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my beloved child I understand the ache

in your

soul the weariness that comes from

waiting for miracles that seem to elude

you it is natural to feel disheartened

when prayers go seemingly

unanswered When Hope begins to

wne but do not lose faith for I am here

with you you even in your moments of

doubt and

despair though it may seem like I am

silent I’m working behind the scenes

orchestrating Miracles Beyond Your


imagination trust in my divine plan for

I see the bigger picture that you cannot


comprehend your struggles are not in

Vine for they are shaping you into the

person I have destined you to

be your potence will be rewarded and

your faith will be

strengthened keep your heart open to the

possibility of Miracles even when they


distant remember that I am always by

your side guiding you through the storms

of life and leading you towards brighter

days with boundless love

God dear child may this message resonate

in your hearts remember I am with you

always share this Divine wisdom with

others for in spreading love you

multiply your

blessings together let us illuminate the

world with faith hope and

compassion subscribe to receive more

messages of light and share to bless

others with love from



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