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in the Stillness of your existence dear

child I am with you my presence like a

Timeless Shadow envelops you in every

step of your journey as you Traverse the

intricate tapestry of Life know that I

am intricately woven into the fabric of

your being I am not a distant deity but

an everpresent companion walking beside

you in the gentle Whispers of the wind

and the subtle warmth of the sunlight

from the Inception of your existence I

have been there guiding nurturing and

watching over you even in moments when

you may have felt alone I have stood by

your side an unyielding pillar of

support life’s twists and turns May

obscure your vision but my Love Remains

a constant unwavering light that pierces

through the darkness remember dear one

that my love is not contingent upon your

successes or failures it is a boundless

and unconditional force that transcends

human understanding in times of Joy

acknowledge the source of your happiness

and in moments of Sorrow find solace in

the comforting Embrace of of my love The

Echoes of your prayers reach my Divine

ears and I respond not with thunderous

Roars but with the gentle rustling of

leaves a subtle reminder that I am

attuned to your every need your hopes

and dreams are Not Mere Whispers in the

vastness of the cosmos they are

intimately known to me and I walk with

you as you strive to bring them to

fruition in moments of Doubt when the

weight of the world threatens to crush

your spirit remember that you are not

alone I am the silent strength that

bolsters you the quiet voice that

encourages you to persevere the

challenges you face are not

insurmountable mountains but

opportunities for growth and I am your

steadfast guide as you navigate the

rugged terrain of life it is in the

ordinary moments that my presence is

most palpable in the laughter of loved

ones the gentle caress of a breeze and

the beauty of a sunrise you will find

traces of my love look not only to the

heavens but also to the mundane for I am

intricately interwoven into the very

fabric of your daily existence your

journey is a sacred pilgrimage and every

step you take is a Dance with Destiny

embrace the Rhythm of Life knowing that

I am the silent partner in this Divine

choreography your purpose unfolds not as

a grand Revelation but in the subtle

nudges of your heart Guided by the

compass of my love when the storms of

life rage and the Seas of uncertainty

threaten to engulf you fear not I Am The

Anchor that holds you steady amidst the

turbulence your faith is not a shield

against adversity but a lantern that

illuminates the path ahead revealing

that my love is the constant force

guiding you through the Tempest in

moments of reflection Ponder the

intricacies of creation for in every

leaf every creature and every Sunrise

you witness the brush Strokes of my

Divine Artistry the grand tapestry of

existence is a testament to my boundless

love for you and all of creation as you

navigate the Labyrinth of choices let

your moral compass must be guided by the

principles of love compassion and

Justice in your interactions with others

see the reflection of my love and let

kindness be the currency of your

exchanges for in the tapestry of human

connections I am the thread that binds

hearts together in harmony in times of

Celebration acknowledge the source of

your blessings and let gratitude be the

melody that resonates in your heart

grasp the preciousness of each moment

recognizing that time is not a

Relentless adversary but a gift bestowed

upon you use it wisely for every breath

is a reminder of my sustaining presence

in your

life my child your journey is not

without purpose you are a unique

expression of my love a vessel through

which my Divine light shines in the

world embrace the sacred responsibility

that comes with this realization and let

your actions be a reflection of the love

that courses through your veins as you

walk the path of Life know that you are

are never truly alone I am the

everpresent shadow that accompanies you

a Silent Witness to your triumphs and a

source of strength in moments of

tribulation trust in the unfolding of

your story for I am the author of your

destiny and my love is the ink that

writes upon the pages of your existence

in closing my beloved take solace in the

certainty that my love knows no bounds

it is a flame that burns eternally a

Beacon of Hope that illuminates the

darkest corners of your soul as you

continue your Journey May the awareness

of my abiding presence bring you peace

courage and an unwavering sense of

purpose subscribe and type amen if you

love Jesus

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