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my beloved child do not be afraid for I am your Guiding Light your unwavering

answer the master key to unlocking all your concerns deep within you are aware of

this truth your heart holds this certainty as I your guiding Shepherd have consistently assured you in

whatever situation you find yourself let go of your worries I understand your

deep concerns about the future your career your livelihood and those critical

decisions that shape your life you may fear losing the very resources you rely on or worry that

others might close doors of opportunity on you you might feel trapped targeted

by those who plot against you with malicious intent but hear me once again

fear not my strength Towers over any challenge you face no person no matter

how influential or deceitful should cause you fear they may rise early plotting to discourage you choosing

words to wound you aiming to tear down what I have built within you I urge you

to seek a moment of Peace a time for Solitude just close your eyes there’s no

need for words in silence listen my voice will penetrate your soul revealing and

healing the hidden scars that trouble you these are the scars that stir you from sleep

leaving you in a haze of confusion unsure of your thoughts or actions fearful of the day ahead and overwhelmed

by the loneliness of night listen and come closer to me enter into my presence

for in my words you will find strength and your much sought answers seek me in

the quiet of Dawn I am ever listening ever understanding even when your heart

Whispers quietly and your eyes are damp with tears remember I cherish you I hold

you close and I am Forever by your side the world may try to drown you in sorrow

but I envelop you in my boundless love While othe

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