Hypnosis to Declutter Your Mind | Stop Anxiety, Low Confidence & Depression

this is a hypnosis session to help

declutter your mind to release anxiety

overwhelm and any conflict or

issue to download this track and for the

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apppp so let’s go ahead and begin the

decluttering of the mind and body


now go

ahead and get yourself in a nice


position close your

eyes and be here

now breathe all the way

in and

exhale breathe all the way

in and


consider what you wish to release in the

most undeniable

way send a

signal you are ready to declutter the

mind and have a

healing freeing

experience from all

overwhelm all

doubt all anxiety and

worry from now


consider how you would like to be

different how freeing it would

be to feel

whole to fill a deep

sense of beingness



issues as we go on this

journey of Letting

Go that’s

it you may become aware of many many

things the sound of my

voice as it goes with


for I will count down from

down to

zero and each

number you will

soften and feel more ease in the


calmness in the

mind going down from

down to

as you

relax as you

learn and learn as you

relax you see going into a learning

state is

simply a level of

allowing there’s nothing for you to


do you may drift

dream or

lesson you can take on all that I

say that will allow you to be


happier and

whole that’s

it as we begin to just

soften as thoughts

drift as they come come

in they move

away there is no wrong way to go into

trance it’s about your own


experience of learning how to go into


now where even the

effort as you go down from nine

down to

eight the effort it

takes to be

aware of how your


arms even

fingers in how they’re

positioned may be soon too much

effort to even think about


easier to just


relax as you soften the

muscles allowing more peace with each


in so

gentle and you

release what no longer

serves with each breath out

where you get this

opportunity as we go down from

down to

to empty

out to let

go any

conflict that’s

it you may become aware

of which

leg becomes more

relaxed than the

other while the other catches

up that’s

it allowing that Comfort within to

develop with each


allowing relaxation to

occur and to move within


softening being so

gentle in the process of letting

go to give yourself

Grace to

process to

release to learn and

grow down to


sex going on that

Journey Of

Consciousness where at the back of the

mind your unconscious

mind can

assume more and more

responsibility in letting

go letting

go what no longer

serves and freeing up the

mind to receive peace and

Hess allowing that

Comfort to

nurture every cell of your

neurology you may imagine it like a


energy all around you and within

you or you may just

know that it’s

happening growing in

comfort in

Freedom in

love for every part of

you going down to

five it feels so so

good to drift and

dream to let

go feeling so


deepening the

relaxation increasing the

comfort that you


deserve that’s

it because you



relax and you the unconscious

man will

assist in the most Pleasant comforting

experience to declutter the mind and

body and to feel

so so

good knowing what it will allow you to

do in the

now and in the


all the way down to

four relaxing as you

learn down to

three learning as you

relax as my

voice my

suggestions you can

choose what to take



it it is your

right to feel

good to feel

honess to

Enlighten your

neurology to release all

stress down to

two more and


easier and

easier down to

one allowing that Comfort to



entrance your unconscious

mind can assume


in making this

change knowing you will be healthier

happier and so

free you deserve


Freedom that’s

it all the way

down as you

notice zero

approaching go through through

it beneath it into

Comfort all the way

down into

relaxation in every

way speaking to

you the unconscious

mind I want you to know and

realize how important it

is to release all

clutter and to create

space for inner



holess that’s

it you the unconscious

mind you can learn what is needed to be


beneath the

surface so those

learnings will replace all

conflict worries or

doubts as those learnings will keep you

safe in the now and in your

future you hand

over you

release and let

go of all that no longer

serves and I thank you the unconscious

man for doing

so for your

mind is a

sanctuary of tranquility and

calm you let go of all

doubt and

embrace the serenity

within each

breath fills you with calm and

Clarity with new insights and


learnings you

releas or worries

trusting in the flow of

Life trusting your

journey for you are in

control with every

moment more in control of your

thoughts and you choose


positivity for you are worthy of

peace and a clut of free

mind releasing the need for

Perfection and you

Embrace any

imperfection giving yourself the

grace as Serenity flows through

you soothing every part of your


becoming more at peace with the

past the

present and the

future for you choose

thoughts for nourish your

soul and brings you

Joy you repeat in your mind

unconsciously that my mind

is a

sanctuary for tranquility and

calm I

embrace the serenity

within I

trust in the flow of

life I

trust in my

journey I


positivity for I am worthy of

peace peace to my

mind peace to my

body that’s

it for

today you let go of what no longer

serves where your mind is clear

a clear

reflection of inner

peace you welcome the calm of

Courage trusting the process of

life at ease with

uncertainty embracing the

challenge with the most wonderful


Peace Love

love embracing the

Simplicity knowing your mind is a sacred

Place filled with

positivity you are


centered and at

peace knowing every

moment is an opportunity

to find peace

within allowing life to unfold

naturally for you are

resilient and you release all

stress with every


exhale knowing you are a magnet for

peace and



you focus on

Solutions trusting the

wisdom of your inner

self being guided to

Tranquility surrendering to the

moment and embracing the

moment the

peace that is always always

present you

repeat in your mind right now

unconsciously my mind is a sacred


filled with

positivity I

surrender to the

peace that is always



trust Within

Myself for I am

resilient I am a

magnet for peace and

Harmony you

repeat I trust in the wisdom of

myself guiding me to


for I choose to

focus on

Solutions that’s

it for peace washes over

you like a gentle calm

wave you release all

self-doubt all

anxiety for your mind is a

Haven of

positivity and

Clarity you find

contentment in this present


grateful for the peace that resides



learning in every moment


release what no longer


serves and you


peace and

wholeness trusting

life as it unfolds to the highest

good for each

day your mind

becomes more ser

green more

present you

repeat I am


grounded and at

peace I release

tension and welcome

relaxation my mind is clear and

calm like a poor full of

Serenity reflecting

peace love and

joy I am a beacon of



Tranquility to the

world for your mind is a

sanctuary of

quietude free from mental

clutter you are


content and at

peace you choose


freedom and

peace being in

harmony with the Rhythm of

Life you choose lose

Peace and


healing in every

moment in every

way from now

on and in a

moment I’m going to count from one to

five where on

five you be wide

awake ready to take on your

day with a piece of

Mind of

Freedom calm and

Tranquility so

one every

muscle becomes

less and less

relaxed whilst feeling the energy of


that expands within

you at two you begin to feel more and

more love and energy expanding within

you and around you in a radiating way at

three you breathe in allowing that

energy of peace to get even bigger and

Bolder at four imagine a nice cool cold

shower freshing your hair your head the

eyes the back of the eyes and at five

come all the way back to now and let’s

go ahead Embrace this freedom in every

way right

now I hope you enjoyed this session for

the adree experience to download this

the Deep Sleep version of this the

shorter version of asleep as well as the

day version go to ww ww. freeh hypnosis.




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