I Am Your Protector | Daily God Messages And Prayers

my dear child I your living God stand

before you with exuberant Vitality

Beyond Compare surpassing even the most

vibrant individuals you may know the

human physique though exquisitely

crafted Bears the weight of gravity and

succumbs to the inevitable effects of

Aging even the most exceptional athlete

cannot escape the passing of time but

fear not for an enduring and bountiful

life can only be found in the Embrace of

my divine presence do not fret over the

Frailty of your mortal form instead

regard it as a mere Prelude to my

infusion of Boundless Energy into your

very essence as you align more fully

with me our lives become inseparably

intertwined while the outward aging

process May persist inwardly you grow

stronger with each passing year those

who dwell closely with me acquire an

inner Vitality that defies the years

rendering them seemingly youthful

despite the sand of time allow my life

force to course through your veins as we

walk together in the brilliant light

behold my unfailing love never wains and

my compassion knows no end they are

renewed with each Dawn I understand the

desperate longing within you to believe

in this truth and I acknowledge the

struggles you face in doing so it may

seem that your problems and pains are

unending but rest assured I am tenderly

present ever ready to guide you safely

through this day Embrace this reality

and and it shall be the pivotal

difference between merely coping and

falling into despair in moments when the

tides of Life turn unfavorably placing

your trust in me May demand more effort

but during such times remember that each

morning brings fresh mercies gifts from

my Divine heart as you prepare for the

day ahead remind yourself that I have

adored you with garments of Salvation An

Elegant robe of righteousness destined

for Heavenly Heights my Mercy acts as a

grand and rescue lifting you from the

clutches of darkness and setting you

firmly upon the path to Glory no matter

what adversities you encounter today

take solace in the knowledge that I am

with you standing as your living deity

as you walk in my light you shall

discover the profound secrets of

existence your essence intertwines with

mine igniting a wondrous Symphony of

life and purpose God’s message for you

today I love you just the way you are

not because of what you do

many thoughts compete for your attention

especially when you’re in Stillness you

should learn to recognize my voice from

others ask my spirit for this

understanding many of my children get

caught up in confusion trying to follow

various directions this leads to a

scattered and frustrating life don’t

fall into this trap walk closely with me

listen for my guidance and enjoy my

companionship don’t let other voices

tangle you up my sheep recognize my

voice and follow me wherever I lead I am

your lord seek me as a friend and the

one who loves your soul deeply but

remember that I am also the King of

Kings Supreme overall you can make plans

as you look at the day ahead but hold

those plans Loosely knowing I might have

different ideas the most important thing

is to decide what to do right now

instead of worrying about what’s on the

horizon focus on the task before you and

the one who never leaves your side let

every everything else Fade Away clear

your mind and allow me to occupy more of

your thoughts trust me to show you the

next step once you’re done with what

you’re doing now I’ll guide you step by

step as you align your will with mine

that’s how you stay close to me on the

peaceful path allow my love to flow into

every part of your being don’t hold back

any area from me I know you completely

so don’t try to present a polished self

to me the wounds you keep hidden from my

love’s light will Fest and become toxic

secret wrongdoings you hide from me can

take on a life of their own controlling

you without you realizing it open

yourself fully to my transforming

presence let my brilliant love light

find and eliminate hidden fears this

process takes time alone with me as my

love seeps into your innermost being

embrace my perfect love that casts out

all fear I care for all who love me

allow the Assurance of my watchful care

to bring you comfort especially during

tough times this assurance is for you

because you love me of course it’s not

about earning my protection through love

and those under my watchful care who

belong to me are the ones who love me

it’s a response to what I’ve done you

love me because I loved you first in

moments of danger and Chaos even strong

adults sometimes cry out for their

parents’ help it’s an instinctive

reaction based on childhood memories

when fear strikes people desire the

protection of someone bigger and

mightier know that I’m always watching

over you like a Shepherd caring for

their flock sometimes you may feel alone

and unprotected the remedy is to trust

that I’m with you and start conversing

with me pouring out your heart opening

up to me will help you sense my watchful

and loving presence I created you with

love for love loving and being loved are

what give your life meaning and purpose

if you’ve let sin unforgiveness or your

past separate you from my love you might

feel empty and unhappy many of you

struggle with healthy relationships

because you either don’t know how to

accept love or you expect others to give

you what only I can provide this can

lead to frustration damaging marriages

and hurting friendships my word teaches

that my love is perfect and

unconditional I love you perfectly not

because you’re perfect but simply

because I want to love is my Essence it

defines me I never stop loving you you

just need to embrace that love and life

confidently knowing my love gives your

life purpose hold on to me in your worst

moments when people offend you and hurt

your feelings when darkness surrounds

you and you think there’s no reason to

continue remember that you are mine you

must aspire to greater things not settle

for a life of tears and suffering in a

corner I love you I help you I forgive

you I restore you and I offer you a

better future powerful gift gifts and

talents peace joy and health stand tall

with dignity for you are a princess a

prince forever protected by your

powerful Heavenly Father tell me with

your lips that you believe in me I

believe you beloved father I’m giving

you the opportunity you’ve asked for I’m

removing the obstacles that were

stopping you I will grant the requests

you’ve been praying for many situations

in your life are changing your character

family and home will transform focus on

the days ahead leave the past behind and

trust me to completely transform your

life you’ll have to let go of many

things that pull you into a deep pit set

your sights on Heavenly things and set

aside the vanities of this world your

life is precious your family is

wonderful and the plans I have for you

are immense you might find it hard to

believe but you want achieve your dreams

through your strength recognize this and

Trust in my mercy and Power don’t Place

complete trust in people who promise

unbreakable friendship but fail to truly

believe in my love they heed the

judgments of others and submit to the

punishments and despisement that others

want to impose on them many want to

subject you to their selfish way of

thinking they say they love you but they

want to steal from you make you follow

impossible rules that they don’t even

adhere to they dress in garments of

false righteousness and fake Holiness

claiming to be better than you no matter

what you do you always end up the

wrongdoer the one to blame in their eyes

but believe this with all your heart

your mind this is your time seize this

moment I will bless you and your family

there’s nothing you can ask for that my

love can’t give you I will restore

what’s rightfully yours your dignity and

the place you deserve I have a better

life for you if you give me your heart

and accept the healing and forgiveness

my sweet love offers the promises are

already written and you carry them in

your heart so if you’re going to believe

in me do it with all your soul and mind

don’t be like those who talk about my

love but don’t truly believe it they pay

more attention to people’s judgments and

submit to the punishments and criticisms

others want to impose on them kneel and

pray receive my grace and enjoy your

time alone with me I want to heal your

soul do not suffer any longer I am your

friend and I will never judge you

dedicate time to read my holy word and

connect with my love this way you can

break free from the situation that

weighs heavily on you today is the day

for change there is still hope your

problem has a solution do not give

another day of your life to Despair and

suffering it’s better to use your time

to have conversations with me you have

nothing to lose and it’s for your own

good do not surrender your blessings to

despair believe and my power will

manifest daily in your life I’ve been

through trials but I emerged Victorious

there is no force in the universe that

can bring you down if you receive my

powerful words with faith and accept

these wonderful blessings with love and

humility I’m calling you to complete

Freedom today you’ll hear from my own

Lips Your solution you might think your

situation is too complicated but you’ve

already given me your life and your

heart I’ve placed my Holy Spirit within

you a conviction that nothing is

impossible for me I want you to think it

say it shout it and write it down but

most importantly I want you to believe

it shout it now in faith nothing is

impossible for God fill yourself with

this assurance my promise is alive and

when I send it to heal your land and

bring changes to your life my word

doesn’t return empty sometimes it might

seem difficult for you to believe that

things can change but you are a child of

the omnipotent God God urgently renew

your way of thinking I’ve placed my Holy

Spirit within you you carry my

Supernatural power as well powerful

Miracles will happen when you speak my

word with love when you treat others

with kindness when you control your

temper and stop yelling at those you

love when you cease to offend with your

Manner and instead love those you should

love I’m opening your eyes and showing

you wonderful things you cried out to me

and I’m responding with beautiful

Revelations come and seek my word every

day listen attentively tune your ears

open your Bible know this you have

access to a supernatural realm where you

are loved protected guided and directed

by your heavenly Father Day and Night

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