I AM SORRY! | YOU ARE TO BUSY FOR ME! |God message jesus | God Tells |

Jesus advises place your trust in the Divine timing of God for he possesses

the perfect discernment to bring forth the blessings for which you have earnestly prayed I am ever present by

your side whether you find Solace enjoy or confront adversities regardless of

the challenges you may encounter I stand beside you extending support and

imparting guidance the blessings bestowed by God are not constrained by

Earthly circumstances he possesses the ability to transform any situation and Usher

Miracles into your life believe steadfastly in his omnipotence and

maintain hope for a luminous future like this video If you believe in God you are

cherished and enveloped in God’s love he is preparing to shower you with

blessings that will bring forth joy and abundance

akin to a rejuvenating rainfall God is eager to rejuvenate and uplift you

replacing everything that may have been lost to adversity and inundating your

life with immeasurable blessings the omnipotence of God is

boundless he crafted the entirety of the universe within days therefore

consider the wondrous Transformations he can enact in a single day to El elevate your life surrender yourself unto him

and bear witness to the miraculous occurrences he shall orchestrate on your behalf in times of

distress anchor yourself in my assurances my affection for you remains

unwavering and my ability to safeguard you knows no bounds additionally Repose

faith in my Divine Sanctuary for I am the harbinger of of

light amid darkness and the dispenser of Justice to those who seek to cause you

harm each day God breathes life into aspects of your existence that may have

seemed dormant your aspirations relationships well being finances and

Joy are being revitalized in the name of Jesus remember as a disciple of Christ

Solitude is a foreign concept God is perpetually with you and

he has bestowed upon you the Holy Spirit to accompany you imparting guidance

Solace and camaraderie my cherished child it is

imperative to recognize the profound influence harbored within your words and sentiments when you articulate

positivity and gratitude even amid adversity you shall witness the materialization of blessings

in your life never underestimate the potency of your faith it possesses the

strength to surmount any obstacle that may obstruct your path place your trust

in my provision and you shall bear witness to the marvels of abundance fear

not for I am your Shield amidst life’s tempests ready yourself for within the

forthcoming hours anticipate the influx of myriad blessings poised to

revolutionize Your Existence a substantial Financial

metamorphosis Looms on the horizon promising Prosperity robust Health

Felicity and Jubilation rest assured I shall perpetually Stand By Your Side

offering guidance and protection through me you

shall attain success affluence and inspiration

Embrace unwavering trust in me and observe as miraculous phenomena unfurl

across your career finances well being and

relationships these blessings shall bring forth profound happiness Radiant

Smiles and breakthroughs in your financial realm verily I am the Catalyst

for promotions and propitious circumstances within your life type

to affirm God asserts today retain these

three pivotal tenants in your heart place your trust in me for I shall

navigate you through every facet of existence irrespective of the fractures

you encounter lean upon me and I shall mend what is broken my beloved child

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