“I Am Your Loving Father”– God | Gods blessings |

heavenly father is saying to you today

my dearly beloved kid today hear my

voice as I speak directly to your heart

I am your Creator and I designed you

with a unique intention I long for our

conversations please draw near once

again I eagerly await the sound of your

voice always remember your identity and

and hold tight to the virtues you value

keep your eyes on the horizon there’s a

world filled with kindness and

opportunity out there my faith in you is

unwavering I’m confident you’ll overcome

any obstacle with my

guidance subscribe to the channel if you

truly believe in Jesus embarking on new

Journeys may feel daunting but remain

bold and fearless you’re not navigating

this alone I’m by your side every step

of the way as my beloved know I’ll

always be here for you guiding you on a

path that’s Uniquely Yours fear not but

trust in my

lead speak to me share your thoughts and

let’s Converse about your hopes and

fears pray for guidance for yourself and

for others for each person holds a

special place in my

creation come back to me embrace my

acceptance my arms are always open to

you your trust signifies your faith a

precious connection between us if you

have faith in God right hon

1 thought on ““I Am Your Loving Father”– God | Gods blessings |”

  1. Thank You Lord For Everything I Love You And I Still Need You Thank You God For Always Loving Me Sending You Love And Light God Bless Us All Amen ❤❤❤


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