I Am Sad Because You Always Ignore Me | Christian motivational | God Come 🫴

child I want you to know that my love

for you is like an everlasting fuel an

unwavering source of energy that never

runs dry it flows freely and is always

there to help you on your way through

life I see that you worry too much about

your health and energy sometimes it’s

okay to worry about these things but

they can take over your thoughts I feel

like I’m on the edges of of your your

mind at those times which makes it

harder for you to accept my help dear

one The Cure is to stop thinking about

things over and over again and put your

full attention on me as you look at me

more my unfailing love this Supernatural

source of energy that flows through you

freely when you trust me comes through

more it not only makes you feel better

but it also helps me love other people

through you so let my Endless Love fill

you up and give you strength as you walk

your life’s path with me please keep

turning your attention back to me don’t

forget that I think about you all the

time and I’m keeping an eye on

everything that you do there are times

when it can be hard to stay focused

especially if you’re tired or weak give

yourself Grace when you feel your heart

and mind moving away from me please come

back to me right away even if it’s just

Whispering my name in a respectful way

that is a form of worship let me take

care of all your worries and concerns

you’re used to letting scary thoughts

roam freely in your mind even though I

know it’s not always easy still you need

to train yourself to trust that I will

help you and bring all your worries to

me remember that you are never going

through this alone I know everything

about you and your situation at all

times and I have all the power in heaven

and on earth when you you come into my

presence let go of your worries and

cares so that you can trust me like a

child know that you are about to go on

an exciting Journey with me it might not

be easy right now but this time is

definitely full of both good things and

hard things as you go through tough

times keep an open mind to the lessons I

want to teach you B ready to let go of

things that are familiar and fully

Embrace this adventure I promise that I

will give you everything you need to

deal with the problems that come up

don’t waste your time and energy trying

to guess what will happen in the future

instead put your trust in me because I

have access to a huge number of

resources including angels as you make

choices along this path pray all the

time I can guide you wisely because I

know what lies ahead even though your

mind may come up with many ideas I am

the one who who guides your steps and

make sure they are safe my people are

strong and I bless them with a peace

that can’t be explained by this world

always keep in mind that my people are

those who trust me to save them because

I am truly God my death on the cross to

pay for your sins was enough to give you

eternal life do not worry because the

one who promises eternal life also gives

you strength when you are weak don’t

waste time worrying about whether you

can handle the problems that are coming

your way it’s possible that I know more

about what’s ahead of you than you do

and I’m always ready to help you since

my blood bought you I have a strong

stake in your health and happiness

because you are mine inspiration to you

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