World Turns day by day and

the stars shine in your nights my presence will embrace you always let there be no doubt I will

fight against any enemy that dares to raise its hand against you do not fear anyone do not tremble at

anything your family is not abandoned You are not alone I have been with you since your

birth waiting for this moment to speak to you clearly and confirm the great blessings that await you I chose you I

gave you a name you belong to me and I won’t let you go even if one day you say you’re tired

of me remember when you’re Where You Are you’ll cry when you recall all the times

I fought for you I extended my hand and rescued you from danger I filled you

with peace and pulled you from conflicts everyone abandoned you no one

else watched over you but I always looked at you with eyes of mercy and I continue to love

you my love for you grows daily in good times and bad in times of poverty or

prosperity in health or sickness I will fulfill my eternal commitment I

know that today you feel my presence in a real and Powerful way and it will be like that forever I will never leave you

reject any doubts there is no one in the universe who can steal this tenderness

this peace this immense happiness I have for you I love you and care for you with

love and even though people say otherwise I will find ways to show you my affection daily today your

tribulation ends your storm is over for me nothing is impossible my love knows

no bounds you can’t even imagine how far I will go for you a new day has begun and from now on

you will only receive blessings and opportunities open doors beautiful friendships and holy

Prosperity you will be free from Financial slavery and I will bless your prayers your work your efforts and

everything you have when I make a promise I guarantee that it will be

fulfilled I am with you and I will always be there no matter how difficult

the situation seems I am your protector and your comforter when you need it most

I will guide you and lead you on the path of righteousness nothing will confuse your

mind anymore I will always be in your thoughts filling you with beautiful and eternal

Serenity your heart will overflow with joy and you will experience the beauty

of life I will give you reasons to laugh those pains that made you cry will come

to an end I will never stop blessing you my love for you is

unconditional here I am ask for the good and holy things you desire bring me your

needs and I will answer your prayers with blessings and freedom I will bless you with Peace and

Freedom I will bring abundance I will prosper all your paths nothing will

confuse you or take away your sleep because I will always be in your thoughts reminding you of my promises

and my Commandments nothing and no one in this world can give you the beautiful peace

that I can I have listened carefully to your blessings and Praises as well as

your complaints and apologies in your prayers but I have to tell you that you

move me when you thank me in the midst of your problems you have been through a lot you

asked to fight against that process that caused you so much pain and kept you from sleeping to put to work what you do

to strengthen your faith I am pleased when you raise your hands in the midst of your battles and say father I love

you thank you for everything you know what you’re doing even if I don’t understand it I know

that everything works for good I trust you I’m listening to you with emotion

tears run down your face and my ears Delight in it because I know you’re telling the truth you trust with all

your heart that I will provide for your needs I can feel your gratitude and your

sincerity don’t give up your success is on its way you will see dry valleys in your

life turn turn green again resources you thought were depleted will reactivate and return to

you more abundant than ever you know how the enemy Works don’t let his lies deceive you no matter how

you feel I will continue to bless you if conflicts come back to you don’t despair

call on me and I will answer you don’t worry anymore I have sent my angels to

protect you so you can live confidently and securely

I know you know it you’ve seen it don’t forget these words and you will

have the strength to overcome your enemies you will see how fear grips them

when they see that I am working through you you are in the right flock don’t

leave don’t jump around confused don’t distance yourself from this indestructible protection I offer

you don’t reject my reprimand even when I correct you listen to my messages and give me your

full attention don’t let Pride fill your heart I want you to be humble and simple

like me it’s time to stand up and leave behind the mistakes of the past without

losing faith stop looking down lift your face and enjoy the good things that will

happen because I your heavenly father have chosen you to give you my

inheritance you know that in my presence you can find rest and strength you’ve

listened carefully to my promises and if you truly believe them show it to me by

standing up and facing every problem with determination and faith I am your

God the creator of everything you see I know what I’m doing I lead you by the

hand I inspire you with my holy spirit’s light I will bless your Dwelling Place I

will send a reign of blessing so that you and your family can reap the fruit of your efforts and in my perfect time

receive an answer to your prayers if you’re hearing these words

you will understand them bend your knees with reverence because the place and

time you are in is Holy I want to work Supernatural miracles in your life but I

also want your faith commitment and loyalty this this is a token of my love

and because you asked for it these two words are my sign to you I love you

everything will be fine every situation no matter how difficult it seems is in

my hands and I will grant you Victory don’t be afraid I send you these

words to strengthen your faith to give you love salvation thanks and

forgiveness but I also take care of your problems I have already answered your prayers but

the forces of Darkness have risen to steal from you you’ve done your part and that’s

great you didn’t give up and you continued to pray with faith now you can’t stop keep plowing

this field get up early and sew wipe the sweat from your brow don’t let it

discourage you to see others faint and give up their faith keep working and in

my perfect time you will see a great harvest receive this message and keep it

well when you feel down listen to it again open your Bible feed your soul

with Psalms and Proverbs search the lives of my servants The Heroes of Faith who

although imperfect shut the mouths of lions defeated armies and nothing and no

one could overcome them to others I gave the grace to endure pain and suffering ing they were

persecuted by the world fought day and night but never denied me until their

last Earthly moment they remained faithful to my call you too will not

give your enemies the privilege of defeating you those who seek to take away your family’s

Harmony you will confront them in my Holy Name you will fight to the end they

dare to challenge you but they will pay a high price do not submit to a

emotional suffering run from those who hurt you with their shouts and their way of speaking you committed to supporting

them in good times and bad but they have no right to take away your future and trample your

integrity stand up you have great worth and precious dignity protect your little

ones flee from violence and wickedness don’t worry about what people

will say none of those who criticize you are extending their hand to help you in this time of conflict

so take these words into account and fight for your freedom don’t put your

hopes in people and don’t seek support from those who can let you down this is the truth many promise you

eternal love but run away when the storm approaches they take your joy with them

and steal the little hope you have left do you want me to speak more

clearly listen now to this Escape ese from violence for the sake of your

children don’t be afraid I will provide everything you need but don’t follow

people who want to clip your wings so you can never fly I rescued you so that

your future would be bright I healed your soul to fill it with my

love I will pour peace into your heart and anoint you with Supernatural joy in times of pain The Winds of the world

bring pessimism and Whisper negative thoughts in your ears but no matter what happens how you feel cling to the

security my words provide Don’t Be Afraid don’t lose heart be strong and

courageous I am with you wait for me at dawn come into my presence when you

receive the first rays of the new day the brightness you see is my love

announcing wonderful and Supernatural things that I want can and will be in

your life give give me your faith early even if you are tired or troubled bend

your knees bring all your conflicts and problems to my feet your anxiety and

frustration today I spoke to you with affection and told you what’s in my heart you have decided to listen to me

obey me and walk toward your future with faith and determination I have said it and you

believe it I will prosper you greatly despite the situation you are in today

and all the obstacles you see everything will be fine I will defeat your enemies

You Will Raise Your Hands to Heaven in Praise give thanks for your blessings

and tell your family that it’s worth hearing believing and obeying the word of your heavenly father I love you amen


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