I Am Here To Carry Your Burdens_ God Says_ God Message Today _ Gods Message Now_ God Message For You

my dear child trust in me for I am here to carry your burdens and ease your

worries bring to me all your troubles those you believe are irretrievable and

overwhelming place at my feet your most complex dilemmas the ones from which you

see no way out and observe as I unravel and resolve them for your faith in me is

the key that unlocks a profound and life-altering transformation do not be swayed by

naysayers who declare your efforts feudal who stand as barriers on your path I assure you today you are not

alone I Am with You towering like a mighty giant guiding you forward should

your foes attempt to intimidate you remember they hold no power over your fate you are not at the mercy of your

adversaries you are safely held in my blessed embrace I am the beacon of light leading you out

of Darkness the compass guiding you towards peace and prosperity I will reach out to lift you

from the depths taking upon myself your burdens and calming your fears you are never alone in this

journey of life I walk beside you providing support and protection with

every step you take therefore have faith in me and I shall Aid you you know that

in me you shall find the way the truth and the life for I am the Gateway through which

you shall enter my grace and blessings through this Gateway you shall

discover the abundance and joy that your heart yearns for no matter how arduous your past may

have been the present is a new day for you I am offering you an opportunity

that this world and your Sorrows shall never provide the opportunity for

rebirth a new life brimming with purpose and meaning it is time to release all

your rebellions and resentments and allow my love and forgiveness to flow through you lamenting past mistakes

shall no longer serve any purpose let go of what could not be open your mind and

heart to this time of change and renewal allow me to strengthen you and

lighten the weight of your burdens it is my desire for you to to walk lightly and

freely toward a new dawn filled with accomplishments and successes Embrace patience and my love

do not let the criticisms of others affect you learn to forgive those who have wounded you giving them the

opportunity to redeem themselves and grow remember that compassion and mercy

are virtues that shall fortify you making you greater with each passing

day so forgive those who offend you love and offer another chance to those who

have closed their doors then everyone shall see that I am within you and you

are within me my child I remind you once more that you are not

alone I am with you coming to assist you in scaling this mountain so that you may

reach the summit and Triumph in your life for I shall provide you with the strength and resilience necessary to

achieve all that you set out to do in this life so do not give up my child do not

allow these difficult situations to rob you of your dreams and hopes remember that even in the darkest

moments the Light Of Hope never extinguishes no one reaches the promised

land without First Crossing a desert facing adversities and trials but have

confidence that you are not alone in this desert I am by your side serving as

your constant God and support I shall be like a protective Cloud during the heat of the day

providing you with shade and relief amidst the trials and during the night I

shall be your Pillar of Fire offering you rest warmth and

Direction child please do not doubt my words place all your trust in me and you

shall experience astonishing and Abundant Blessings beyond your circumstances once again I say to you

trust in me and do not fall into the enemy’s trap he will try to confuse you making

you believe that your life has no purpose that your problems and worries are greater than your faith but you must

remain steadfast clinging to my word for if you abide in me you can ask for

anything and it shall be given to you remember that in the face of life’s

adversities the best response is prayer and meditation on my

word so my child take my hand and you shall achieve things you never imagined

you shall overcome all worries and adversities and your Victory shall become a reality my child daughter seek

me always in prayer do not cease to converse with me in the morning and at

night seek me at all times with all your heart treasure my word and I shall

reward you with great blessings press on without growing weary my child press on

daughter and rest assured that all your burdens and concerns shall vanish for I

shall fulfill my promise to bestow upon you peace joy and happiness keep moving

forward my child Advance daughter do not stop soon you shall hold in your hands

the blessings you deserve beloved do not forsake your path

or leave the place where I have positioned you do not allow obstacles to make you doubt your path or release the

promises of blessing that I have bestowed upon you for what you are experiencing Now does not define your

destiny it is a sign that something magnificent is about to occur in your life rise up and continue for with each

step you take you draw closer to the blessings you desire do not grow weary nor let what

your eyes see discourage you let alone the opinions of others limit the potential I have placed within you a

potential that shall Lead You toward a blessed and prosperous future so trust in me do not let doubt

Cloud your spiritual vision for the problems you are currently facing do not compare to the Majestic blessings you

shall soon receive even though your days may be filled with challenges remember that

each obstacle is merely a stepping stone to the greatness that lies

ahead hold onto your faith for it is the Assurance of the Wonders yet to

come my child my beloved regain your strength and hesitate not for now is the

time to move forward as you stand on the cusp of realizing the promises I have made to you do not become weary or think

that your journey will only be filled with hardships or that you lack the ability to

succeed remember always that you are neither a failure nor a defeated Soul

pay no heed to the words of others avoid being swayed by the harmful words of

those who ignore my teachings be mindful that those driven by Envy will always

long for the blessings you possess as they are jealous of your joy they see

your kind and generous spirit and they know of my love love for you despite

their words and opinions my blessings for you remain steadfast I urge you not to lose heart

but to stand firm in your faith in your belief and trust in me you will find the

power to overcome any hurdle today I come to calm your spirit

understanding that sometimes taking the next step may seem daunting yet today I bring you words of

upliftment reiz ing your faith remember that if the sea does not part I shall

make you walk upon the Water thus believe in me for I shall place my

Supernatural power at your feet allowing you to Traverse arid deserts and perilous Waters feel my love and my

influence upon you for I am here to guide you toward the destiny of Grace and blessing that I have prepared for

you do not fear falling short for I shall fortify you

heal the wounds of your heart dispel all doubts and uncertainties that paralyze your

actions I shall mold you into a wise and blessed individual my child my dear I earnestly

entreat you to press on to not forsake your trust in me for what awaits you is

beautiful and colossal do not permit the circumstances of this world to dismay

you I wish for you to cease dwelling on the past or fearing the fure future feel

my love and my power at this very moment when I am present in the lives of

those I cherish there will always be time for a fresh beginning a new opportunity to rewrite your story so

allow me to script your future with my mighty hands I shall transform your life

for the better shaping your path with opportunities and

blessings henceforth rely solely on what I instruct you not on the world’s

judgments trust in me for within my counsel you shall find the wisdom

necessary for every step you take in my guidance you shall discover fulfillment

and accomplishment enabling you to achieve all that you set out to do

therefore walk in faith never ceasing to heed my voice for within it lies the

certainty of an illuminated path toward abundance and eternal Joy maintain the

the assurance that today’s trials are but a Prelude to the greatness that awaits you do not be disheartened for

within each challenge lies a lesson that draws you nearer to your destiny remember that every obstacle

presents an opportunity to fortify yourself to mold your character and to

prepare thus do not falter in the midst of your journey do not allow discouragement to force you backward

trust in the potential I have instilled F within you in the strength that resides within your

being do not limit Yourself by deeming anything impossible even though the path may be

strenuous each step brings you closer to the realization of your dreams the Fulfillment of your desires and the

great and Splendid blessings I have always held in store for you continue onward my child continue onward my dear

with courage and determination for in your persistence you shall find the path to peace and prosperity in its

fullest believe and it shall be done continue to pray for I am listening what

I have in store for you are thoughts of goodness and Abundant Blessings dear child today I wish to unveil all the

goodness that I have reserved for you since the day of your creation for you are a product of my love and grace and

everything that exists I have created to provide for you and meet your

needs therefore know that I shall grant you all that you have dreamed of all

that you have asked of me I shall bestow it upon you there shall be no obstacle

or issue that can hinder my blessings in your life for everything I do I do with

purpose so prepare yourself for what you are about to receive is not a matter of

chance but rather my desire and good will toward your life from this day forth your sorrow shall cease there

shall be no more pain in your life today is a new day where I shall fulfill each

and every one of my promises to you everything you have longed for I shall Grant you I shall make you a prosperous

and Victorious individual I shall place you at the Forefront not at the tail

end these things are not coincidences they are the result of your effort and obedience to my word I’m

aware that it was not always easy to stay steadfast in it for there was a time when you strayed from my word and

found yourself alone without direction or purpose but just as the morning sun

rises your future Glory shall surpass the past your blessings shall be

multiplied greatly all those acts of kindness and Aid that you offered to the poor the sick and the needy shall be

taken into account nothing that you did shall be in vain you shall Triumph my child you

shall achieve your goals in everything you undertake your aspirations and dreams

shall come to pass despite the challenges nothing shall hinder you for

I shall assist you in achieving all that you set out to do nothing shall prevent

me from blessing you in an exceedingly abundant manner for it is my will since

the day I created you I shall not only multiply your material possessions but I

shall also multiply your years of life for every hour you served with a willing

heart not only to me but also to others without expecting anything in

return all that you did with love without reservations and without

conditions for the poor and the needy shall be rewarded to you manifold my beloved child I also wish to

convey to you that I am renewing your spirit Your vitality and your Zeal for

life I am restoring in you all that the adversary in this world sought to steal from you for all the gifts and blessings

that reside in the spiritual realm are now yours they already Belong To You

therefore arise now rise each morning and prioritize me in everything you do

dedicate the initial moments of your day to me step out with unwavering faith and

determination to lay hold of the blessings that are materializing before your very eyes seize them and do not

release your grasp for I bestow them upon you because of your devotion and love for me

continue forward my child do not falter take confident and Resolute steps on

your path to success and prosperity remember that I shall be with you cradling you in my hands move move

forward without hesitation rid your mind of doubt and fear for no one shall bring you shame I

will remove your adversaries from your path those who seee with anger at witnessing how I bless and prosper you

and fabricate lies without remorse I shall eliminate from your life

those who have risen against you for they have also rebelled against the blood that redeemed them by refusing to

repent of their wickedness they have become my enemies as

well child daughter distance yourself from these malevolent Souls avoid all

who concoct slander against their own Brethren they besiege with their tongues

and humiliate with their gaze they destroy innocent families trample upon

the chosen wheat and assist the growth of Tears they paint their perversions

white and disguise them as sound Doctrine they are like wolves in sheep’s clothing

steer clear of them for they shall receive their just reward for their malevolence keep moving

forward do not waver in your Journey of Faith abide in my word and obey my voice

listen to my counsel and I assure you that All Shall go well for you if you

need to hear my voice in your soul there lies my written word open its Pages

Traverse them with faith and love store them in your mind treasure them in your

heart with hope believe them with passion and Obey them with loyalty then

your heart shall leap with joy and your spirit shall rejoice for they shall fill

you with faith and confidence to achieve all that you set out to do for within them lie great blessings and eternal

life child daughter receive this word and treasure it in your heart for I

shall grant you all that you have dreamed all that you have asked of me

no obstacle or problem shall hinder my blessings in your life for I love you

and my will shall always be to bless and prosper you in all things

amen third part rest assured my child I watch over you no harm shall befall you

for Beneath My Wings you shall find safety beloved child do not fear the

Terrors of the night or the evils that occur during the day be not dismayed by bad Tidings or dread

the diseases that lurk in the shadows for I am your guardian hours a day my

love and protection accompany you with each step you take on your journey in every moment of Joy or sorrow I Am with

You From Dawn until dusk my gaze of love and care is upon you you are not alone

on this path I shall Shield you from all harm and Safeguard all members of your

family I shall cover them with My Precious Blood and no harm shall befall them I

shall even deliver them from accidents so that nothing and no one can harm them

I promise to provide for you and protect you at all times through Joys and Sorrows victories and defeats in calm

and in storm I shall be by your side holding your hand my provision for you shall never

run dry it shall flow like an unending River of blessings upon your life and

that of your family I shall not allow the attacks of the evil one to touch you nor shall I

permit Misfortune or scarcity to affect your home the schemes of the enemy shall not

Prosper against you my infinite power shall thwart their plans forever nothing and no one shall snatch

you from my hands walk in faith and you shall find in me all that your soul

needs and you shall find it in abundance persevere in my word for it

shall illuminate your path in the darkness preventing your feet from stumbling for my word is the lamp that

lights your way it is the compass that guides you through Uncharted Trails

revealing profound truths and eternal principles that will lead you to peace

and wisdom simply trust in me for I shall always hold your heart and guide your

steps I shall not allow any harm to befall you even as you Traverse The

Valley Of Shadows and dark paths I shall protect you therefore be at peace and

fear not the ills that may threaten your home or your body do not be intimidated

by unseen diseases remember that in every Challenge and difficulty I Am with You

providing the strength and security you need to persevere believe in me beloved child believe in my word I shall

establish your steps so that you may enjoy my peace and tranquility and complete blessing my peace which

surpasses all understanding shall flood your being bringing calm and serenity

even in the midst of Storms remember my child that no harm or

illness shall touch your body for my angels encamp around you watching over you and your family

my wings of protection shall envelop you with unyielding strength and my hands

shall uphold you at all times fear not for I am your God you

need not dread the Terrors of the night or the evils that come by day do not let

bad news trouble your heart nor fear the illnesses that hide in darkness for I am

your constant Guardian watching over you every moment find your rest in me my cherished

one trusting in my promises let my unwavering faithfulness

be the anchor amidst your storms and my love the Haven for your soul when

worries threaten to overwhelm you remember my love surpasses all in

strength and might nothing not even your deepest fears can separate you from my

presence though life storms may rage within me you will always find a secure

Refuge a place to Anchor your faith firmly remember my love and grace are

abundantly sufficient to guide you to Tranquility so do not be intimidated by

the challenges and adversities that come your way nor be swayed by the enemy’s deceitful Whispers And fear

mongering Focus your eyes solely on Me In My Embrace you will discover the

fortitude to conquer obstacles the insight to discern truth from falsehood

and the determination to to remain unwavering and Resolute my dear child never forget that

my love for you is boundless and you are never alone in this journey with me by

your side no harm can befall you trust in my care and you will see that all

things without exception will work out in your favor amen




















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