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welcome dear one to a journey of divine

connection and guidance in the midst of

life’s trials and tribulations you need

not bear the weight of your worries

alone there exists a constant presence a

guiding force that beckons you closer

urging you to trust in its boundless

love and unwavering support these words

a gentle whisper from the heart of

compassion invite you to open your soul

to the Embrace of divine grace let them

be a beacon of hope in times of

uncertainty a reminder that you are

deeply cherished and never alone on your

path embrace the transformative power of

faith and allow yourself to be led by

the hand of a love that knows no bounds

welcome dear child to the journey of a

lifetime my dear child you need not bear

the weight of your worries Alone come

closer to me in times of overwhelm and

trust your burdens to me when faced with

challenging choice say Seek my guidance

I am eternally present to hear you from

the first light of dawn to the evening’s

close and even in the quiet of the night

no matter the magnitude of your missteps

I’m always ready to listen to your

prayers my forgiveness eternally

available to you remember you are deeply

loved and cherished let not guilt or

remorse Lead You astray or create a

barrier between us never forget my Mercy

knows no bound s and my grace is always

ready to embrace you in my love you will

find peace comfort and Redemption

therefore my child my precious daughter

I urge you to pause and reflect at this

moment do not be afraid to open your

heart to me what lies ahead is for your

betterment not your harm I understand

life’s complexities and the daunting

challenges you face but always remember

I am steadfastly by your side I will

never let you drown or let go of your

hand in times of trial and tribulation I

will guide you on the path to Joy

celebration and abundance just give me a

chance in your life allow me to be a

part of every aspect of your existence

my child do not turn away from me do not

ignore my words my daughter refrain from

seeking fulfillment in fleeting things

for I promise you it will only lead to

more sorrow and despair

now open your heart to me and let me

transform your life let my grace reach

and fill you with peace and joy in me

you will discover a true and enduring

love that surpasses all understanding

and will never abandon you please open

your heart now let me in let me be your

constant companion your safe haven and

your strength in times of weakness do

not hesitate to take this step and do

not let your fears keep keep you te to

past errors remember the best is still

to come keep an open and receptive heart

trust that everything will happen at the

right time I bless you with my love and

peace rest assured that I will always be

with you guiding and supporting you

always I will take care of you I will

always be your pillar of support simply

trust in me wholeheartedly and place all

your concerns in my hands in me let and

scarcity will not trouble you for I will

fulfill your dreams and desires I will

enhance your financial State and

strengthen your family bonds please

believe in what I say to you today for I

am not one to make empty promises of

happiness I am your father who has loved

you since the beginning of time I want

you to open your heart to my love to

welcome the grace and favor I bestow

upon your journey now is the moment to

trust with your entire mind heart and

soul release those emotions that cause

pain and Lead You astray stop clinging

to anxieties that obstruct your life and

cause internal turmoil you have given so

much only to be repayed with hurt yet in

me your suffering ends I love you deeply

even though it might seem hard to grasp

you are the treasure purchased by my

precious blood I need you to realize

that my aspiration is to guide you to

the Des Desy I have planned for you a

journey filled with favor and blessings

where all will be well anticipate

confidently my response to your prayers

for the gates of my heavenly kingdom are

ever open to you approach me freely with

confidence and Trust for I do not fail

those who put their faith in me when the

enemy tries to snatch away your faith

and Assurance stand firm do not listen

to its deceitful words or entertain its

false charges

do not be scared or dismayed instead be

strong and courageous for I will lavish

you with abundance and mercy know that

my grace and might Are Forever on your

side I will accompany you turning your

challenges into blessings your sorrow

into joy and your tears into Smiles I

cherish you my child I will continuously

care for you my daughter remember even

at this moment you are in my thoughts

please entrust everything to me I will

ensure your journey is filled with

well-being prosperity and immense Joy

you have called to me in prayer and I

have listened that’s why today I will

visit your home and transform your faith

I am aware of your struggles and your

need for my Aid prepare yourself for I

am coming to you as your Mighty God the

performer of Wonders and today I bring

you the fortitude and resilience needed

to conquer the trials you face face fear

not I understand your plight but now is

the time to recognize your need for I

see that you and your family are

journeying through a vast desert where

Solitude parches hope and the adio path

scorches I know it’s hard to keep moving

forward and to believe that amidst this

hardship my hand is there to uphold you

remember the key to unlocking Miracles

has always been and will always be your

faith so I say to you today what you are

enduring is simply a phase of refinement

just as gold is tested and shines

brightly through fire so will you emerge

radiant and cleansed of the negativity

that still lingers within now is the

moment to release anger vanity fear

doubt and a lack of faith do not linger

in the past for nothing there can

compare to the joy and blessings I am

ready to Grant you my child I urge you

not to be troubled by the challenges

ahead not succumb to impatience in this

time of trial You are not alone for I am

with you protecting you from those who

seek to harm and hurt you I implore you

not to fret over material losses or weep

for them rather focus on what truly

matters love me fervently seek me with

Relentless determination remember I am

your God your provider with the wealth

of Miracles awaiting you my Almighty

hand is ever extended to you longing to

give you what you truly need allow me to

fill you with genuine blessings and open

wide the gates of opportunity let me

shower you abundantly with my favor know

that I can turn and transform negative

situations for your benefit so do not

lose heart for behind every problem and

frustration behind every barrier I am

preparing a bounty of blessings and

prosperity for you ready yourself to

receive and wisely Steward what I bestow

upon you my child seek me earnestly hold

my words dear and continue in prayer the

Miracles I have planned for you are

boundless focus on what is most

important strive and be steadfast in

this walk of faith and if you do I

promise to enrich you lavishing you with

blessings and miraculous wonders more

precious than gold in closing May these

words serve as a Beacon of Hope and INSP

eration in your life’s journey may you

hold fast to the belief that you are

never alone and that you are deeply

cherished by Allah love that transcends

all understanding let your heart be

filled with courage and faith knowing

that every step you take is Guided by

Divine Purpose and infinite grace

embrace the challenges that come your

way for they are the Stepping Stones to

your growth and transformation remember

you are a beloved child of the universe

destined for great greatness and

boundless Joy trust in the path laid

before you and may your life shine

brightly with a light of compassion

kindness and unwavering love I love you

amen thank you for watching God bless

you dear

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