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my dear child today I come to offer you peace and calm I saw your tears

yesterday because of that situation we both know well but I am here to remind

you that I am always watching over you and not a single hair Falls from your head without my

knowing so today I assure you that you will overcome the trial you think you

cannot bear and you will do so victoriously and with your your head held high I am here to ease the burden

on your shoulders first however I will provide the strength you seek and let you

experience my profound love ensuring your spirit remains resilient and your

faith firm open your heart wide allow my words

to flow into you freely and let them transform every aspect of your being I

understand you have Fai tough days and felt overwhelmed just open your heart and

welcome my message I will boost your strength and prolong your life I also wish that every morning when

you wake up you feel wrapped in Divine happiness empowered with strength

dispelling your doubts filling you with peace and helping you see the beautiful blessings you will receive

today my goal is to give you the courage to face life bold ly and to trust in my

willingness to bless you fear not I do not ask for your

possessions my love is freely given I do not demand a portion of your earnings to

show you my affection instead give me your gratitude and

loyalty Place me first in your life and home so that my words may fill your

hoose and everyone can hear my voice as I speak of my sweet love give me your

life your heart let your eyes look forward to the paths that lead to

Blessings never turn away from me shun lies and wickedness and I will give you

the best I will surround you with abundance provision health and

strength if you dare to go against the flow and choose not to please this world of falsehood if you open your heart to

my truth I will be your path your peace your Shepherd

your lord my word will always be the light on

your path I will reveal where dangers hide and I will confound your enemies

fear nothing you can do all things for I strengthen you I will bless you and

remind you often so you never forget when troubles arise may your first

reaction be a beautiful emotion born from your sincere faith for your soul

already already feels secure in my protection understand that problems do

not come to destroy you and life’s battles cannot take away your

truth you are a child of God Almighty the creator of the

universe I will never Tire of speaking to you whenever I wish I will touch the

window of your soul even in the early hours whispering in your ears with this

holy voice that resonates with in you you will come thirsty to dive into

this spiritual River drink from Heavenly sources and feast on the Eternal

Word you will never hunger or thirst your soul will be fulfilled and you

won’t need the destructive vices and bad habits of this world to find joy for I

will be your joy the fire burning in your heart driving you forward I will reveal to you what lies

ahead tell you about the blessings waiting for you and transform your way of thinking and your

character I will take all your desires wishes and plans into my hands and align

them with my will so that every step you take you walk in faith toward the realm

of the supernatural I am your light and your salvation you should fear no one and

nothing I am the strength of your life you are not alone a loser or a coward

you are stronger than you believe in my Holy Name you will Triumph tell me you believe and tomorrow

rise with faith proceed with determination for my angels are with you do not

fear prepare for victory my Champion for I am revealing to you who I am your path

Your Truth your life the peace freedom and hope you need today

day I am your reason to live your strength to keep believing and the enthusiasm to keep moving forward no

matter what challenges you face today no one and nothing can take away your faith

your determination to fight to the end and you’re pursuit of me until you feel

a piece of heaven here on Earth I love you so deeply you don’t need to be in

heaven to feel my closeness my Holy Spirit descends upon upon you like a gentle Dove resting on

your shoulders as your heart listens it Whispers blessings and you feel an

immense joy as if you were soaring there is no burden on your back

it’s as though the clouds themselves are lifting you guiding you through a field brimming with life and

happiness in the midst of your struggles and challenges when enemies surround you

and your emotions are Tangled close your eyes and in the Silence of your heart my holy

spirit will come again to comfort you to ease your stress to envelop you in peace

and to immerse you again in this beautiful Serenity this sacred place is where your

Miracles are born where your sins are forgiven come by faith take refuge under

my protection here your doubts and fears disappear as they encounter my

light come come whenever you wish just turn your face to me I’m listening even

if you speak to me in a whisper even if you feel so weary that all you can do is

hand me your burdens and remain silent here is your blessing here are all the answers to your prayers the peace you

long for I’m your Shepherd and with great love I lead you to calm Waters

here you will find rest it is time to dream don’t worry about anything you

have given me your troubles and I will take care of them you will rise and today you will walk in

peace and if you meet people filled with tension if they speak harshly to you respond with love with a gentle word

that calms anger and eases fury the enemy flees when it sees that

my Holy Spirit resides in your heart step by step don’t give up some

will try to lead you away from this beautiful path but you will keep walking and trusting wrapped in my

peace you’re no longer the person you once were you’re no longer enslaved by

that anxiety I came to give you a life filled with abundance for eternity do not be

troubled by what you see focus on your blessings Others May Stray From the Path

because they have not let me into their hearts but I am your light guiding your

decisions every Darkness trying to Cloud your mind is completely obliterated by

my bright presence I feel your entire being and there’s no space for any feeling that

pulls you back to the past and causes you pain from now on everything is about

Focus courage perseverance Victory and blessing I’m not making life easier for

you I’m simply granting you The Inheritance that my word has already promised you you are blessed with gifts

from above loved and accepted cleansed and spotless chosen for good works

sealed with a promise so you feel and believe that your hope does not diminish

or weaken although years may pass and struggles continue your faith grows ever

stronger each day you become more filled with peace and

Tranquility do not follow the paths where the crowds go come to me and do

not stray or listen to the advice advice of those who do not know me your Victory is assured you do not need to resort to

lies or deceit or seek the shortest or easiest way I will bless you as I have promised

I am not human to fail you or lie to you I’m giving you authority over every

principality and power your enemies will see you and flee but you must be in the

spirit and commit both body and soul to my word and my

Holiness do not rush into battle relying on your own strength I’m the one who

gives you Victory continue as you are praying embracing my word and each time you

listen with closed eyes and an open heart you will feel my tender embrace my

sweet holy and Powerful Love A Feeling So profound and beautiful that it fills

your soul with joy and peace I’m your true father I have loved

you I love you and I will continue to love you forever my dear

child today I am giving you a new life from now on Everything Will

Change start this day with your head held high and your heart filled with faith you will see that everything

transforms gradually around you never forget I am with you every

moment of today providing the strength you need to overcome each Challenge and the sensitivity to appreciate all the

beauty and small blessings I am offering you do not drift away from me and do not

get caught up in the negativity of the world stay positive even if everything around you seems to be falling apart

just breathe in my peace let your heart find rest and remember that everything

has a purpose and I am your almighty God I’m aware of everything that happens I’m

aiding you in tough situations and even in the small details no detail escapes my notice I

give you my love and I want you to show compassion to others to love them and to be patient with

them I want you to forgive them your attitude towards these people can lead

many to come to me today I’m giving you new strength to start aesh I provide you

with wisdom to resolve all your problems live this day with joy because

everything is already in my hands I know all your troubles and your emotions just

stay calm keep faith and strive to do your best if you feel alone don’t be

afraid just pray and you will realize that I have never left your side my love

for you and your loved ones is boundless with these promises I give you believe

believe trust and chase your dreams because I will make everything much better and easier than you can

imagine and when night falls be thankful for everything you’ve experienced your

gratitude matters your attitude is powerful remember that my dear child I’m

with you today tomorrow and always understand your situation very

well and I’m aware of the suffering you endure your struggles are unique and

sometimes your emotions are Tangled but whenever you feel weak hold on to my hand and that’s why you won’t

sink let me be with you in this time of hardship I want you to embrace my word I

will heal your soul and take your pain away forever you’re right to say that many don’t understand you but I know

everything you’ve experienced in the past and I know what you are facing

now the people around you only see what’s on the surface and don’t realize that your heart is in

pain I do understand you and I want to help I want to remove the burden that

weighs you down and free you from the prison of Anguish I am breaking the chains that

still make you a slave to the past I will remove the blindfolds from your

eyes so that you can see the future of goodness and peace I have prepared for

you those who despise you you and don’t understand you will have to be left behind because they have rejected faith

and no longer wish to walk with me I will continue to love them but they have

strayed from the path if you choose to continue by my

side you will need to distance yourself from them Don’t Fear The Path ahead you will not be

alone I will provide you with shade from the hot sun and defend you with my mighty arm an army of angels will March

before you clearing the way and protecting you from enemy

attacks your life is about to change very soon and you will be very glad you

made the right decision you were receptive when I touched your heart and you open the door to me we will be

together forever your pain will become a thing of the past and your life will be filled

with love and happiness I will lavish my grace and kindness upon you you will be

immensely blessed everything will be different I love you and now is the time

for your victories give me your hand you deserve to be happy and I want to bless

you I will surround you with courage and dignity I will raise you up and bless you before those who once humiliated

you I will open the doors and windows of Heaven for you to prosper

greatly receive this word that refreshes your soul my Holy Spirit breathes life into your

heart my power permanently destroys your burdens when You Face difficulties and

feel weary come seek Refuge under my wings there is no one else in this world

who can offer you the pure unconditional love that I do I don’t desire your

material possessions Grand offerings do not impress me I protect and guard you

simply because I love you and I will care for you for a ve I will always be

watching over you it is my will that you also learn to help others become strong

to protect the vulnerable wise and prosperous to provide for those in need

step out in faith toward a level where Supernatural miracles happen Lay Your Hands on the sick so they may be healed

this is my will be free from Financial burdens and have a dignified way to earn

your living avoid debt you don’t need more worries do not become a slave to

creditors if you see someone in need confidently extend your hand speak my

word and break the chains that bind people pray for their freedom help as many as you can you might encounter

Angels along your path who will test your sincerity and greatly increase your

blessings you are entering a new life life in a supernatural realm get used to

witnessing Miracles and using the authority I give you to confront the enemy pray daily come into my presence

and ask for wisdom open your Bible study Proverbs and Psalms memorize what you

read speak them aloud as I inscribe them on your heart Feast on my word every day

and learn something new admire the life of Faith lived by my

my servants watch for signs of the end times but do not argue about my

promises show your faith through your trust in me dare to extend your hand to

the needy with genuine love and compassion please come and listen to me daily remember I have already forgiven

your mistakes and set you free you are no longer under any curse or Bound By

Any Vice I offer you holy Freedom wisdom and Supernatural

Insight listen to my voice Whispering sweet words of Love within you do not

lose touch with me even on days when you don’t feel like praying or talking I

will still come knocking on the door of your heart extending my hand bringing

peace to your soul and surrounding your home with blessed calm accept this you no longer live

under the shadow of fear the good and uplift liting things you plan to do in my Holy Name you will accomplish I’m not

talking about vain self-improvement or corrupt material success it is written

that you will also perform greater Miracles because I have endorsed you

from my heavenly Throne do not fear success do not be

ashamed to be victorious the time for your victories has come you deserve them

you have fought hard and shown your faith it’s time to step into my presence and

receive the blessings I’m about to place in your hands tell me with courage that you

truly believe in me rise with faith because today I will bless you I will

give you strength I will be with you I will never leave you I will test you I

will answer you my word is in your heart I will remind you every minute that I am

always with you and you are never alone in this world of troubles I command thousands of angels to protect your

steps to destroy the dangers lurking in the darkness you should not fear and if

fear attacks you rise again with firm resolve get used to walking with the

attitude of a Victor remember my love for you grows every day My Sacrifice on

the cross was to save you and give you life in abundance I will give myself to

you unreservedly I’m always ready to listen to you

embrace you and give you the peace you need fear not for I will never abandon

you you are my precious treasure and nothing and no one can separate you from

my love rest stop worrying about your problems receive this holy peace I

embrace you and cover you with my grace your well-being and happiness are important to me I’m here to listen and

understand understand everything that is holding you back just remember I will support you no

matter what if something is draining you or causing you discouragement let me

help you find a solution my Holy Spirit resides in you empowering you and giving

you dominion over your emotions enabling you to choose happiness do not seek

happiness from any person it is my will that you be free from emotional dependence

do not fight sin and Temptation with your own strength give me control of your thoughts your spirit your

heart avoid situations that cause unnecessary tension guard your heart

diligently it is the Wellspring of Life stand firm and do not let the violent

steal your joy I want to be first in everything consult me before you take

any steps or make important decisions and I will guide you so you don’t don’t fall into the traps of Thieves or into

the pits of the Devourer I want to impart wisdom to your family every day

it is my desire that they are blessed in every way just as they nurture their

souls and give importance to my word to prayer and to speaking prudently so that

words causing pain do not Escape their lips do not entertain gossip or slander

do not believe everything you hear be wary of those known for lying do not let

anyone plant resentments and fears in you come into my presence bring me your

situations thoughts and emotions stay attentive to me throughout the day feel my presence in your heart and mind you

will hear my guiding voice look around many people suffer and sadness marks

their faces but I want my glory to shine in

you for your courageous look to uplift many you are my beloved Son my beloved

daughter my most precious creation I have given you unique gifts and talents

to use in my name and for my glory do not worry about the future because I

have a plan for you my love is unconditional and eternal my plan is

perfect and will unfold in its time it’s true that I want your heart

and your eyes on my holy path but I have known you since the creation of the universe and I know both your

mistakes and your successes if you fail I seek your repentance come with faith

and ask for forgiveness and I will grant it do not seclude yourself in a dark

room mourning your sins thinking your life is over and that I’m angry I paid

for your faults even before you knew me so come confidently and with

sincerity I will give you another chance do not fear give me your worries that confuse

your soul you belong to me you have entrusted your life to my care my words

are a healing for your soul that’s why I always speak to you with love and with the intention of guiding you on the

right path leave your fears behind and trust in me I’m your rock your safe haven

during storms each time you hear and share these messages your confidence grows your bless blings increase and

your home fills with my love I am your loyal friend your

protector come to me every day in sincere prayer and I will strengthen

your heart I love you I hold you in my hands here I take care of you with love

I have never left you nothing bad will happen to you be attentive you will

overcome this situation you are going through a tough time but

it will soon end your sadness will turn into Joy I send Showers of Happiness to

you in your worst storms I have carried you in my arms and when you feel like crying I will be

waiting for you release those tears you’ve been holding back tell me what

you feel I am listening remember this day I have loved you with an everlasting love and with me

you have the power to rise from the pit of sadness to fill your heart with joy

only with me you can and will be happy even if today you face dark clouds of

conflict believe in me and let my word light up your path your enemies may say you will be

defeated but my word comforts you and my Assurance confirms it to you do not fear

I’m with you I’m strengthening your heart removing your anx anxiety and fear healing your emotions and filling you

with Serenity peace and Supernatural strength so that you may rise with great

courage I see you for who you truly are strong steadfast intelligent and wise

I’m infusing you with spiritual encouragement if you want to witness Miracles and wonders you must move

forward if you want to see walls crumble and chains break you must continue keep praying

believing fighting persisting and persevering I grant you unbreakable

strength and Faith but if you become discouraged or when things don’t go as

planned I will always be there to lift you up my grace and mercy are

Everlasting do not limit my love or my forgiveness if I chose you from your

mother’s womb I also know all the challenges and difficulties you will face I know that you love me believe in

me and will seek me you will not back down from the

negativity you encounter during the day from the threats and lies of the enemy

nor will you be afraid if you believe that I love you

and if you know and feel with certainty that I’m real also believe that a great blessing is coming your way there is an

eternal truth to which you must hold fast I do not change I do not lie I am

always the same and if I have told you a thousand times that I love you it’s because I truly

do no matter what you face I will never stop loving you many find this hard to understand

they prefer to believe lies many give up when they face obstacles but you will not give up you

will not Retreat you will not stop you will not turn back you will not

abandon your faith or my promises that day after day you will hold on your life means so much to me

just as I have helped you in the past I will continue to help you today and every day I will keep showing you how

much I love you in many ways you will have no doubt that I am

always with you looking after you defending you watching over you meeting

your needs listening to your words to your prayers commanding my angels to act

and make your requests come true I’m pleased to see your active faith that you come and share your

desires with me some may tell you not to seek me just to ask for things but I say

Seek me with all your heart and I will take care of the rest a time will come when you realize

that even before you speak I already know your needs well it is never in vain

when you ask me for something I rejoice when I hear the beat of your faith you

know well that I love you and that I will answer you what I appreciate most about you is your patience you do not

get frustrated when my response isn’t immediate you’ve learned to wait and trust that I will give you what will

truly bless your life be courageous I’m filling you with great strength the

times of sadness are passing and joy will return to your life and home you

can serve me share this word and help extend this blessing to many Souls today

I bless you for your pure and humble heart because of your faith great and

wonderful things are coming into your life here I am waiting for you come tomorrow and tell me everything you feel

and want to do bring your plans to my throne and truly I will bless you

abundantly my daughter my son I’m interrupting whatever you’re

doing because I want you to spend some time with me I will calm your heart and organize your

emotions let’s talk about your life I know you are concerned about the future

and work hard but you have your limits it’s time to rest close your eyes

breathe calmly and let go of the anxiety That clouds your vision your internal

struggles are overwhelming you no longer know what to do where to go or whom to

trust therefore I urge you it’s time to return to your

foundations remember where I brought you from and notice how much you have changed and grown in many ways your

faith and your wisdom have strengthened there is a time for everything under

this bright and beautiful sun a time to work to wait to fight fight to win to

receive rewards and to enjoy blessings there are also times of mourning and

pain where even bitter tears can heal the heart and revive the desires you

once laid at my feet failure is not the end of your journey my love for you never

ends if you’ve lost everything due to your own mistakes know that I love you even more because I hold you in my hands

I’m now removing the invisible barriers that have kept you trapped in the same place for years I’m revealing this

because my love for you is deep beautiful significant and positive

changes are coming into your life even as the world becomes clouded with the turmoil of human

conflicts Focus Sun what you love your health education preparation and work

invest your time in what builds your future invest your energy your strength

and your life in seeking my presence every day to gain more prudence and

wisdom I want to align your vision with mine so that you can see what others do

not see the truly wise person avoids danger while the foolish and distracted

get involved in pointless conflicts and challenges risking their lives in health for Fame and

Fortune they end up enslaved by sadness because they achieve nothing as I have

said in my written word my blessing truly enriches spiritually so much so that even your

enemies seek peace with you and my Prosperity surrounds you when others face scarcity and

despair you have a kind heart and you will help those who lack clothing shelter and food as you give to those in

need I will bless you and your family even more do you feel how you feel now

wasn’t this time of spiritual communion worth it you feel happier fulfilled

satisfied and ready to continue your journey I’m also pleased and out of love

for you now I choose to be silent but my affection speaks to you not with words

you can hear it when you close your eyes and faith and listen calmly feeling an emotion flood

your heart and bring tears to your your eyes now you understand I will never

speak to you in shouts come seek me in the Solitude of your room just listen

stay silent and you will even feel the silence itself showing you how much I love you please tell me that you love me

too and thus we conclude this moment of devotion with my blessing amen


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