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my beloved child do not allow yourself

to remain unaware of the tactics

employed by the enemy do not let the

accuser of the Brethren occupy more

space in your mind than your Advocate

Jesus the enemy is a master of deception

and lies are his native tongue he seeks

only to steal and destroy refuse to let

fear undermine your faith do not allow

uncertainty about the future to

overshadow what you already know about

me do not let a temporary setback weaken

your determination to persevere and do

not permit someone else’s agenda to Fort

my Divine plans for you place your trust

in me and fear not for I am your

strength and song do not let fear

dissipate your energy instead invest

your energy in trusting me and singing

my song the battle for control of your

mind is intense and years of worry have

made you vulnerable to the enemy

therefore you must remain Vigilant in

guarding your thoughts do not despise

this weakness within yourself for I am

using it to draw you closer to me your

constant need for me creates an intimacy

that is well worth all the effort

You are not alone in this struggle for

your mind my spirit residing within you

stands ever ready to Aid you seek his

guidance to control your mind and he

will bless you with life and peace type

Amen in the comments and get blessed


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