I AM HEALED IN JESUS NAME | Most Powerful Prayer To Jesus For Urgent And Total Healing From Sickness

hello and welcome to a transformative

moment of Faith and Healing in times of

sickness and uncertainty finding solace

in prayer can be a powerful source of

comfort and strength today we come

together with unwavering belief in the

miraculous power of Jesus Christ to

bring forth urgent and total healing in

this Sacred Space we invoke the name of

Jesus the ultimate healer with reverence

and conviction with every word spoken

with every intention set we align

ourselves with the divine grace that

flows abundantly from his merciful heart

join us as we embark on a journey of

Faith trusting in the promise of

restoration and renewal that comes from

surrendering to the loving Embrace of

our savior let us open our hearts and

Minds to receive his healing touch

knowing that in his name all things are

possible together let us declare I am

healed in jesus’ name may this prayer be

a Beacon of Hope for those in need need

a beacon that guides us towards the

profound healing and wholeness that only

Jesus can provide God says be still and

know that I am God he wants you to

acknowledge his power might and

authority over your life he wants you to

allow him to Reign Over every aspect of

your life God wants you to have

unshakable faith in his word his

promises and in his doings he is

concerned about your well-being he says

I know all your needs I have searched

your heart and your mind and I know what

is best for you God says your needs are

my concern I just want you to be still

and know that I am God are you feeling

anxious about anything are you worrying

too much about your conditions are you

at a point where you are doubting the

power of God Be Still Cast Away all the

worries and anxieties and be still do as

the Lord instructs be still and know

that he is God he will be exalted over

your condition God will be exalted over

your health he says be still and know

that I am the great

physician yes God will heal your wounds

he will heal your pains and everything

that has robbed the strength of your

body God will heal your bones and make

them strong again have faith in his

promise and be still do you remember job

the devil Afflicted him with extremely

painful sores from his head to toe

however job maintained his firm faith in

the Lord he remained still amidst the

pain joob believed in the healing power

of the Lord for pain and discomfort be

still on your sick be still and know

that he is God he will make a special

visitation and heal you the god of job

will deliver you from sickness the word

of God in Isaiah

says so is my word that goes out

from my mouth it will not return to me

empty but will accomplish what I desire

and it achieve the purpose for which I

sent it the Lord is faithful enough to

follow up on his word and ensure that it

is accomplished in your life that is who

he is and what he is like be still and

know that he is your faithful God the

almighty God says this in Jeremiah

but I will restore you to health and

heal your wounds declares the Lord

because you are called an outcast Zion

for whom no one cares the great

physician will restore you to Good

Health be still he will take care of all

your health problems be still and know

that he is the Lord who heals May the

promises of God upon your health Inspire

and motivate you to be still today let

his word remind you to know that he is

God faithful and all powerful receive

your healing today God’s Divine Healing

is your portion today be still for he is

your god Heavenly Father Divine

physician and healer of the sick I turn

to you in this time of illness heal my

sick and weary heart alleviate my worry

and sorrow with your gentle love and

Grant me the grace and strength to

accept this burden Matthew tells me

come to me all you who are weary and

burdened and I will give you rest you

are the only source of healing in you

there is calm and the only true peace in

the universe grant me the awareness of

your presence and Grant me perfect

confidence in you in all pain weariness

and anxiety

teach me to yield to your never failing

care knowing that your love and power

surround me trusting in your wisdom and

Providence to give me health strength

and peace when your time is best heal my

sickness Lord fill me with the strength

and peace I know only comes from you

during this hard time walk closely

beside me during my journey to healing

and Recovery that I know is possible

through your power alone may each day

bring healing with the dawn restore my

energy and heal my wounds May hope

remain within my heart as I find new

strength and make a new start Lord you

control all the parts of my body and you

know when they are working properly

sickness leaves me stressed and steals

time from all the things I want to be

doing I come to you today asking for

your touch heal my sick and weary body

Lord grant me the strength I need to go

about each day Heal Me Lord God of my

sicknesses you are the king of kings and

all miracle come through you I strive to

walk in the path of righteousness walk

with me in my life that I may have your

peace and healing you gave the word and

healed the lands I pray that you heal me

today Isaiah

says I have seen their ways but I

will heal them I will guide them and

restore Comfort to Israel’s mourners

creating Praise on their lips peace

peace to those far and near says the

Lord and I will heal them Heavenly

Father I come to you today to receive

your healing power I ask you to forgive

me of any sin that has brought suffering

and pain to me I receive restoration for

my sins in jesus’ name I receive total

healing and freedom from every pain and

sickness in my body you are the only one

who is able to mend every broken heart

and heal every wound help me to

understand all the great gifts you have

given me and the healing that comes out

of your mercy your word in rd John

says beloved I wish above all things

that you prosper and be in good health

even as your soul prospers let things go

well with my soul and my body that I may

abide in good health renew my mind body

and spirit I surrender all my pain hurt

worry doubts and fears into your care I

cast all my burdens unto you Lord for I

know that you care for me you are Lord

over every situation no matter how

difficult it may seem I release

everything into your care dull my pain

with your love I pray Lord that you work

a full recovery in my body pour out your

fountain of healing into my body and

soul make me whole with your precious

blood that was shared on the cross of

Calvary I declare that I can do all

things through Christ who strengthens me

I declare by the authority of the most

high God that sickness has no power over

my life bring life and health to my

flesh Crown me with your Tender Mercies

and your loving kindness perform your

healing miracle in my body my mind and

soul Heal Me from all ailments and mend

every broken heart redeem my life from

every destruction Isaiah says so

do not fear for I am with you do not be

dismayed for I am your God I will

strengthen you and help you I will

uphold you with my righteous right hand

strengthen me Lord and take every pain

from my body uphold Me with Your

Righteous right hand that I might not

fall I believe in your heavenly power

Lord thank you thank you Lord in advance

as I await your powerful healing over my

life in Jesus mighty name I pray amen

heavenly father I come to you today for

healing I ask you to help me overcome

every health condition that I am facing

in my life help me to deal with this

burden that threatens to oppress me

break every Power of sickness disease

and infirmities in jesus’ name let your

healing power flow to every part of my

body and bring healing and strength you

are a great healer and my only source of

life and health I receive strength from

above to break free from every pain in

jesus’ name let your healing power begin

to manifest in my life in jesus’ name

Psalm tells me that my body and

my heart May Fail but God is my heart’s

Rock and my share forever be my rock and

my Fortress oh Lord I put my absolute

trust in you to bring Health to my body

and soul I release the anointing power

of God over my body right now I speak

life into every dead cell in my body in

jesus’ name I command everything that is

not functioning well in my body to

receive healing and begin to function

well in the mighty name of Jesus I

declare that no power of sickness shall

overcome me in jesus’ name father Lord

you are great and won’t allow me to be

tempted beyond my abilities I pray that

you grant me the grace to withstand

every test in jesus’ name I pray for

boldness and courage to overcome every

sickness and pain Isaiah tells me

that he was wounded for our

transgressions bruised for our

iniquities the chastisement of our peace

was upon him and by his stripes we are

healed thank you Lord for saving me on

the cross of Calvary mend and heal what

is broken within me I believe you have

already provided my healing let the

warmth of your healing pass through my

body restoring health and life grant me

spiritual healing in my mind and soul

Deliver Me Lord from every evil attack

of the enemy against my health I pray

father that you will break every evil

chain functioning against my health and

my healing process I take authority over

every pain and disease and I command it

to go right now in jesus’ name let your

life giving power flow into the depths

of my soul I apply your blood over my

life family and the entire household I

Break Every Chain of sickness in jesus’

name I declare that I am healed in

jesus’ name Jeremiah says

nevertheless I will bring health and

healing to it I will heal my people and

let them enjoy abundance of peace and

security bring healing to my body Lord

and Grant me peace continue to

strengthen me Lord as I await my healing

deliver me from every spirit and set me

free I ask for free in all areas

concerning my health I receive Divine

Healing from above I present my body to

you as a Living Sacrifice Lord I bind

all evil spirits in my life that are

causing sickness in my body and mind I

hold their actions and cast them out in

jesus’ name I believe Lord that I have

Redemption through you your precious

blood surrounds me with your

Supernatural peace and strength I

command healing to take over my body I

receive healing and total Restoration in

the mighty name of Jesus I declare that

I am free from every anxiety pain and

weakness thank you Lord for your healing

power over my life in Jesus mighty name

I pray amen thanks for watching

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