How to Stop Questioning God and Start Trusting Him

have you ever questioned God’s goodness

his love his plan for your life today I

want to share a message with you that I

believe will bless your life and lift

your spirit it’s about how God isn’t a

question God is the answer you see many

times we Face situations in life that we

don’t understand we have questions that

we can’t seem to find answers to we

wonder why things happen the way they do

why we have to go through certain

challenges why we can’t seem to get a

break we may even question God’s

goodness his love his plan for our lives

but I want to tell you today that God is

not a question God is the answer he is

the answer to every problem you face

every need you have every dream you hold

he is the answer to your healing healing

your provision your peace your joy your

purpose he is the answer to your past

your present and your future you may not

understand everything that happens in

your life but you can trust that God has

a reason for it he is working behind the

scenes for your good he is orchestrating

things in your favor he is preparing you

for your destiny he is making a way

where there seems to be no way the Bible

says in Isaiah to – for my thoughts

are not your thoughts neither are your

ways my ways declares the Lord as the

heavens are higher than the earth so are

my ways higher than your ways and my

thoughts than your thoughts that means

that God’s perspective is different from

ours he sees the big picture he knows

the end from the beginning he has a

master plan for our lives that is far

greater than anything we can imagine so

instead of questioning God why don’t we

start trusting God instead of doubting

his promises why don’t we start

declaring his promises instead of

complaining about our circumstances why

don’t we start thanking him for his

grace instead of focusing on our

problems why don’t we start focusing on

his power when we do that we will see

God show up in amazing ways in our lives

we will see him do exceedingly

abundantly above all that we ask or

think we will see him turn our morning

into dancing we will see him give us

Beauty for Ashes we will see him make

all things work together for our good

friends God isn’t a question God is the

answer he loves you with an everlasting

love he has a good plan for your life he

is faithful to complete what he started

in you he is able to do immeasurably

more than you can ask or imagine he is

with you always so today I encourage you

to put your trust in him don’t let the

questions of Life rob you of the joy of

living don’t let the doubts of the enemy

steal your faith in God don’t let the

worries of the world distract you from

the purpose of God God instead let God

be your answer let him be your Source

your strength your hope your peace your

joy let him be your everything I believe

that as you do that you will experience

his favor like never before you will

overcome every obstacle you will fulfill

every assignment you will reach every

Destiny you will live the Abundant Life

that Jesus came to give you God bless

bless you

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