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after the next 15minutes you will

yourself feel that God is around you and

he is watching you God is saying to you

today my beloved Child come and sit with

me a while I have much to share with you

this day listen closely and take these

words into your heart for they are meant

especially for you I know the plans I

have for you precious one plans to

prosper you and give you a future filled

with hope

the blessings I have prepared for you

are beyond what you could even imagine

or dream up on your own truly no I has

seen no ear has heard the amazing things

I want to do in and through you for my

glory but these promises are not for

everyone my child no they are reserved

for my faithful ones who have stood the

test of

time those who have stayed true to me

when times got tough those who didn’t

fall away when Temptation came but stood

firm in my truth so listen closely now

if this message resonates in your spirit

pay attention for I am confirming

something I have already spoken to your

heart you know that I have called you to

be a conduit of my financial blessings I

have anointed you to pour resources into


kingdom this is not about storing up

Treasures for yourself precious one no

this is

about taking back territory from the

enemy Financial blessings shall be

released through willing vessels like

yourself those who will Steward the

wealth properly those who will pour it

right back into the work of the

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Jesus have I not already begun blessing

you my child can you not see my

Supernatural favor resting upon you I

have increased your gifts expanded your

skills The divinely Inspired ideas I’ve

given you are already bearing fruit step

by step as You Follow My blueprint

obeying my Specific Instructions for


life for you sought me first not Earthly

wealth but as you chased after me all

the these other things have been added

unto you surely you have noticed those

around you taking note of the obvious

blessings in your life even those who

don’t know me are amazed by what I am

doing they can clearly see my hand is

upon you my glory is being revealed

through you you have become a trophy of

my grace my

child I am using you to testify of my

goodness and mighty power and because

your heart motive

have remained pure focused on Eternal

things rather than Earthly gain I can

continue to trust you with more and more

you have passed the test of prosperity

selflessly Desiring to use it to help

others in

need this brings joy to my heart

precious one type if you believe in

Jesus your generosity moves my hand to

pour out even greater blessings just as

I blessed Solomon with such immense

wealth and honor for asking for wisdom

rather than riches so too will I Heap

blessings upon you for seeking first my

kingdom above all else even now new

doors of opportunity are opening up

before you connections are being made

networks of influence and affluence

created it is all part of my

Divine set up for your life stay close

to me so you can clearly discern my true

offers from the enemy’s counterfeits I

have great plans for you my child plans

not just to prosper you but to show my

glory through

you I am bringing you into rooms of

influence you could never have attained

on your own your gifts and talents are

making room for you among the wealthy

and Powerful do not become prideful but

stay humble and grateful be a good

Steward of all I and Trust to you and

remember always to point the praise and

honor back to me for nothing you have

has been gained by your own strength or

ability no it is only by my

spirit type Amen in the name of Jesus I

am the one who gives you power

to gain

wealth I own the cattle on a thousand

hills all the silver and gold is mine

and I choose to channel all these

resources to you to accomplish my Divine

purposes in these last days pay close

attention now for the financial increase

coming to you will be sudden and Swift

one day you will be where you are now

then seemingly overnight Everything Will

Change that is how fast I work when I

decide to move the blessing will

overtake you I will pour out my favor

until you overflow there will

not be room enough to contain all I am

giving you do not be afraid or shrink

back when the opportunity comes move

forward boldly confidently knowing I

have gone before you to prepare the

way trust in my leading alone for the

enemy will attempt to distract and

deceive you he does not want to see my

kingdom Advance through selfless humble

servants like yourself expect his

backlash but do not fear simply listen

for my voice guiding you stay alert and

aware bring all offers and opportunities

to me first in prayer if they are for me

they will align with my will and purpose

for your life type I embrace my power to

affirm I will give you Supernatural


and Confirmation in your spirit there

will be no question or confusion only

excitement and sense of rightness

confirming this chance to partner with

me move according to my timing and

Direction not your own understanding or

desires allow me to connect you with the

right people and open the proper doors

resist trying to make things happen in

your own strength or wisdom be sensitive

to my spirits leading every step of the

way together we will accomplish more

than you could possibly imagine for this

financial blessing will not be in small

amounts my child no I am a god of more

than enough and I plan to pour out

abundance until you are overflowing why

do I shower

such lavish blessings on my faithful

ones for through your willingness I am

able to Showcase my glory to a world

stuck in darkness and despair like a

lighthouse on a hill the testimony of

what I can do through a fully devoted

trusting follower will shine brightly it

will capture people’s attention and

point them to the source of true riches

and prosperity which is me type I’m

abundant to affirm your life poured out

in service overflowing with Supernatural

blessings that cannot be explained or

contained will draw

many to seek this same God you serve

people will be saved saved delivered and

set free because you dared to believe my

promises were true you took me at my

word and allowed me to use you

powerfully for my Kingdom’s

advancement oh precious child you have

no idea the impact I plan to have

through your obedient life and willing

heart the rewards waiting for you in

eternity are truly Beyond Comprehension

While others hoard their wealth and live

self-centered lives of comfort your joy

and satisfaction come from being used by

God Almighty to transform lives now and

for all eternity this brings me

incredible Joy so do not grow weary or

lose heart my child the waiting is

nearly over the drought season

is coming to an end I’m about to pour

out blessings so extravagant so over the

top it will overwhelm an amaze you like

Ezra of old who led the people out of

captivity back into the promised

land so too will you lead many from

despair into Hope from lack into more

than enough from Darkness into my

glorious light yes this financial

blessing will involve substantial

amounts of gold and silver I own it all

type to show your belief in Jesus I

hold the deed to the Earth Earth in my

hands and I have heard your heart’s cry

your desire to make a difference in this

Fallen World truly I tell you a great

harvest of souls is coming

in there will be an outpouring of my

spirit across the Earth like nothing

you’ve ever seen and Revival requires

resources my

child it requires committed generous

believers who I can trust to Steward the

funds properly those who will use them

wisely and effectively to reach the lost

and make disciples until the day I

return you shall be mightily used as

part of this Endtime Harvest precious

one keep your eyes focused on me alone

remain humble and pure free of greed

Pride or Envy over what I choose to

bless others

with rejoice when one part of the body

is blessed for you all

benefit maintain integrity and godly

character in the midst of

increase walk in wisdom regarding

decisions guarding your heart

closely seek my will above any Earthly

desires continue serving and giving with


joyful thankful

heart my precious child how I love you

and and Delight in

you great exploits for my kingdom await

you in this next

season yes the financial overflow is

coming and it shall be Monumental but

keep your eyes fixed on the true prize

fulfilling your destiny and bringing me

Glory through the gifts and talents I’ve

invested in you type to manifest

miracles in your life stay near to my

heart where you will find find shelter

and rest for your

soul abide in my love which will sustain

you for all that lies

ahead lean fully on me your provider

your Source your

strength I shall bring forth rivers in

the desert places Beauty From the Ashes

Joy where once was only

mourning Victory where you once tasted

defeat you are about to step into a new

realm of influence and increase my

child I need trustworthy stewards to

manage this next outpouring of resources


blessing prove yourself faithful with

what I’ve currently entrusted you with

so I can expand your borders even

more bring praise and honor to my name

through every decision and

investment seek my wisdom and guidance


assume your proper place as a son or

daughter of the most high

God where your identity in me with

boldness and

courage speak truth to the lies and

distortions of the

enemy be a pointer always back to me as

you walk uprightly with Clean Hands and

a pure

heart I shall continue to promote you

and open doors only I can provide type

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$ the sky is truly the limit as you

remain rooted firmly in me your source

and strong

tower together we will accomplish more

than you dare

dream so get ready child of God the ride

is about to get intensely

good grace yourself for the tidal wave

of Supernatural blessings and favor

that’s already cresting on the

horizon this is only the beginning my

beloved I have seen the cries of your

heart I know the adversity you have

faced and the wounds left

unattended I see how adversity has tried

to to harden your heart yet beneath the

protective layers awaits a softness I

placed within you the hardness developed

over years of coping and surviving yet

those layers do not define

you within you I also see strength and

perseverance that refuse to let

difficulty extinguish your

light I see beauty wonder and untapped

potential awaiting release

I did not intend for your light to

remain hidden under layers of protection

that block

you the time has come to walk A New Path


healing I will be your shelter and safe

harbor we will proceed slowly

gently together we will rebuild

foundations of trust Truth and

Love Not overnight but steadily each day

day what was meant to harm you will

become a testimony of

redemption scars will remain but even

these shall be

redeemed come to me when memories of

past trauma feel

overwhelming let me speak words of

comfort compassion and gentle correction


necessary I will affirm your belovedness

and help unpack experiences that seem


together we will unravel confusion

appeal verdicts unjustly rendered

against you and restore what

circumstances stole like and share the

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love Jesus do not isolate

yourself let others speak into the


process be Discerning but recognize that

avoidance also blocks BLS

blessing engage with those who point you

toward me

consistently detach from those speaking

or acting from selfish

motives build connections fostering


growth a key Ally for this leg of your

journey will be Stillness cultivated

through spiritual discipline

silence Solitude Simplicity prayer

meditating on my

word These Quiet habits must increase as


decreases hurry wreck Souls it will not


them this inversion of priority looks

like weakness to some but releases

streams of Supernatural

strength those who understand such

sacred rhythms will support

you lean on them While redirecting

Skeptics gently toward my

light remember that earlier versions of

you did not understand either until

encountering my

love as you walk this narrower path with

disciplined consistency you will

encounter others hungry for guidance to

walk their

own some will attach themselves to you

hoping to shortcut their own

Journey disciple those willing to submit

fully to my lead release ceasing the

preoccupied to walk their own Wayward

Road a while

longer they remain beloved to me

regardless type if you believe in

Jesus not all who begin will persist to

the end with

you some will stray but return

later manage your expectations while

keeping the door

open protect progress made so

far continue in investing in those who

consistently realign when veering off

course not all can endure the cost of

discipleship required for leaders

entrusted with my

people you will know you have moved into

new territory when sensing you have

outgrown certain soul ties That served


Seasons honor what you gain from those

connections reassign bits of your heart

woven into them while entrusting those

people to my

care wish them well with sincere

affection as I lead you on paths meant

to cataliz your unique

callings this process expands Your

Capacity to hold complexity and

Paradox you will speak and live boldly

while doubting yourself more than

observers ever

realize you will walk in confidence and

power while retaining cultivated

humility rooted in your awareness of

utter dependence on me type Amen in the

name of Jesus when you question if a

costly investment is worth the

diminishing time left on

Earth remember that Earth’s measures

don’t fully capture the bigger

picture what seems like a loss here can

be a great gain in a larger

sense avoid settling for a false sense


achievement embrace the transition

between transformation and ongoing

growth let these words wash over you

like waves eroding walls that once felt

necessary for

survival let them work within to awaken

and affirm what you have always known at

the core you are seen known

loved you are safe with

me you are

home and home is wh wherever you dwell

in awareness of my

presence my children I see you and I

know your

struggles I am taking notice of you my


ones I see how you have been

wronged yet you have not harbored

bitterness in your

heart you have continued walking the

narrow path though it has been difficult

and now the tables are turning

I am restoring what has been taken from

you and then

some your enemies will look on in

disbelief as I Elevate you as I cause

you to prosper in the land I have

prepared for

you they will be dismayed as you dwell

in houses you did not build and eat from

Vineyards you did not

plant do not gloat over their downfall

but show them the same Mercy I have


you for some of them will come pleading

for your help in their time of

need they will realize that while they

were persecuting you mocking you trying

to thwart my plans for you at every turn

I was with

you my favor was upon

you they rejected my spirit but you

welcomed it so when they come desperate

and broken do not turn them

away show them the same Gra that I have

lavished upon

you perhaps then their eyes will be open

to who I truly am type I embrace my

power to affirm I know that many of you

have been concerned for your families

especially your

children you have spent countless hours

interceding for

them pleading with me to keep them from

the enemy’s

grasp and I have heard your

prayers I tell you do not worry about

your children

anymore release them to

me I know the plans I have for them

plans to prosper them and not to harm

them my plans give them a hope and a

future your children are

mine I created them in their mother’s

womb and wrote their names in the book

of life even when they wander for a time

my spirit calls to them and I will

gently guide them back

home my child have I not said that I

leave the to pursue the

one your child May wander far but I will

go to the ends of the Earth to find

them I will send dreams and

Visions I will speak to them through my

word I will place Believers along their

path to speak truth into their lives

I Lov them before you knew them before

you held them in your arms before their

first breath left their tiny

lungs they have always belonged to

me I created them and come to your

rescue I am the god who makes a way

where there seems to be no way and I

will fight for

you trust in my promises for they are

true and sure

as you continue to walk in obedience and

faithfulness you will see my hand move

mightily on your

behalf your enemies May plot and scheme

but they cannot thwart my plans for

you I am the Lord your God and I will

bring about your Vindication and victory

type I’m abundant to affirm keep your

focus on me and the destiny I have

called you

to do not be distracted attracted by the

schemes of the enemy or the doubts of

those around

you your future is secure in my hands

and I will lead you into the fullness of

all that I have prepared for

you stay close to me seek my face

continually and I will guide you into

the Abundant Life I have

promised continue to release your

children to me for I am working in their

lives even

now trust in my my timing and my plans

for them for I will bring them back to

myself in my perfect way in

time your prayers for them are not in

vain for I hear and answer the cries of


heart be encouraged my child for I am

with you

always I will never leave you nor


you my love for you is unending and my

faithfulness knows no bounds

walk in confidence and boldness for I am

your strength and your

Shield together we will overcome every

obstacle and see victory in every

battle trust in me and I will make a way

for you where there seems to be no way

type amen if you believe in God if

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yourself type I claim it if you receive

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